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Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Pelosi. That’s My Opinion.


WASHINGTON, DC, June 2 —  Ms. Pelosi, please explain how you convince yourself that you are an honorable member of the Catholic Church.  You disregard its most sacred tenet — the value of life — and then you go around promoting the murder of human beings.  Mistake it not, they don’t call an unborn child a child for nothing.  A child — however small it is — is just as human as you or me or those toddlers that real, caring women just love to cuddle, notwithstanding that it may be newborn or in a womb waiting to breathe the fresh air.

If I were in Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone’s shoes I wouldn’t just ban you from receiving Holy Communion; I would excommunicate you.  As Archbishop Cordileone wrote in his letter informing you that you will not be allowed to receive communion he wrote “the Second Vatican Council, in its Decree on the Church in the Modern World, Gaudium et spes [Joy and Hope], reiterated the Church’s ancient and consistent teaching that ‘from the first moment of conception life must be guarded with the greatest care while abortion and infanticide are unspeakable crimes’.”  He didn’t say that they might be “unspeakable crimes.”  In case you don’t understand what those two words mean, they mean horrendously evil deeds.

The Archbishop gave you a way out.  He wrote that all you have to do is to “publicly repudiate your advocacy for abortion ‘rights’ or else refrain from referring to your Catholic faith in public and receiving Holy Communion.”

The defiance you expressed for the Archbishop’s decision compounds your sin in my mind.  You were quoted as saying “The very idea that they would be telling women the size, timing or whatever of their family, the personal nature of this is so appalling, and I say that as a devout Catholic.  They say to me, ‘Nancy Pelosi thinks she knows more about having babies than the Pope.’  Yes I do.  Are you stupid?”  No ma’am you are the stupid one.  Stupid because you have two easy ways out: give in and stop promoting the so-called right of abortion or declare that you are no longer a Catholic.  It’s as simple as that.

The Archbishop says that he made “numerous attempts” to sit down with you to explain the “great evil” of your promotion of abortion.  What are you afraid of?  Why don’t you want to talk with him about this matter?  Perhaps it is because you know he is right and that you are wrong.  In a letter to church members, he explained that “After numerous attempts to speak with her to help her understand the grave evil she is perpetrating, the scandal she is causing, and the danger to her own soul she is risking, I have determined that the point has come in which I must make a public declaration that she is not to be admitted to Holy Communion unless and until she publicly repudiate her support for abortion ‘rights’ and confess and receive absolution for her cooperation in this evil in the sacrament of Penance,”

But then, as your pal, that not so funny comedienne, that font of ecclesiastical knowledge who goes by the name of Whoopi Goldberg, tells us that the Archbishop is a fraud.  She bravely came to your defense on TV, shouting out loud at the prelate: “This is not your job, dude!  You can’t — that is not up to you to make that decision.  You know, what is the saying?  It’s kind of amazing.  But, you know, what is the point of communion, right?  It’s for sinners.  It’s for sinners.  It’s the reward of saints, but the bread of sinners.  How dare you?”

Representative Pelosi, you claim to speak for the people of the United States but it appears you are the representative of those who commit murder.  In other words, we see you as a facilitator who is aiding and abetting a heinous crime.

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2 months ago

I was referring to PeLousy.

2 months ago

She is a habitual liar , she promotes infanticide , she is extremely full of vengeance. She is unfit for Congress and the Catholic Church. She and many other DemonRats should be in prison. They are a basket full of deplorables.

2 months ago

The archbishop singled out only one person. That makes it a personal decision. The Pope recognized this and acted correctly

2 months ago

Whoopi IS an elite!!! BALLOTPEDIA poll shows 5% of voters believe abortion should be legal in all cases and reject all restrictions.

2 months ago

everytime i look at her i think,”boy, she looks like she’s got monkeypox!”

Cheryl Brown
2 months ago

From what “Ive heard Whoopy has had 5 abourtions. What ever happened to birth control. They want God and the church to say it’s ok to kill babies. Thout shall not kill, sayeth the Lord.

Mike B.
2 months ago

Whatever her beliefs are , this woman has been in office way to long. It’s seriously time for some term limits. Hopefully the people in San Francisco / bay Area wake up. Stop voting for these people who are destroying Christianity, and our country . Karma’s a ~~~~~ Nancy . I can’t wait for the day that you hand over that gavel. Vote in November .

Texas Aggie Ron
2 months ago

Satan has been at war with the Lord almost since the beginning of time which led to his “excommunication” from heaven by the same Lord he has rebelled against. He then began tempting, controlling, and possessing human kind beginning with Eve and then Adam. His possession may not be physical but in most cases it is mental. I strongly believe those in the abortion industry are being mentally possessed by Satan and one of his tools is to subtly achieve his goals through the words the speak. In my opinion, the prime example of this is the abortion industry’s use of the word “fetus” instead of “unborn child” because it dehumanizes a baby and “justifies” in their minds the murder of a human being. Other terms such as “The right to an abortion” instead of using a term to describe what it is, the “right” to kill a human being. Mankind has no right to kill or sanction the killing of another human being. I am a Protestant but laud the actions of the Catholic Church. They need to go further unless Nancy Pelosi seeks the the Lord’s forgiveness, repents of her beliefs, and takes actions to show she is not allowing Satan to “possess” in this area. As an aside, I don’t thinkthe Catholic Church believes it needs to take spiritual advice from Whoopi Goldberg. I certainly don’t. Sorry to be so long winded. God bless everyone as we go forth into another day, in it self a gift from a the Lord.

