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House Republicans Warn Midnight Train Rides May Replace Midnight Flights for Illegal Border Crossers

AMAC Exclusive – By Andrew Abbott


First it was midnight flights. Then, it was a secretive busing operation. Now, according to a group of House Republicans, the Biden administration may be planning to transport migrants to the interior of the country via Amtrak – a move that the lawmakers say would not only be a threat to national security, but would endanger the country’s already precarious supply chains.

In a letter to the president of Amtrak, the GOP House Members express concern about “the impact that a significantly greater border surge could cause to your services and the potential use of Amtrak in the administration’s response to its self-created border crisis.” As a federally funded entity, Amtrak is subject to congressional oversight, and the lawmakers warn that use of the service to transport illegal immigrants would “constitute an unconscionable use of significant amounts of taxpayer funds and resources.”

Specifically, Republicans are worried that the Biden administration could look to move migrants from one section of the border to another for processing, something which they caution would be an inconvenience for travelers and clog up vital supply lines. “Such a situation would cause disruptions for Amtrak customers as well as interrupt freight traffic that could further exacerbate the supply chain crisis,” the letter states, before asking for documents related to plans to use Amtrak to transport illegal immigrants.

The added concern comes as the Biden administration moves to end Title 42, a Trump-era border policy that allows border patrol officials to quickly expel migrants. Law enforcement officials throughout the Southwest have stressed that the situation along the border is already untenable, and that ending Title 42 will only exacerbate the problem. Nearly two million people have already crossed the border illegally in 2022, including more than 500,000 “gotaways,” or people that the government has no information on – a major national security threat. Several prominent Democrats in Congress have spoken out against ending Title 42, yet the Biden administration has plowed ahead anyway.

The looming threat of trains filled with illegal immigrants is just the latest expansion of the Biden administration’s schemes to ferry illegal immigrants to all corners of the country (but notably not to Democrats’ self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities”). For over a year, the Biden administration has ducked questions about so-called “ghost flights,” planes filled with young, overwhelmingly male, illegal immigrants taken into custody at the border. The flights have been spotted landing everywhere from White Plains, New York, to rural Pennsylvania. The mainstream media and some administration officials have denied the existence of these flights, despite them being caught on video multiple times.

In order to justify their movement of migrants throughout the country, the Biden administration has relied on a series of court decisions, beginning with the 1993 case Reno v. Flores. The case addressed the detention of unaccompanied minors who arrive at the border, with several immigration advocacy groups arguing that the conditions and treatment they received after entering the country illegally constituted a violation of their rights. The Clinton administration ultimately settled the case with the Flores Agreement, which stipulated that: “it is an administrative responsibility to release children from detention without unnecessary delay to a parent or adult relative or licensed juvenile programs willing to accept custody.” This, together with the 2008 Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA), mandated those undocumented children who arrived at the border unaccompanied must be released within 72 hours to “a family member, or shelter, or foster home.”

Because of this 72-hour mandate, it is often difficult and sometimes impossible for immigration services to verify the age or placement of a child. In 2019, a report found that thousands of illegal immigrants lied or falsified documents about their age or family relationships after crossing the border. According to NPR, “This includes migrants who claim to be children, but who are actually 18 or older, as well as adults who falsely claim to be parents of minors they’re traveling with.” These individuals often “present themselves at the U.S. border knowing that parents and children traveling together are usually released while their asylum cases are pending in immigration court.”

There have even been reports of adults throwing away documents before crossing the border, hoping to pass as children. Agents who have been more thorough in verifying the age of individuals crossing the border illegally have been the subject of such extreme media scrutiny and attacks from pro-immigration groups that some border patrol advocacy groups have warned of a potential “chilling effect” against agents verifying information.

Last year, the New York Post revealed that the Biden administration had contracted a private security firm to quietly transport these undocumented and unverified “minors” across the country. The company, MVM Inc., has received at least $136 million in taxpayer dollars to fly these individuals across the country to their declared destinations. The flights, though visible through air traffic software, are not publicly disclosed or listed; hence the term “ghost flights.” Once they arrive, there is no ongoing monitoring or verification. Thus, a legal adult can declare himself a minor at the border, find a “family” willing to claim him, be transported to them within 72 hours, then go where he pleases with impunity – all thanks to taxpayer money.

Republicans in Congress have tried to stop this practice, both through legislation and public awareness efforts like the letter to Amtrak’s CEO. But without control of either chamber of Congress or the White House, there is little they can do to force any policy changes. With Biden and congressional Democrats apparently dismissive of the suffering these decisions are causing, it looks like it will be up to voters to elect new leaders who will solve this crisis.

