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Is Trump or Liberal Media Nuts – What Do You Think?

trump covid 19 team crazyOn January 29th, 2020, President Trump established the White House Coronavirus Task Force. Since that date, his experts have held hundreds of hours of internal and public coronavirus briefings. Main objective is: Inform public, stay engaged, calm fears, and report progress.

The exhaustive combination of private updates, daily dialogue with medical experts, governors, and international leaders, together with information-push briefings, led even Dr. Anthony Fauci (NIH) to call the process “very draining.”

Meantime media, clamoring like ill-mannered children, have more time than expected. Half want to block presidential coverage, and the other half hopes to get famous by disparaging him.

All this hit a high note April 23rd, in a White House press conference. Medical experts explained emerging options for testing, treating, and reducing infections and deaths, noting ultraviolent light and disinfectants killing the virus on surfaces. Simple enough.

President Trump leaned into the conversation – a non-doctor but chief executive. He spoke, perhaps too casually, about hopes for innovative medical responses, finding ways to preempt and arrest the virus, saving more lives and returning Americans sooner to work.

Specifically, referring to disinfectants on surfaces, he noted they “knock it (COVID-19) out in a minute.” He then did what normal people sometimes do. He mused, something presidents – particularly this one – get skewered for doing.

Trump rushed his thinking together, jumping from surface cleaning to wishing medical science could somehow find parallel means for cleaning blood, eviscerating this noxious virus in humans. He did not mean to suggest – and corrected his words – that common disinfectants should be used to clean blood.

Was he nuts? No, it was sloppy talk. The president speaks his mind before America, something many like. He is not a craven politician, calibrating every word for political advantage. He is blunt, often curt, sometimes offensive, and always a ready target for Democrat misinterpretation.

On that day, he got ahead of himself – with one line in hundreds of hours of trying to solve a crisis with our medical community, helping Americans remain confident, bringing them along with information, stilling worried hearts, and casually offering ideas and candor.

What was the reaction? Democrats uncaged their biting bias, and the media piled on. First, Democrat leaders and press deliberately misinterpreted, even after clarifications. Abandoning reason, they asserted he wanted Americans to inject themselves with bleach or alcohol. He made no such recommendation.

Increasingly neo-socialist House Speaker Nancy Pelosi jumped to pronounce the President “anti-science,” “anti-governance” (whatever that means), and said he was “asking people to inject Lysol into their lungs…” Hardly.

Mainstream reporters took bait and ran. CNN, ABC, MSNBC, and other liberal outlets spun stories, each intending to make use of misinterpretation – suggesting the president was responsible for unwittingly or thoughtlessly poisoning people.

Three other points pop. First, White House reporters and Democrats self-evidently believe they are smarter than the president. They think their “polish” outshines his authenticity. Maybe not.

One wonders what this self-righteous lot would do with plain-talking Democrat President Harry Truman or meandering, hard-to-follow Republican President Dwight Eisenhower.

Second, these left-leaners think America is just stupid – stupid to have elected Trump, stupid enough to inject themselves with disinfectants, stupid enough to buy assertions this president wanted them to do that.

Third, like it or not, the president muses aloud. As Dr. Brix noted on April 25th, referring to his remarks: “When he gets new information, he likes to talk it through out loud.”  Trump confidently and sometimes too casually extemporizes, that is, muses before the nation.

One final observation. If the president was not misguided, what might have been on his mind – after hundreds of hours of medical briefs on immunology, hematology, and creative ways to beat COVID-19?

Maybe some distant remembering. Of course, no doctor – no reasoning American – would counsel injecting Lysol, but there is science on what medical authorities call “blood cleansing.”

Interestingly, the technique is used in “rare cases” where a person develops “sepsis.” As one publication reported: “Many coronavirus patients have died of sepsis — when the body’s immune system goes into overdrive.” (

In short, “sepsis is your body’s toxic reaction to an infection … As your body’s immune system tries to fight the infection, it may go into overdrive and start attacking the body itself instead.” Interestingly, “any infection, including viral infections like … COVID-19, caused by the novel coronavirus, can cause sepsis.” (

Rather than being nuts, maybe President Trump was recalling medical science tied to “blood cleansing” to beat sepsis, musing on whether this might have cross-application to COVID-19.