2 months ago

Just goes to prove that churchgoing and/ot taking Communion doesn’t automatically make a person a true Christian. A mouse can be in a cookie jar but that doesnt make him a cookie!!!
To become a Christian you must turn away from your sins and turn to Christ and ask Him to save you.

JJ Johnson-Smith
2 months ago

I am not a Catholic, I am an American Baptist, and I know what the Bible teaches. I also know that most Catholics actually believe that they can sin all week, be absolved on the weekend, and start all over again on Monday. Pelosi obviously adheres to this fallacy. Umm…..NO, that isn’t how it works, Whoopi. Bottom Line is, if you believe that Abortion is acceptable , you are NOT a Catholic or ANY kind of Christian. Truthfully, you cannot be a LIBERAL and a Christian, either.

2 months ago

You are so wrong pal! That is the old line I have been hearing since early childhood….it is the line used by “Christians” to put down the Catholic Church…….won’t work anymore pal…….you are no more a “Christian than the man in the moon

2 months ago

Absolutely agree with this And liberalism is proving no regard for humanity in almost every decision they make. No conscious as well.

James J
2 months ago

racist hater

2 months ago

Pelosi is the poster child for TERM LIMITS and age limits. I hope the people in bay area are finally wised up enough to vote her drunken butt out this time.

2 months ago

Anyone think term limits should be an amendment for Congresspersons (and, IMO, cabinet heads, FBi and CIA heads). Of course, incombents should be exempt (or no chance possible for it ever to happen).

2 months ago

Pelosi is just one of many in a group that uses the strategy of hypocrisy as a major strategy. (clue: the name of the group has a first initial of “D” and the final three letters are “rat.” Pelosi is just one of several examples of the present imperfection of our voting system. It is rigged and IT MUST BE FIXED or we lose our Constitutional Democracy to a Communistic rule.

2 months ago

It ceases to amaze me that those so willing to Slaughter over one million unborn babies a year, but then rage about the immorality of the death penalty for the most heinous criminal. Seems to me they have this backwards.

2 months ago
Reply to  Tom

I’m hoping that you mean that it “never” ceases to amaze you – I’d hate to think that you have gotten so jaded by the hypocrisy of most Dimocrats that you have started to accept that they are corrupt. I feel the same way when I see the crocodile tears shed by those who rush to get in front of a camera and cry about children killed in a mass shooting. Seventeen children lost is truly a tragedy but to them, a thousand or more babies killed a day means nothing. The Harridan of the House is on her last term and it’s sad that she’s been a perfect example of, “Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely”.

2 months ago

I often think of the late Pope John Paul II and what he would have said/ done in this scenario. He most likely would taken the extra step of excommunicating Pelosi if she did not repent.

2 months ago
Reply to  James

James, I was thinking of the same thing,

William Smith
2 months ago

All I can say its about time, that something was said about that . The Lord does not allow his children to be anilated while in the womb among all the other evil things that she is permitting in the white house and in our country.
Now I know why Whoopi is called because everytime she opens her mouth it full of junk , and everyone say Whoopi . She is just as Evil as the restof them.

Casey C Matt
2 months ago

Mrs. Pelosi:
I wonder if it bothers you at your age to realize your soul according to your bishop and several others is condemned to hell for complicity in the murder of millions of innocents?
I also would like to remind you that since 1990, 169 people have died in school shootings, that is 32 years ma’am. Then I would like to remind you that EACH year drunk driving kills some 10,000 people. I would then like to remind you of the seldom mentioned in the media fact that a few days ago your very own husband was arrested for drunk driving.
Should you not put forward a bill to ban your husband?

Sharon Ormsby
2 months ago

The same can be said of “our” dear President “cough, cough” Biden…a worse Catholic if I ever saw one. Of course, the Pope at the time, could have rebuked both of them, but he didn’t. Did that Pope say a word to Biden or Pelosi, of course, we don’t know, but we do know he didn’t publicly chastise either one of them. WHY? Because he believes in socialism, and he believes in GREEN ENERGY that’s why, A horrible pope for the Catholic church, and probably why so many have left it. That, plus the sodomy scandal that led to child abuse, and so many other problems within the Church, I could go on and on, but I won’t.

2 months ago
Reply to  Sharon Ormsby

I am a Catholic but I truly believe this pope is a leftist……..he does not speak for me or mine

Darius Medina
2 months ago

Whoopie is a nutcase. Don’t pay attention to her ramblings. She thinks she is right because she has a big mouth. Since the Archbishop is the head of the local catholic church, he certainly has the right to withhold communion from those who refuse to abide by RCC doctrine.

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