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Inflation, Election 2024, Medicare

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Bidenfaltion has hit historical levels, but the White House and Joe Biden could seem to care less. Also, this week, a twice-failed, democratic presidential candidate looks to make a reappearance for 2024, any guess who that could be? Last up, Andy Mangione, AMAC Action SVP, joins the AMAC Weekly News to discuss the massive price increase that directly attacks the senior class living on fixed incomes.

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1 year ago

No I believe there is alot of us out here that feel the same!

1 year ago

Foreigners know better democrats since Trump présidency, it s not a good point to run the medias managed by the socialists like in europ, there too, the people going back to the conservatives values like these of Amac

1 year ago

I want to focus on the Medicare issue. It is obviously one part of a big mess. Some folks are blatantly playing with the numbers. As I see it, current billing for Part B is @$150/month. Medicare was planning a $10 increase but bumped up to $20 so that the monthly contribution will be @$170. If you do the math, it is clear that the 5.9% increase to the base will be quickly eroded due the disasterous policies of this administration. The accelerated increase in the monthly contribution is pegged to Medicare’s stated responsibility to prepare for future stability. Believe that? The bottom line is related to a new Alzheimers drug called aducaumab from a company called BIOGEN. THE REPORTED COST OF A REGIMEN OF THIS DRUG IS $56,000. BIOGEN IS LOCATED IN MASSACHUSETTS AND HAS RECENTLY LAID OFF 1000 WORKERS BECAUSE OF A LACK OF INTEREST IN THE DRUG AND THE COST OF RELATED R&D EXPENSES. MEDICARE/CMS IS TRYING TO PUT THE CART BEFORE THE HORSE. BE AWARE AND PREPARED.

Lynne Pace
1 year ago

Hillary has a Master Class? What – for lying, cheating, stealing, campaign fraud, destroying hard drives? The only things she knows anything about.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lynne Pace

Corruption 101

Stan d. Upnow
1 year ago

6.8% increase at the grocery store??!!
It’s more like 25-30%. Every two weeks that I grocery shop I’m stunned by the shiny new price stickers on the shelves. And don’t forget, many necessary non-food items are taxed on top of that.

Thought I’d get a new pair of jeans for a good price during the Christmas sales. Almost fell over when the “sale” price on a pair of Wranglers was –are you sitting?– $72.99!!
It’s been a while since I bought a pair. But, last time I paid about $18. All of this is a planned, orchestrated, and deliberate agenda straight out of the Communist/Fascist playbook to expand govt. control. If you don’t know that, you need to do some reading.

53% polled think the economy is getting worse. Just 53%! That means 47% of our fellow citizens are stupider than a lobotomized jackass! And they vote(probably a few times). We are in trouble.

1 year ago
Reply to  Stan d. Upnow

My brother and I went out for lunch a couple of months ago when he visited from out of state. The bill was about $38 for 2 sandwiches, a small salad, and coffee. I couldn’t believe my ears!!

1 year ago
Reply to  Stan d. Upnow

Get jeans at 2nd hand stores. Many times I find clothes with the original tags on them. If not, soap, water and a disinfectant remove germs.

1 year ago

No one has any confidence in the elections. They stole the biggest election in History and go away with it. That did it for me. I don’t think the past elections were on the up and up. Screw that ! They are not working for we the people. FIRE THEM NOW!

1 year ago


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