Jedediah Bila, Lou Dobbs Tonight, 2-26-13

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Anna Brown
9 years ago

I have renamed the office of the President & so-called First Lady due to disgracing their position generating a lack of dignity and respect to the “Hollywood Wannabees-Comic Joker and Floozie”. This is the worse President I have seen iin my 75 years. What good is the American Dream to work ones way to wealth, only to have the President take it all away from us so he can have lavish vacations and wasteful spending. Actions speak louder than words, and he is no actions and all false words. He doesn’t know the meaning of fair, or compromise. I have heard numerous people on the news calling the failure of the Sequester doomsday. I would like to know how much they were paid. No one to date has answered my request for an itemized account of the Presidents budget and requested my congressmen introduce a limit on how much he can spend on travel. The American People are tired of his rhetoric. NO MORE TAXES. Jobs will increase revenue. His goal is to Divide the country. I have also asked him to explain to me why we have male and female genders if he supports same sex marriage. If we are supposed to have same sex marriage, then we wouldn’t need to have genders.
Anna Brown, IN GOD WE TRUST.

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