Medically approved means for “cleansing” blood do exist, such as dialysis. They assist the body in defeating blood toxins. Blood toxins can affect lungs, liver, kidney, and other organs. COVID-19, apparently like sepsis, is linked to inflammation and organ failure.

All of this is speculation, and President Trump has – in the public interest – been candid about what he does not know. He thinks aloud with Americans and should be credited for doing so.

Self-serving statements and misinterpretations by Pelosi, presumptive Democrat nominee Joe Biden, and the self-important White House Press Corps are unfair, unhelpful, and disingenuous.

We might all do better if we more often gave President Trump and his White House Coronavirus Task Force benefit of the doubt. When it comes to beating this virus, we are one team – and we should start acting that way.

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2 years ago

The POTUS should be more respectful to reporters & honor the 1st ammendment. He goes off on tangent & would make a poor poker player.

Larry Peterson
2 years ago

There a numerous pieces of information the government does not want the public to know. So much for transparency.

2 years ago

I don’t think the Media is nuts. They know what they are doing. I think they are laser-focused on bringing down our President and anything or anyone conservative. They are driven by ideology, have abandoned any semblence of journalism, and have shown the “ends justify the means” Liberal mentality. Therefore they feel they have a rightful mission to do whatever it takes to accomplish their goal, whether it be falsifying news events and speeches, falsely accusing Trump & Co. of doing wrongful actions — and if they cant prove it, they make up stories. This did not pay off for them in 2016, so now they have ramped up these efforts. The overriding problem, and number one problem for our country is that the Media acts as ‘an extension’ of the Democrat Party which has clearly segued into the Socialist Party. How do we reach the masses that get all their information from mainstream Media? President Trump tries to reach them through his speeches and press conferences, hoping to get the attention of the masses. He has to! The Media has the power to hide good news from the people, while blaming everything on Trump. In the end it is all about power. The power-hungry Left is made all the more powerful with the Media on their side. It is amazing that President Trump has done so many good things given that obstacle alone.

Patrick Bauer
2 years ago

Absolutely on target.

Rosalee Cavanaugh
2 years ago

I watched the briefing and the minute he said it I knew that the media would go nuts. His body language and tone was not a statement. This President is not a polished politician but a regular working man. I love watching him bash the reporters.

2 years ago

The Liberal media, who by the way are NOT journalists or fair in any way shape or form, lied when they put words in the Presidents mouth. I watched that briefing….Lysol and bleach were NEVER mentioned. He was asking a question..anyone with a brain and watched it knows this…but of course they can’t tell the truth…Evil Hacks

Patricia Hefferan
2 years ago

The Fake News, Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts have some sort of real and genuine mental illness. I am a Master prepared RN who spent years working with the mentally ill. I have seen some gravely ill patients turn around to the extent they could.

As to the Fake News and Nancy Pelosi they would be regarded as hopelessly afflicted. Life long institutionalization is sadly their only real hope and our only real hope of never hearing from them again.

Bob L.
2 years ago

The swamp stands right next to Trump in the briefings and spreads lies about the virus and the agenda behind it with all but one reporter parroting the line. that one reporter was booted from the room by the White House Press Corps, which controls who gets in and has a seat in the briefings. That reporter is from One America news Network (OAN) and only gets to stand against a wall at the back of the room by invitation from the White House.

Ronald E Bequeath
2 years ago

Excellent President, he has my vote in 2020

2 years ago

Where are the men in the white coats when you need them? They should be rounding up the “INTENTIONALLY STUPID MEMBERS OF CONGRESS FOR INTENTIONALLY MISLEADING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE INTENTIONALLY RABID REPORTERS FOR ATTEMPTING TO SCARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE”. Isn’t it enough already that the President is “ON THIS” virus trying to keep US – THE AMERICAN PEOPLE – SAFE. For the Love of God, the White House Press Corp – should get off his BACK. Let OUR PRESIDENT DO HIS JOB!!

