Judicial Watch Uncovers Rosenstein Email to Mueller: ‘The Boss’ Doesn’t Know We’re Talking


Rod Rosenstein, who was once a deputy attorney general, is a key figure in enabling, at minimum, the Deep State’s seditious attacks on President Trump.  
More proof is in new documents uncovered by a Judicial Watch lawsuit. Specifically, we forced the release of 145 pages of Rosenstein’s communications that include a one-line email from Rosenstein to Mueller stating, “The boss and his staff do not know about our discussions.” They also include “off the record” emails with major media outlets around the date of Mueller’s appointment. 
We filed a lawsuit to get these documents after the Department of Justice failed to respond to our September 21, 2018, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:19-cv-00481)). We were seeking: 

Any and all e-mails, text messages, or other records of communication addressed to or received by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein between May 8, 2017, and May 22, 2017.  

The time period referred to in this suit is critical. On May 9, 2017, Rosenstein wrote a  memo  to President Trump recommending that FBI Director James Comey be fired. That day, President Trump fired Comey. Just three days later, on May 12, Rosenstein sent an email assuring Robert Mueller that, “The boss and his staff do not know about our discussions.” (It is not clear if the “boss” is then-AG Sessions or President Trump.) 
In a May 16, 2017 email, sent the day before Mueller’s appointment, Rosenstein emailed former Bush administration Deputy Attorney General and current Kirkland & Ellis Partner Mark Filip stating, “I am with Mueller. He shares my views. Duty Calls. Sometimes the moment chooses us.” 
The next day, May 17, Rosenstein appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller to investigate Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.   
During the same period, between May 8 and May 17, Rosenstein met with then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe and other senior Justice Department FBI officials to discuss wearing a wire and invoking the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump. 
The documents also show that, again during the same time period, Rod Rosenstein was in direct communication with reporters from 60 Minutes, The New York Times and The Washington Post. In an email exchange dated May 2017, Rosenstein communicated with New York Times reporter Rebecca Ruiz to provide background for this article about himself. Ruiz emailed Rosenstein a draft of the article, and he responded with off-the-record comments and clarifications. 

  • In an email exchange on May 17, 2017, the day of Mueller’s appointment, Rosenstein exchanged emails with 60 Minutes producer Katherine Davis in which he answered off-the-record questions about Mueller’s scope of authority and chain of command: 

Rosenstein: “Off the record: This special counsel is a DOJ employee. His status is similar to a US Attorney.” 

Davis: “Good call on Mueller. Although I obviously thought you’d be great at leading the investigation too.” 

  • On May 17, 2017, in an email exchange with Washington Post journalist Sari Horwitz with the subject line “Special Counsel,” Rosenstein and Horwitz exchanged: 

Rosenstein: “At some point, I owe you a long story. But this is not the right time for me to talk to anybody.” 

Horwitz: “Now, I see why you couldn’t talk today! Obviously, we’re writing a big story about this Is there any chance I could talk to you on background about your decision?” 

These astonishing emails further confirm the corruption behind Rosenstein’s appointment of Robert Mueller. They also show a shockingly cozy relationship between Mr. Rosenstein and anti-Trump media reporters. 
Here’s some more background on the incredible finds from this one Judicial Watch lawsuit. 
On September 11, we released 14 pages of records from the Department of Justice showing officials’ efforts in responding to media inquiries about DOJ/FBI talks allegedly invoking the 25th Amendment to “remove” President Donald Trump from office and former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein offering to wear a “wire” to record his conversations with the president. 
On September 23, we released a two-page memo, dated May 16, 2017, by then-Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe detailing how then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein proposed wearing a wire into the Oval Office “to collect additional evidence on the president’s true intentions.” McCabe writes that Rosenstein said he thought it was possible because “he was not searched when he entered the White House.” 
As the “coup” targeting President Trump continues through the House impeachment abuse, it is important to remember that its origins are in the Deep State agencies – especially the FBI and DOJ. 

Printed with permission from – Judicial Watch – by Tom Fitton

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Scott Davis
2 years ago

Incredible the levels of treason from the highest levels of our government law enforcement agencies. I realize why our Founder’s wisdom and reasons for the Bill of Rights. We may have been witnesses too the greatest attempts to overthrow our Republican constitutional government. Should we next witness these high crimes and treasonous attempts to take control of our duly elected federal government go unprosecuted or legal action against them get tanked intentionally by other cabal or bought off DC swamp scums, we the people may need the amendment rights reserved for us.
O God help us. Our nation has slipped into a corrupt attempt to change us into a socialist democracy and we are not that. Article IV, Section 4, of our Constitution makes clear that these DC powerbrokers and elected officials took the oath of office, but don’t know it or rejected it altogether. As a result, they are forfeit the ability to serve.
Nobody wants to witness this nonsense. Not one person wants to see or be a part in this cabal going away for good, but I have the feeling that it will be We the People that ends up stepping into the fray if equal justice under the law happens.
They’re all in one accord in DC. this corruption must be stopped by the American people who loves USA. We cannot allow them to get away with this. Currently, those who have been dismissed or left government, well kinda left, but still retain all the great benefits provided by the American taxpayers, left without any problems or charges.
If it looks like a coupe, acts like a coupe, and does what only happens when there’s a coupe – it’s a coupe. It must be completely and totally stopped by the means of the USA constitution.

I Am M.O.TheR.
2 years ago

Great article by Tom Fitton, one of only a few people who sees what actually occurred! I do disagree with his use of the term “deep state”, since it has been contorted to simply imply a group of rogue federal employees. I believe the more appropriate term to use is “shadow government” since the planning and execution of the failed coup d’etat required more than just a few rogue employees coming together at the right time with the adequate resources to attempt it and gives the leaders of that government cover, and deniability, to avoid the hangman’s noose for treason.

Jack Thomas
2 years ago

Judicial Watch’s revelations about former Deputy A.G. Rod Rosenstein’s cozy relationship with the mainstream media further exposes the extent of insidious corruption within the Deep State. Not that any of this is especially surprising; I always felt that Rosenstein was a weasel — no better than his co-conspirators in the FBI, CIA, or Congress. The very fact they plotted to bring down President Trump through a phony “Russian Collusion” investigation is proof enough of their criminal intent. It’s a sad commentary on the most egregious abuse of power ever to rock our Nation . . . bringing to mind something that 19th Century lawyer, essayist, and self-avowed anarchist Lysander Spooner once said: “The Constitution has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it.”

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