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Here’s Some Of The Garbage Democrats Funded As ‘Covid Relief’

A dozen years ago, Joe Biden tried to sell Obamacare to the public using these eloquent words:

Now, his administration continues to deliver on his 2009 promise. As the nation’s debt has passed $30 trillion and inflation continues to skyrocket, federal funds are being used to fund…four-star hotels and bailouts for deadbeat dads.

An Associated Press investigation discovered that the $1.9 trillion “Covid relief” package Democrats rammed through Congress last March has resulted in all manner of pork-barrel and wasteful spending programs—most of which have very little to do with the coronavirus, and all of which should outrage taxpayers forced to fund this nonsense.

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From - The Federalist - by Christopher Jacobs

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Gloria Hensley
1 year ago

That is nothing new. This is how the Marxist democrats play their games of Kill, Steal and Destroy!! As long as they get what they want, to h l l with everyone else.

1 year ago

The Covid Relief Package (so-called) is a huge abuse of government power and deceit against the public. It has items in it that would NOT be supported as being appropriate for funding in that format and probably not for any government funding support using taxpayer funding. No wonder the National budget can ‘t be balanced. It is past time for Americans to insist on a Balanced budget Amendment…. period. This is an example of Federal Taxes to support the political welfare of the elected officials and their crony supporters. WE NEED A BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT!! Our politicians are wasting taxpayer money/funds on political payback to supporters of their party and political welfare rather than the public needs. And DemocRats are notorious agents pf this type of fiscal abuse.

1 year ago
Reply to  Hal

Just an FYI. There is a massive difference between wasteful and corrupt spending and a balanced budget amendment. One is spending money on things either unnecessary or for a purpose that has nothing to do with legitimate government functions. The vast majority of the spending in the so-called Covid Relief Package falls into that category. It’s payoffs to Democrat run states and public sector unions, with assorted earmarks for a number of highly questionable projects.

The other, a balanced budget amendment, is simply how you “pay for it all”. Whether you borrow money from foreign investors (our Treasury auctions where we sell bonds and notes and have to pay interest to those buyers) or the government simply raises taxes each year to cover the spending. Whether or not a balanced budget amendment is enacted, the simple truth is as long as we have politicians in Washington who view taxpayer money as theirs to spend on whatever ludicrous nonsense they want, you are going to have wasteful and corrupt spending. All a balanced budget amendment would accomplish, in the real world, is provide the politicians with a means to regularly raise taxes to pay for it all and say it’s not their fault, because it’s what the Constitution now requires. In essence you would be giving a 4 year old a loaded automatic rifle and then wondering how the house got all shot up afterwards. The result of a federal balanced budget amendment would be like what happens in every Democrat run state in this country today. Higher and higher taxes each year to pay for ever-escalating state budgets. Except it would now be at the federal level and impact everyone in the country.

I understand your concern with the contempt and disregard that politicians have for the average person in this country, since I and many others have the same concerns. The people are electing the wrong people to Congress regularly and wondering why things just keep getting worse and worse. However, you’re proposed solution won’t solve the problem. All it will do is lead to annual, automatic tax hikes to pay for the ever-increasing wasteful spending Washington does. Democrats in general live the tax and spending ideology 24x7x365. It’s in their core being. The correct solution is to replace the politicians in Washington, who have NO REGARD FOR THE AMERICAN TAXPAYER, with people able to do their job properly. Will that be easy? Of course not, but that is the ONLY WAY we are ever going to break this cycle of wasteful and destructive spending at the federal level. A balanced budget amendment wouldn’t accomplish that goal. The American people have to remove the spend happy politicians from positions of power.

Gloria Hensley
1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

Let me say this: It is NOT their money – it is ours. To use it for things other than what they said is Fraud and Thievery = Corrupt, not careless spending. You can go on and on to sound intelligent and analytical, but the bottom line is Greed and corrupt. Yes, remove all the evil ones and replace. There have been about 3 impeachment bills put on Pelosi’s desk for voting on – the one who had no evidence against Trump but tried twice to impeach him – but she is not moving on them of course. Where is Article 25? Why are people not signing for Convention of States? It takes 34 States and so far only 16 have passed it!!! Evidently people are more afraid of catching covid than they are in losing everything they have.

David Millikan
1 year ago

Seeing DICTATOR Beijing biden play politics for Past 50 Years makes it the #1 REASON for
Senator’s serve ONLY 1 Term at 5 Years.
Congressmen and Congresswomen serves ONLY 2 Terms at 3 Years each.
NO BOOKS, LECTURES or MOVIE DEALS after serving office for NO LESS than 6 years including while in office.

1 year ago
Reply to  David Millikan

Yep… the time has long ago reached a point when the Constitution needs: (1) a balanced budget amendment, including a pay clause penalizing the salaries of the Congressmen and President and his Cabinet members, FBI & CIA members, etc; (2) Term limits on all Congress people, Senate and H of R. It is fearful to feel like our so-called elected officials, once elected, take on the aura of a Communist GOD rather than serving honestly the interests of the people with good government.

Gloria Hensley
1 year ago
Reply to  Hal

The people it will remove on term limits, are the one who have to vote for it.

1 year ago
Reply to  David Millikan

Also, no retirement benefits and they have to be in the Social Security programs like the rest of the population and meet the eligibility requirements..

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