Andrew Abbott is the pen name of a writer and public affairs consultant with over a decade of experience in DC at the intersection of politics and culture.  

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9 months ago

GREED and APATHY are destroying America! Who would put males in girls locker rooms but some one who has sold their soul to Satan!?

Michael Lewis
9 months ago

Dear Lord, the Bible says vengeance is yours. For the abuse of migrant children, for the illegal drugs that cross our southern border and destroy the families of many, for setting a lawless and corrupt example, for failure to exercise their oath of office, please take your vengeance on the reckless leadership in Washington DC!

Richard Minetti
9 months ago

They resend them to Beverly Hills CA!!! Let the elites deal with the problem !!

Richard Minetti
9 months ago

Another great article!

9 months ago

When they get off the train load them on a bus to NYC and DC

David Millikan
9 months ago

Send ALL ILLEGAL ALIEN TERRORIST to Democrats Governor’s, Mayor’s, Senator’s, Congressman’s/Congresswoman’s HOMES and EVERY Democrat State.
They let them in ILLEGALLY so they can have them ALL.
The Democrat’s CAN support and feed them with their TAXES ONLY. NOT WITH MY TAXES.
Why do you think they passed the INFLATION INCREASE ACT besides MILITARIZING the IRS.
You WON’T see ILLEGAL ALIEN TERRORIST paying TAXES or their ILLEGAL residence’s RAIDED by FBI or IRS STASI and above all, DEPORTED.
So send ALL ILLEGAL ALIEN TERRORIST to the Democrats since they love CRIMINALS like themselves.

9 months ago

The marxist democrat party is truly immoral and intent on destroying America, open borders at taxpayers financial expense and increased criminal activity.
EVERY office because they have stood along their destructive marxist democrat party!

9 months ago

This entire administration needs to be arrested and charged with treason.

9 months ago

We need to get rid of Biden & Harris (and Newscum in CA)…..ASAP. None are capable of running a country…or state.

9 months ago

The means of transport is largely immaterial. What matters is the open border policy persists and the illegals are intentionally being transported throughout the country to change the voting demographics of states to favor Democrats. The country is being remade right before your eyes and the American public just sits by dumbfounded. All that it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. We’re doing nothing in spades!

At some point in the very near future, congressional Democrats with the aid of willing RINOs, will put forth legislation to “put undocumented migrates” (illegal aliens) on a fast track to some form of legalized status and then shortly there after they will all be granted citizenship. You will wake up one morning to the reality that no Republican President will ever again sit in the White House and Democrats will permanently control all parts of the federal government. That is when the real fun starts. So far, all you’re seeing is the opening act before the main show starts.

9 months ago

If they are going to use the rails to transport them make sure that they all end up in those publicly declared sanctuary areas like California and Delaware.

9 months ago
Reply to  MariaRose

Just because the POS in Sacramento made it a sanctuary state does NOT mean the residents of the state agree with him. We don’t but he knows how to fraudulently stay in office.

9 months ago

This is what happens when we let the dems and the Rinos get away with with election fraud. There is no way, positively no way, Bejing Biden won the election. And apparently, there is no one, NOT ONE, righteous judge, not one State board of electors, not one Supreme Court justice, not one attorney general, not one vice president, not one governor, no one who was willing to put a stop to it.

9 months ago

SEND ALLL OF THE illegals TO schiff’s HOUSE AND TO schumer’s HOUSE AND pelosi’s HOUSE

Philip Hammersley
9 months ago
Reply to  jocko

But Pelousi has a WALL around her house!

9 months ago

Send them anyway, they will climb the wall.

9 months ago

This is plain WRONG! It is a threat to all Americans.
The President should be pulled from office for showing so much contempt for the Legal American people.

9 months ago

How can we as Americans stop this?

9 months ago
Reply to  Nancy

Why are these illegals not told that they cannot enter the US illegally?

Philip Hammersley
9 months ago
Reply to  liz

All the DIMM presidential candidates said they COULD enter the country! That’s why when they are asked why they want in, they say “Joe Biden.”

anna hubert
9 months ago
Reply to  Nancy

You can’t.This is organized migration of nations.Mexico obeys orders and helps them to make it across This is what happened to Europe.We only notice it because of modern transportation communication and technology it can be done instantly and en masse No country can absorb this influx

9 months ago

How can we as Americans stop the corruption? We vote on China made voting machines & cannot figure out why it does not work!

9 months ago
Reply to  Nancy

Vote paper ballots. Screw those machines.

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