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Justice Department Hypocrisies | EP 151

The Justice Department hypocrisies is the public’s right to know – Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch joins the BFA podcast to shine a light on the heavily influenced DOJ and just how hypocritical their actions are based on precedent. Few remember when Judicial Watch sued the DOJ after Clinton’s sock draw was filled with “Presidential Records,” but when the Biden DOJ raids Trump, there is significant evidence of corruption regarding their defense of National Archives. Tom and Rebecca also turn their attention to Judicial Watch’s recent civil suit victory for Coach David Flynn, the Massachusetts High School football coach wrongfully fired after exposing critical race theory and BLM propaganda in the schools curriculum. But like wildfire, terrible policies, and indoctrination seep throughout the nation, infesting even America’s finest military academies, like West Point. How can we get protection from people being told that their own country is their enemy? Tune in to learn about what Tom Fitton and Judicial Watch are doing to fight the injustice and steer our country back to a path of greatness!

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Patricia A Arsenault
8 months ago


Rob E
8 months ago

Highlights of FBI misconduct. Whitmer entrapment, misconduct against Cliven Bundy, entrapping Randy Weaver then murdering his family! FBI agent pleads guilty to destroying evidence to gain a conviction! Comey, Wray, McCabe, Strzok, Page, Thibault, Klinesmith, ALL engaged in lies and/or ignoring misconduct in an effort to undermine Trump. The FBI falsified evidence to legitimize their spying campaign on President Trump. The FBI used a dossier they KNEW to be false, as a pretext for the Mueller investigation. The FBI literally hired a Russian individual, they KNEW was spreading falsehoods about President  Trump, to protect his identity and allow damaging false allegations against the sitting President. FBI Whistleblowers are identifying false affidavits, padding stats, burying evidence, leaking info to influence public perception, overt bias against President Trump and conservatives! Now, they are stripping HONEST FBI agents of their badges and clearances, for identifying Constitutional violations by partisan FBI leadership. When will America acknowledge, our FBI are simply criminals with badges?

Darius Dickison
8 months ago

America hating satanic globalist cartel

8 months ago

The Ieft has weaponized and poIiticized the doj. Ever since 0bama and HoIder, the Ieft has used the just-us dept. to persecute their poiIticaI enemies whiIe ignoring reaI crimes.

David Millikan
8 months ago

What DOJ?
DICTATOR Beijing biden says it’s not rational to Deport ILLEGAL ALIEN TERRORIST back to their countries (Wants ILLEGAL VOTES).
Rational is NOT allowing them to cross our Borders in the first place.

Marc Ziegler
8 months ago

I have often wondered many times who polices the police?? The Executive, FBI, CIA, DOJ, IRS and most other federal agencies have all gone to the dark side, even the military with liberal Dems in charge. We now have a federal government that has totally run amok and totally out of control. Continually going after Trump, a former president and probably our next president, with phony charges and indictments has to be the slimiest, most immoral thing a political party can do to an opposing party. If any group of morons should go to jail it should be the liberal left!!!

One thing about a representative form of government it does not guaranty smart leaders that follow the law, are patriotic and are moral. When stupid and corrupt people are in charge, things really don’t go well. That is why everyone with a brain and does care about America should really pay attention to the mid-term election in November. Get to know your candidates, go talk to them in person, read as much as you can about their policies, find out if you agree with them. Check their past record if they have one and see if they tell the truth. Don’t believe the media or social media out right, trust them only after verifying.

Hypocrisy can show up almost everywhere. It is mostly likely present when a person or group complains about someone doing something wrong when they themselves are most likely at fault, just like what the liberal left is doing to Trump and conservatives in general. America, have you had enough! Let’s right the ship now and throw the liberal left socialist Marxist out of office in 2022 and 2024…!

Kristine L Kaiser
8 months ago
Reply to  Marc Ziegler

The Conservative Treehouse has reported on the congressional committees which are supposed to provide oversight of these agencies and how those committees are not doing a good job. They call these committees the Gang of Eight

anna hubert
8 months ago

justice ain’t that a kick in the head

James P.
8 months ago

Is it really hypocrisy, and not hierarchy? The message I keep getting from “our betters” is, “We’re in charge. You’re not. So, sit down in the corner and shut your piehole. We’ll do what we please and there is nothing you can do about it.”
There is a special place in hell for the corrupt who willingly disregard their oath to the Constitution.

8 months ago

Thanks for sharing this message.

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