History’s Lessons

Jedediah Bila

Jedediah Bila

By Jedediah Bila, Author and Political Commentator

The leading self-destructive reality in America today is not the sense of entitlement characteristic of recent generations.  It is not the fear and dishonesty bred into our voices due to the rise of political correctness and its demand that we abandon the truth in favor of a more “acceptable” outlook.

It is our forgetfulness.

We have forgotten the dauntless spirit and tenacity it took to win the Revolutionary War, World War I, and World War II.  Those men had a vision for the future, a pride in American ideals, and a courageous determination to succeed that the young simply don’t understand today.  When my grandfather told me that “they just don’t make ‘em like they used to,” he was right.  The reason is that we have forgotten the beauty and necessity of that valor and replaced it with a desire to appear noble in the eyes of our enemies, rather than intrepid and unapologetic in our approach to those who aim to destroy us.  (P.S.—Terrorism is not a man-made disaster, Mr. President.  It is a heinous and unrepentant commitment to murder.  The culprits should be treated with as much respect as they showed to our citizens on September 11, 2001.)

We have forgotten the nobility of our Constitution, opting instead to transform it into a “living and breathing” document devoid of the sensibility that led some of the brightest men ever to form the greatest nation ever.

We have forgotten our history and allowed revisionist historians and Ivory Tower academics to distort truths that, if factually recalled, would lead us straight to prosperity.  Students are taught to frown upon Reagan’s economic philosophy and to instead glorify FDR and Johnson’s big government programs.  There’s only one problem with that.  Reaganomics yielded a surge in jobs and national wealth.  FDR’s Social Security Act and New Deal, much like Johnson’s Great Society, drained American resources and bred a weakness and dependency into our culture that stripped ambition and personal responsibility from the fabric of many American souls.  As I have outlined before, big government programs have never fostered economic growth.  There’s no reason to believe they will do so now.

I invite you to do what the current administration would prefer that you don’t.  Put your party affiliations aside as you gaze back at our history.  Remember what it means to be an American…what it meant to those men who put their lives on the line because they refused to accept “taxation without representation.”  Open your eyes to America’s past and it will be your best guide to how to build us a bright future.  And do it before it’s too late.

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10 years ago

It’s a shame you don’t have a donate tubton! I’d definitely donate to this superb blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to new updates and will share this blog with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

John Levy
12 years ago

I love America!

James Andrews
12 years ago

Two points. First; It is so encouraging to read Patriotic articals of the truth of this country from more and more conservative women. If more of these ladies like Jedediah, Laura Ingalls, Nancy Reagan, Barbara Bush and others were speaking out it can be assured our schools and other institutions would regain their moral backbone and we would see the strength of America returning. It all begins in the home folks with responsability and self determination. Secondly I am also encouraged that more and more folks are establishing conservative organizations to fight and reverse the horrid decline our country has been pushed toward since that great first proponent of liberal thought Roosevelt and the sixties communists currently dominating so many seats in congress and in too many American institutions. Thanks to Jedediah, Amac and the Tea Party for not new direction but a return to the direction our countries constitution writters set us on. My very best wishes for personal and Patriotic success to all true Americans. James Andrews

william raymond
12 years ago

I do not believe AARP has the numbers it claims. They have sent me membership forms for years which i promptly return using their free postage to deliver uncomplimentary thoughts regarding how feel about them and their organization but they keep right on sending in spite of the fact I have never sent them a dime. They claim everyone, that is how they maintain their power base and evidently it works.

Harry James
12 years ago

Have U noticed how wonderfully “transparent” our great leader has been ever since he took the presidential office?His secrecy has been his greatest “attribute”! Nothing he has attempted to force-feed to the American electorate has been without half truths or outlke lies! Have U noticed that the larger percentage of legislation has been crafted behind closed doors? And heaven forbid that the media wud do their job to enlighten the electorate! And that is the very reason why the AARP has hidden in the shadows of such a cover-up! Continue in ur efforts to expose such chicanery, Jedeiah, & never let up!! They are deceivers!!

Francis Ryan
12 years ago

The city of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin in a parade during its Bicentennial some time ago honored my grandfather, Edwin Hurlbut, as the person who named the Republican Party in 1854. I have a newspaper photo of part of the Republican Party’s float. These days it is difficult for me to attach to either political party. These days each party holds rigidly to it’s own agenda and in between is “the good of the people” Go figure!

Wallace Dibble
12 years ago

AArp and Planed Parenthood are no beter then the above two already mentioned.WE need to clean house in 2010 of this kind if not sooner

Dolores Gajewski
12 years ago

Have been against the Health Care Plan from the beginning. Simple solution to aid those who are uninsured, just make a supplement to Medicaid.

Harry James
12 years ago

It is my pleasure to learn that so many seniors are well aware of the”bait & switch” shenannigans going on with the administration these days. b.o. with his gang of miscreants have infected such an immense amount of our Nation’s leaders that must investigate all changes that only lead America down the socialist/communist path. What really disturbs me, just as AARP had been infiltrated by their ilk, one is forced to closely inspect BOTH parties! CORRUPTION has become a normal happening! Until our representatives & senators are replaced by honest, patriotic leaders our liberty & freedom is gone! I say polititians are like diapers: they must be changed OFTEN & FOR THE SAME REASON! AARP has outlived its help to our Senior community!!

