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Joe Biden, Free Speech, Danger

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First up, we inaugurated a new President of the United States of America on Wednesday, Joe Biden; find out what his first-day executive orders were. Next up, AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber is here to comment on the new President’s policies and their impact on AMAC members across the country. Finally, we have AMAC National Spokesman, Robert “Bobby” Charles, is here to update AMAC members on the latest headlines you should be paying attention to with a new administration in the oval office.

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Anne Simonetti
2 years ago

The expansion of the executive branch into the lawmaking business has developed gradually. Today more laws are imposed on the American people by these unconstitutional and irregular means than are passed by Congress! Originally, the President or his cabinet officers issued executive orders to their departments. these were simply administrative orders and affected only the administrators and agencies of the government. In other words, they did not affect the public as the laws of Congress do. Gradually, however, these executive orders began to increase in number and scope of influence. They began to affect the general public and not just the internal operations of government. Executive orders thus passed from the constitutional stage to the “strong President” stage. This is wrong and we need to shout this info from the highest towers. People need to know this so that we can fight back with the government’s own laws.
I hope this information help you get in touch with your representative and give them the heck!
they need to know that we know and that they are not fooling anyone with their unconstitutional deeds. Maybe it’s time to impeach congress!

Anne Simonetti
2 years ago

Please read the Constitution: Executive Orders are unconstitutional. +Article 1, section 1, paragraph 1 states:” ALL LEGISTLATION or LAWMAKING POWERS granted by this Constitution shall be vested exclusively in the Congress of the United States. This provision gives every American the right NOT to be subject to any federal law unless it has been reviewed and approved by a majority of the people’s representatives. Not the executive branch .Not the president.
Please read and study our Constitution. Knowledge is power.

Art A
2 years ago

Someone is trying to put lipstick on a pig. Our new administration is the reincarnation of Obama 1&2. Same failed programs but with the bells and whistles of the really far left.The beginning has been a surgical attempt to erase the accomplishments of the Trump presidency. Where is the unity when everything is one sided and sensible voices and outlets are being censored? Seems like a one way street to me. How can you “Build Back” when you have already started the destruction of 1000’s of jobs? Were the barbarians to the south just given a “come on up” from Clueless Joe? Is this whole situation sustainable? Let’s stay cool. Be smart. We were outplayed. We have to work toward the next primaries and elections. That does also mean that we rid ourselves of the RINOs. MAGA!

Ron Graham
2 years ago
Reply to  Art A

what makes you think there will be a next free election. That is one thing that all socialism countries will prevent from happing. They will never loose another election. I am tired of being nice, law abiding. We now need a civil revolution or succession with Trump as our leader to have any hope of getting our country back.

2 years ago

This is not the Biden policy he is no more than a doll and is doing what he is told .I believe in 6 to 8 month they will start trying to get Biden out and make Harris president. The democrats are pure evil working in America.

Margie Fuller
2 years ago

I had to re-subscribe to both the AMAC Weekly and Daily News as I suddenly stopped receiving both. Sad and frustrating!!

2 years ago

Big Tech is Big Brother, the msm is a Nazi propaganda tool of the Democrats, and the Democrats are supporting and cheering them on.
America, how do you like your President Elect(ion) Fraud!? Can’t tie his own shoes, but thinks he can represent America’s interests on the global stage!!?? Take your money out of the Banks before he confiscates it. You’re going to need it just to survive.

2 years ago
Reply to  Jon

He’s a fraud and puppet with Obama as his puppeteer. We won’t even recognize America pretty soon. And the worst of it is when he can no longer perform, then we’re left with “Commala” as she prefers her name pronounced. It is very depressing!

Edward B. Irvin
2 years ago

Stop legitimizing a fraud by the name of Biden and Harris. We had our chance but it was blown by the backstabbers in the Republican Party. Mitch McConnell single handily killed the Party. As I see it America has no leader an no justice system since the supreme Court is 100% worthless. Seems like we little people are on our own and some of us will fight how ever we have to because it has been proven that being nice does not solve anything.

Renee Pearman
2 years ago

Well now you’re on a slippery slope. The only difference between Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. was their approach to achieve their shared goal of equal rights across the board for the black population. Pastor King believed that the press footage of his people being beaten (as they held no weapons and signed a contract with him that they would NOT resist) and hit with blasts of water from a fire hose (not fun) would show people across the nation what it was like to be suppressed. Malcolm X said, Hell no. We’ve been harrassed, denied, beaten, raped, shot and hung long enough. The only way to get through to our oppressors is to hit them right between the eyes. So they parted ways. Pastor King is immortalized in street signs and a spot on the calendar; Malcolm X is still a villain.

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