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It’s the Border, Stupid! | Julio Rosas | CPAC 2023

Townhall Senior Columnist Julio Rosas joined AMAC on Broadcast Row to share his take on his coverage of the border crisis, and how it seems every issue the Biden administration attempts to fix gets worse! Now that Republicans are in charge of the House, Rosas wants to know what this means for legislation, whether Mayorkas will be impeached, and what the future holds for our border.

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2 months ago

This administration’s border failures goes beyond contempt to the rule of law, safety of US citizens and our national interest. It is a willful and intentional act to undermine our communities by creating uncontainable chaos cause by introducing unvetted illegal aliens. Whose first act upon entering our country is ignoring our immigration laws. The majority of these illegal aliens have shown complete disregard for assimilating into the United States and being productive members of American society . The illegal aliens are a conduit for the cartels to make further inroads for smuggling drugs, and the associated violence into our communities. The devastation inflicted to the border towns is a testament to this. And a chilling forecast of the future landscape of Main Street, USA if left unabated. It is time for Congress to act against the weaponization of no border control by charging those in charge with acts of Treason and to pay the ultimate penalties if found guilty. The hundreds of thousands victims of drugs, violence and criminal acts demand justice.

2 months ago

I live in Texas there is no excuse for this open-border BS. All Biden is doing is emploring these poor people to vote for him because he is giving them a ride and a phone paid for by who guys the taxpayers. He broke his oath of office to defend our borders. He is a liar and a deviant pedi. Mental health issues abound with this man. We as a people need to be diligent in removing this man and his whole worthless money-spending regime ASAP.

2 months ago

mayorkas should be impeached immediately and all illegals rounded up and returned to their country of origin. This would cost less than housing, educating, feeding, and permitting them to take our jobs. biden’s only intent is to destroy our country.

anna hubert
2 months ago
Reply to  Kay

Yes under normal circumstances and in a properly functioning country he would be put in prison but then in a normal functioning country it would not be necessary since the chaos would not be happening

2 months ago

Our Nation will suffer many years by damages done by the Biden Admin. and the Obama Admin. as far as the Southern border and related issues go unfettered.

2 months ago
Reply to  Hal-

Yes, Hal, they have succeeded in their efforts to destroy our country. It will take an act of God Almighty to reverse the devastation.

Michael Quinn
2 months ago
Reply to  Donna

HE is the only ONE who knows exactly what we are up against in our country.

Michael Quinn
2 months ago
Reply to  Hal-

Trump did his best to stop it, but Speaker RINO Ryan put a stop to everything but the tax cut. The RINOs are our #1 enemy, RINO McCain made sure we had to suffer on under Nobabacare. I doubt there is a single person on earth who is aware of the depth of the swamp.

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