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Joe Biden’s Rockin’ Holiday Album


Highlighting awful policies in cheerful holiday songs

In search of some cringe-worthy holiday tunes? Need a last-minute gift for someone you dislike? This unconventional holiday album is filled with horrid jingles on topics including the lousy economy, poor decision making, malarkey, gibberish, babble, idiocy, hogwash, and baffling Biden-isms. Voted “Best Pessimistic Album of the Year” by three thugs who jumped the border wall. Featuring background singing by the Majority Whip Choir, accompanied by giggling Vice President Kamala Harris. Also featuring a special performance by Nancy Pelosi, tearing up all the holiday sheet music she can find and bellowing cuss words.

Biden solos include:

  • Away in a Basement
  • The Twelve Days of Mandates
  • All I Want for Christmas is My Two Booster Vaccines
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Naptime
  • We Wish You a Merry…you know the thing…
  • Gaffin’ Around the Christmas Tree

With wretched holiday songs on the economy:

  • I’ll be Homeless for Christmas
  • O’ Little Town of Poverty
  • Socialism is Coming to Town!
  • Nuttin’ for Christmas
  • It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like Stimulus Check Time

And these bad policy favorites:

  • Deck the Halls with Voter Fraud!
  • O’ Come all ye Illegally!
  • Border Walls Ain’t Comin’ to Town

Of course, we can’t forget Biden’s beloved teleprompters hits:

  • Do you Hear what I Read?
  • Santa, Can’t You Hear Me?

And some favorite global warming hits, too:

  • Let it Pour! Let it Pour! Let it Pour!
  • Baby, it’s Hot Outside
  • Frosty the Snowmelt
  • The Little Summer Boy
  • Rudolph the red-nosed Rained here

And many sentimental tunes, including:

  • I saw Biden Sniffing Santa’s Hair
  • It’s beginning to “Look, fat,” a lot Like Christmas
  • March of the Wooden Lying Dog-faced Pony Soldiers
  • That Guy who Runs that Outfit Over There is Coming to Town!
  • It’s the Most Blunderful Time of the Year!

Of the Album, Biden shares, “If we sing everything right, if we do it with absolute certainty, there’s still a 30% chance we’re going to sing it wrong.” The President then describes his album in full detail, “This is a big f____ deal.” When asked which song is his favorite, Biden replied, “Come on, man, I like the one that goes…Chestnuts Roasting on the…you know the thing. He continues, “The greatest gift is the ability to forget – so forget about buying this album.”

Album on Sale Nowhere Near You. All proceeds go to the Defund Santa and his Reindeer Movement, Frosty the Snowmelt Global Warming Fund, Elves-lives Matter, Gaffe Machine Association for the Promotion of Presidential Blunders, the Build Back Better Snowmen Committee, The Snow Globe Infrastructure Initiative, Nancy Pelosi’s Ice Cream Addiction Therapy Sessions, The Governmental Waste Committee for Misspending, The North Pole Penalty Tax Advocates, The Board to Decrease the Surplus Gingerbread Population, The Red and Green New Deal, the Committee for Runaway Federal Spending, the Bah Hum Bug Club Against Holiday Cheer, and finally the Socialist Takeover Endowment for the Utter Destruction of Mankind. Happy Holidays & hope you enjoyed the laughs!

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9 months ago

What a riot!!

9 months ago

When does this cd album come out ???

9 months ago

Why? This is Christmas – why be mean. Just don’t understand you at all.

9 months ago

Very funny!

9 months ago

David Letterman couldn’t be a pimple on Carson’s buttocks. He went bozo libtard Commie Democrat years ago. It wrecked his comic appeal altho it seems to have given him a self-image false self-aggrandizing view that he is a God in politics without admitting he was a dismal failure as a late night host comedian and the late night commode man he turned out to be.

9 months ago

Great holiday cheer. I’m sure the new year will bring more of the same. That is, until we vote for change in November. Biden’s Obama/Pelosi/Schumer reign will begin to dismantle.

Does anyone have one for giggling Harris and her claim that the media would view her differently if she were a white male? You know, like Donald Trump.

9 months ago

Clever satire. It’s upsetting to know there is more truth than sarcasm in the satire. It makes you realize Joe Hiden Biden is a bag of ineptitude an d dishonesty … and then it strikes you he moreso represents danger to everything dear in our system of Constitutional democracy. Joe Hiden Biden lusts about his personal interests and maintaining his undeserved status as POTUS (or any responsible representative of Constitutional Democracy). Setting that aside, thank God for his gift he gave mankind on that night in a manger more than 2100years ago!

Walter Plessinger
9 months ago

Love the humor of the “Biden Rockin Christmas” album. Right up my alley. Lol.

Robin Walter Boyd
9 months ago

I’m surprised there isn’t a song about Brandon Claus. Rudolf has been forced into quarantine because his red nose is a symptom of being COVID-19 positive, so no Rudolf songs. It also looks like Santa may be cancelled due to not being vaccinated; msn.com/en-us/news/us/santa-claus-fired-for-refusing-covid-vaccine/ar-AAPKIo0″ Santa Claus Fired for Refusing COVID Vaccine (msn.com)

Philip Hammersley
9 months ago

EXCELLENT! How about “These are a few of my totally fouled up things?”

edgar fletcher
9 months ago

Great job AMAC!!!!

Sharon Ormsby
9 months ago

Hysterical, so true. I love it!

9 months ago

We could use some humor and these are really on target.

On the Kennedy Center Honors, David Letterman snarkily said it is a pleasure once again to see the President and First Lady sitting there with our honorees.

The reference is to the fact that President Trump broke the tradition of attending the celebration.

The left lies and then repeats the lie countless times and the lie becomes the truth. And they never correct their falsehood. They never apologize.

What is left out is that in 2017 EVERY SINGLE nominee in advance swore that if Trump tried to pin on their ribbons, they would leave the White House on the spot. And these same honorees, EVERY ONE of them, said that if Trump and his First Lady sat next to them in the box seats, they would all walk out of the Kennedy Center and skip the performances and celebration.

Why isn’t the country mad at them for their disrespecting the office like that – for the first time since these celebrations began? Simple. Nobody reported their assertions.

But everybody reports the lie thatTrump stayed away, breaking the tradition, with no context reported about why he did.

What choice did Trump have? He just stayed away to avoid the scene

I really find the lying left intolerable. And that goes double for Lying Letterman.

Philip Hammersley
9 months ago
Reply to  Honey

They are simply following their “father” AKA Lucifer.

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