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Gun Laws Will Not Fix a Problem of Culture and Spirit

gun control

Once again, the nation has witnessed a horrible, pointless act of violence, with innocent children the victims.

And, once again, we hear from liberals that the answer is gun control. 

If we look at what generally characterizes the mindset of those — generally young men — who commit these acts, we see what generally characterizes the mindset that has taken hold of our whole culture.

Victimhood, blame and denial of personal responsibility. 

Can this be an accident?

Kudos to The Wall Street Journal for having the courage to point to these incidents as signs of a “social and spiritual” problem in the country. “The rise of family dysfunction and the decline of mediating institutions such as churches and social clubs have consequences.”

The signs of a society that is sick are all around us: the collapse of family, the collapse of interest in marriage and having children.

In 2021, 107,000 Americans died from drug overdoses, an all-time high and a 15% increase over the previous year.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the suicide rate in the U.S. increased 35.2% from 1999 to 2018. 

Suicide was the second leading cause of death among young people, ages 10-34, and the fourth leading cause of death among individuals ages 34-44.

A characteristic common to suicides and mass killings is that the perpetrators are disproportionately men. 

Men — generally young men — commit indiscriminate mass murder, and men take their own lives at a rate almost four times higher than women.

So, men demonstrate in a most unpleasant way another truth that our liberal friends want to deny. Men are different from women — not just in physical makeup but also in spiritual, psychological makeup.

For whatever reason, our increasingly Godless, materialistic, morally empty culture seems to take a particularly heavy toll on men.

American Enterprise Institute scholar Nick Eberstadt has looked into the recent phenomenon of prime-age men — ages 25-54 — who have bailed out of the labor market. These are men who have stopped working and seeking work. The official label is NILF — not in the labor force. 

According to Eberstadt, the total number of NILF men held steady in the 1940s and 1950s at around 1 million. Then in the late 1960s it exploded. There are now 7 million prime-age men who have withdrawn from the workforce.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the labor force participation rate of men — the percent of working age men in the work force — was 86.2% in January 1950. In April 2022, it was 68%.

The labor force participation rate for women has almost doubled over the same period — 33.4% in January of 1950 to 56.7% in April 2022.

We’ve gone from a culture centered on church to a culture centered on government. 

According to Gallup, in 1950 over 70% of Americans belonged to a church. In 2020, it was 47%. Among those born between 1981 and 1996, it’s 36%. 

Over the same period, take of all levels of government from our GDP went from 22.6% to 43.4%.

Sanctity of life was devalued with Roe v. Wade. Military conscription was abolished around the same time, erasing any personal responsibility, beyond paying taxes, that men have to serve.

In this vacuous culture of entitlement and meaninglessness, lost young men periodically make their presence known through violent expressions, sometimes directed at others, sometimes toward themselves.

I do not pretend that this is simple. I certainly agree that security measures should be taken, particularly in schools.

George Washington warned the nation in his farewell address that there is no freedom without faith, tradition and personal responsibility.

The same liberals that have helped wipe this out now want more government in the way of new gun laws to solve what is a cultural and spiritual crisis.

Star Parker is president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education and host of the weekly television show “Cure America with Star Parker.”


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2 months ago


2 months ago

I am an agnostic (atheist is too dogmatic a term for me), have no use for any religion & am a democratic socialist politically, e.g., Denmark. All of which puts me on the other side of the galaxy from 98% of anybody here. I do not know how to right the great wrongs of this world, but I do know the name of a fellow who at least had an idea as to where to start looking.

“The real problem of humanity is the following: We have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions & god-like technology.”


2 months ago


Laura Germani
2 months ago

This article nails it! This country has turned it’s back on God, and now we’re paying the price.

2 months ago

Anyone still voting DEMOCRAT needs to turn in their US citizen card and move. These mass shootings are planned and orchestrated by the Demonic Democrat Deep State. The last two mass shootings have a social media link to the same person, were they GROOMED?

2 months ago

BINGO. they’re ON THE soros/obama PAYROLL

Allan E Brem
2 months ago

It is a good thing that laws will not solve the problem. That takes a load off an already under-worked incompetent congress.

2 months ago

I live close by young hetero men, gainfully employed, who dont date women. Radical feminism was and is a part of this. It seems the attitude of many young women is that they will put their energies into career advancement unless a fantastic catch turns up on their doorstep. The average guy has little chance so he focuses on pizza and porn and a few like minded buddies and these are the relatively healthy ones. The dropouts living with parents or gramma are useless to society and they know it. Self loathing can then be turned outward onto the society that has no use for them. Add to this is the fact that the left was behind the emptying of mental institutions. They taught that the mentally ill were just marching to a different drummer so how dare society lock them up.

2 months ago

Gun laws make all less safe. Also, I’m convinced this is another “Biden” DNC/FBI-engineered atrocity executed for political purposes.

Philip Nestor
2 months ago

Laura Ingrahm had great shows yesterday and today linking marijuana use and mental health problems. The press has covered up links to marijuana use by the shooters. this needs to be investigated but is being covered up because of money by the drug lobby.

2 months ago
Reply to  Philip Nestor

FBI/DNC-engineered IMO.

2 months ago

IF someone asks me to turn over my weapons all they will get is a case of hot lead poisoning!!!

