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Jan Jekielek on Life Under Communism and the Alarming Truth of Gender Transitions in America | CPAC 2023

Jan Jekielek, Senior Editor for the Epoch Times, spoke with Rebecca Weber and Andy Mangione on “Broadcast Row” at CPAC, and contrasted his upbringing in communist Poland with the experiences of children growing up in modern-day America. Drawing on his experience hosting guests on his show Kash’s Corner, Jekielek shared stories of individuals who have suffered from gender dysphoria in America.

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2 months ago

I saw a man threaten an stuardess on a plane with a knife and everyone just sat there except for one man. They just ignored him and his screaming!!! I feel democrats are like the passengers on the plane. Do nothing, ignore what is happening around you. Most people have common sense when properly informed of situations in their future that controls their well being. The commies push no private property,high taxes,control of how much money you can make and permits for everything from ceiling fans,chainsaws and travel, etc. Once living under this system is like a man with two cows.The state comes and takes one of your cows,tells you how much milk you can produce,how much you can charge for your milk and then make buy milk from the state.Only winner is the state. Had Russian friends tell the truth about life their and you wouldn’t believe it. Keeping people ignorant helps control them. Sounds like democrat methods. Need a great leader!!!Love Trump!!!

Mata Alvarez
2 months ago

President Trump missed a great and maybe the only opportunity to defeat Communism in our country. Only thru agressive exposure of each and everyone of the tactics that Communists used during his government, we would have had a chance. I didn’t see him or any memeber of the Government at that time denouncing over and over Pattisse Cullors’s & Co. harangues: ‘We will end America as we know it, and from the ashes we will build the Marxist distopia’. Nor her boasting on the media, TV and the like, about having a ‘heavy Marxist training’, and then implementing it by instigating violence that destroyed our cities and economy; all under the BLM’s flag. Nobody either linked the flourishing of Communism in our country with the dismal increase in narco traffic that provides them with endless amounts of money. Very simple: China, a Communist country, brings into the US loads of Fentanyl. Colombia, a country dominated by Communist narco guerrillas, is the larger exporter of cocaineto to the US and the world. I am begining to think that there is no political will to en this horrid incestous relationship between Communism and narco traffic.

Joan Chambers
2 months ago

I like AMAC and Jan – he is a good guy. we need communication between children.

2 months ago

Until the communists are defeated, our freedom in this once great Nation will continue to erode due to the bloated bureaucracy ????????

anna hubert
2 months ago
Reply to  Bob

Many communists and communists supporters in that bureaucracy

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