Phil Caiazzo
2 years ago

Fantastic article isn’t it a shame that after almost four years of this man sacrificing himself for us is still being viciously attacked but we will have the last laugh ? come November when the look on their faces when he is re-elected will be just compensation ?

Pamela Gordon
2 years ago

It’s almost a joke that you’re even asking. Our media has (for the most part) has become a national embarrassment. Democrats and their lackeys in Congress act as if they represent only 1/2 the country, and the rest of us can go hang ourselves. It’s truly disgraceful that they don’t even attempt to do their real job anymore, but are merely lobbying for the Left.

2 years ago

I don’t think the so-called media realize that if there is a new world order they are no longer needed. Life is hard, a lot harder if you’re Stupid ie left wing media.

2 years ago

The liberal media is part of the NWO. From Bush the First right thru Clinton, Bush the Second, and Obama the timeline was set up for Clinton the Second to finally close the door on US sovereignty. They have to do ANY and EVERYTHING they can to get their plans back on track.

2 years ago

The media isn’t nuts. The media are Marxists, doing what Marxists do to undermine and destroy the Constitution and our way of life. Realize that their behavior is calculated, planned and outside of any kind of reality to use force to weaken our will. Your question is inaccurate. Read Alinsky and you will understand. Understand Lenin: “ Lies told often enough become truth.

2 years ago

I wish the task force would heed their own recommendations and ‘social distance’ if they all catch the virus we may end up with Pelosi as acting President. That’s more frightening than the virus!

dino deplorable
2 years ago

I think that our President is doing the best he can with no help from the democ rats,in fact they try to obstacles in his path and in doing so are killing AMERICA and I feel that they do this to spite conservatives.

2 years ago

Thank God that we have Trump as our leader. The press is terribly disrespectful and complete liars.

2 years ago

I wish President Trump would just maybe one time stand and glare at every biased media reporter the way Benjamin Netanyahu did during the UN Summit a few years ago. THAT was stunning! He shamed them all for not going to the aid of Israel when they had been under attack by Hamas terrorists.
President Trump is just the way he is, I’m not really a fan but I only care about what he is doing to get this country back on track and out of debt….and speaking of that now, the Democrats will ostracize him for his and Congress’s two trillion dollar Stimulus pkg after this is all over when there wasn’t anything else he could do to save this country.
The Progressives and the media are ‘THE WALKING DEAD.’ When I think of them I visualize them with their hair a mess and their eyes glazed over with a kind of film so one can’t see their pupils. Like in the walking dead movie. The liberal media is hate driven. Just seeing and hearing Trump’s name gets them foaming at the mouth. Someone in the other comments suggested when the administration’s task force team does any press conferences that the doctors should do them only. I agree because if the media can’t see or hear the President they are obligated to report what the health professionals say, even when they’re accused of repeating what the President wants them to say. The media personnel are beyond stupid. I’ve never seen such brazen stupidity like this before in all my lifetime.
When this all blows over about this virus and the real stats show how much less of an impact this virus had in this country and around the world, some people are going to want to dig a hole and never come out. Because if they do they’ll be held accountable for their tyranny of this country.

Mike in AZ
2 years ago

WHY doesn’t the Media go after Piglosi??
The Nerve she has to show off her 75K fridge full of Fat cream.
While her own city is in turmoil. What does she care.
She is Rich and obviously could care less about SF.
This country needs to stop watching or getting any news from
the Liberal media by way of hurting their $$ inflow.
WHY not investigate COUMO and the $$$ he has wasted in NYC.
NYC wud of had plenty of $$$ for everything,
IF he hadn’t wasted millions!! on bad deals.
Probably find some illegal things going on with him. OH not Andy.
Media needs a change of focus – Yellow journalism.
Then look what Schumer is up to again toward Trump, Pence. Wow!!

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