Joe Emanuele
12 years ago

It’s time to expose the socialist AARP agenda and finances derived from insurance premiums and other sources they recommend. They have used their memership to push their agenda not to serve the elderly.

Joe Emanuele
12 years ago

It’s time to expose the socialist AARP agenda and finances derived from insueance premiums and other sources the recommend. They have used their memership to push their agenda not to serv the elderly.

Bruce Pippin
12 years ago

Right on the mark! Our country’s citizens are losing freedoms right before our eyes, in plain sight, partly because of the entitlement mentality. I joined the Navy to fought for my Country. Now I see the country’s citizens turning into a bunch of milk toast citizens following a President who does not like his country and apologizes for it wherever he goes around the world.
Now Secretary of State Clinton just signed off on a treaty that would give the UN the authority to take away our citizens’ hand guns ( a right given to our citizens by the Bill of Rights). People, wake up! Our rights are disappearing and the national press does not want the people to know about it. Jedediah, keep the word going out about the direction of this country is going – the wrong way!

Delores Smith
12 years ago

correct….deduced… to deducted

Delores Smith
12 years ago

Please contact all senior citizens to have them check notice they received in Dec.,showing amount they would receive in Jan.2010. Social Security deduced $1.10 for Medicare. It is a law that when we don’t receive a cost of living increase, they cannot increase our Medicare. I was given $1.00 less on my notice. This can result in millions being deducted from all senior citizens. I called Soc. Sec., and they think they did this to all, and they can’t do it. Make sure your notice gives you the exact amount you are receiving in 2009. AMAC please help seniors and encourage them to join your group and toss AARP in the trash, as I did,
Delores Smith

Frank Sheldon
12 years ago

Awaiting return of the Nation’s Soul
Reread the Foundation Documents
Severed from our roots, WE DIE!!!

Mayflower Compact, Foundation Documents, Declaration of Indipendence, Constitution, Northwest Ordinance

12 years ago

I learned of AARP’s agenda years ago and relayed info to mother who shortly gave up her membership. Will continue to let other seniors know. Great job Jedediah.

Mike Stilfield
12 years ago

I’ve been a muti-line insurance agent for many years and have always found AARP to be deceptive in thier insurance practices and very liberal in thier politics long before I was eligible to be a member. I’ve always believed they’ve just been a front for the liberal socialist/communist agenda just like the labor unions. Thus, I’ve never liked the orginization but I understand why some people join. They do offer some informative articles of interest to senior adults in thier magazine. But principal won out. I allowed my membership to lapse a couple of years ago with no intention of rejoining. Thankfully, I’ve learned about AMAC and will be joining a like minded, or at least, non partisan orginization that believes in the Greatness of the United States of America and her constitution. Thank God for FOX news, AMAC and freedom loving Americans everywhere of all ages. We need a place for our voices to be heard regardless of gender, age or race.

Sharon Blank
12 years ago

Amen, I work for IRS and I am not proud of what the government has become, actually I am ashamed!

12 years ago

Jedediah thanks for this information.

Though I am not yet a senior, I have received copious amounts of mail from AARP but had not yet done any research on them. So thumbs up to Jedediah for keeping AARP’s agenda before the public.

Yes there are Americans who still teach their children and grandchildren the truth about the foundation of America. America is due for a “Great Awakening” and it is on the way. I have hope…a recent trip to our capital has proven not everyone is behind the agenda being touted by the current Administration or the media.

There are grassroot organizations laying foundations for changes in America. Things are changing…just watch and see what happens in the next few years. When the opportunities presents themselves…we must be willing to make the needed sacrifices to take our nation back. We must…as many have done before us…leave comfort behind and take personal responsibility, and follow-through for the changes needed in our nation.

Those who arrogantly feel they have somehow replaced common sense in America are about to get a rude awakening.

Pam George
12 years ago

First, the entire issue of health care for all Americans is heavily influenced by the the lobbied and concerted effort of pharmaceutical, insurance companies and the like, all influencing government. Just stop and look at how quiet these companies are through all of this rage. It is a mistake to focus on the government and not on the real sources driving this issue. If you recall the people protesting the bailouts did not go to Washington, they went to the front doors of the executives who unfairly profited in the face of others and that contributed to the rerturn of millions. Second, I love America and all that it is, good and bad. Those who fought and still fight for America come from every walk of life. In my love for America, I am well aware of its history, including the fact that my grandfather and Dad fought for America and in a military that kept them and others like them separate because of the color of their skin, and many like them returned home welcomed by lynchings in the South in their uniforms
I also know that if it were not for a reasonable look into the Consittution, and what the framers intended, going back to their influences by Rousseau and Locke, and the spirit of what it is about, millions would still be either on plantations, not allowed to sit in a restaurant, and women would not be allowed vote, go to college, become CEOs etc, n or have any dignities, rights or privileges enjoyed by other Americans.

So all I ask is that when we write to motivate, inform, that we do so responsibly, balanced, and truthfully. For example, the comment re ACORN, in New Orleans. I had to sue ACORN on another matter and they were and are in a delapiated building that only they occupied, not with over 200 other organizations.

We must not forget that we are all Americans, even if we don;t agree, and our speech should relfect that unity.

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