Ted L.
2 months ago

Unfortunately if Biden wants to take your guns he will just send a couple of drones.

It is high time that we start defunding the military. They have been allowed to accumulate a ridiculous arsenal and if this keeps going we will never have a chance when they come for us.

2 months ago
Reply to  Ted L.

I’m sorry, that is ridiculous. The U.S. military needs to have sufficient firepower to EASILY put down any attempt at an armed rebellion by the citizenry. I’m not stripping away our military just so you can entertain your fantasy of taking on the government.

joe mchugh
1 month ago
Reply to  Brock

Brock, have you ever sworn to defend and protect the oath of office, specifically oath taken to enter the American Armed Forces? If you haven’t, or you just don’t recall the words please allow me to explain what the oath takers pledge.

The oath taken on entering the Armed Forces consists of two parts: 1) To obey the Commander-In-Chief, and those he delegates to administer his orders.
2) To support and defend the Constitution, which is the aegis over the United States of America.

If the President, or any of his subordinates issue unconstitutional orders, the rank and file must disregard those orders and follow the principles and laws inscribed in the Constitution. If a general upheaval occurs, any order to attack the people would be an illegal one. The elected leaders, who dishonor their pledge to honor the Constitution, would automatically lose their authority to command.

If the people resort to the last resort of another American revolution, the military is obligated by the oath to support the Constitution, and to stand down and not interfere with those who resist a government that has abused their inherent rights, many of which are found in the Bill of Rights.

Only an army loyal to a dictator would take up arms against the people.

Casey C Matt
2 months ago

I guess some people might have heard about the VERY recent arrest of Nancy Pelosi husband for drunken driving. Weird how the mainstream media didn’t or barely at best covered that especially when one views that each year some 10,000 people die as a result of accidents involving drunken driving while since 1990 only 169 people have died in school shootings.
What does that have to say about leftist anti gun hypocrisy?
I guess Nance has no comment since so far THREE separate Catholic Bishops, including the one in charge of her part of California have decreed that she is in effect excommunicated for supporting baby murder. I guess she,at her advanced age is a bit concerned about facing an eternity in hell. That must explain why she hasnt pushed back against the stupid calls for gun control……….again.
But then the Pelosi family probably looks forward to hell. The home of their real master.

Donald Graves
2 months ago

Results of the war on men.

Bill T
2 months ago

This is a little off the subject, I actually figured out the real meaning of CLIMATE CHANGE, it’s now known as the NEW WORLD ORDER, and all these leftist liberal leaders are climate czar’s , how distinguished and honorable they are!

2 months ago

The writer of this article hit the point exactly as to cause……over time we have become, and are now as a nation, Godless, materialistic and morally empty. And as Washington warned, faith, tradition and personal responsability have all been buried by the socialist agenda that has been worked for the past 40 years(plus). One example I will cite as a demonstration of this……the demise of the organization called the “Boy Scouts.” While it may be true that there were some bad actors in that organization, and they could easily have been eliminated, prosecuted and the organization cleaned up…..and the good of the Scouts could have prevailed….providing a basis for young men to formulate their lives around Godliness, moral strength, faith, traditions and personal responsablity. When they were taken to court and their supporters pulled out they were doomed. And thousands of young men were dumped. Imagine if that shooter in Uvalde, Santa Fe, or elsewhere had been a Scout and had a personal compass for life…..they would most likely not have gone where they had gone….off the deep end. There is a whole collection of systems and organizations that, in the past were sources for youth to have pinions for living…..and most have been damaged or outright destroyed with the consequences now playing out as the result. Families have been crippled and corrupted. Churches have been dragged into the culture….groups like the Scouts, FFA, YMCA and the like have fallen under the pressure of leftist culturally demented pressure. The more of these once godly and worthy groups and organization that are set aside, the less likely young people will have a source for learning any self-esteem, self-reliance and self-control. Corrupt the youth and you have the foundation for the likes of Mao, Hitler, and others to rise to power and reek their havok. History is a perfect mirror in which to look…….if you have the guts.

Bill T
2 months ago
Reply to  D.P.

D.P it’s all been planned (Covid nightmare) long ago, this is it. There’s no turning back now! They went ALL IN total destruction or nothing, either way it’s not good!

2 months ago
Reply to  D.P.

Washington is awash with corruption… starts in the Oval Office which is occupied by the leader of a corrupt family of which no one will ever be prosecuted……we are told by ads in NYC not to ashamed of drug use…..we are being warned that the government is coming for your guns……we have put God in the background……the name of the game in Washington is ……..wait for it…….POWER………if your guns are confiscated the government has nothing to fear…..they can control…….look to Canada……Trudeau is taking all the guns….but guess who will be surrounded by guns……our politicians…..they will be surrounded by guns……….we need to get back to God folks…..that is our only hope

joe mchugh
1 month ago
Reply to  Walt

Walt, ??? What guns? I once owned several firearms and I often used them to shoot at the local gun range, or to hunt game with. As fate would have it, while on a fishing trip here in upstate New York, my canoe capsized, and I lost all of my guns and spare ammunition. I’m pretty sure that this has happened to millions of other gun owners across the United States.

One might ask why I chose to bring along guns on a fishing trip. My reasoning was sound, namely, For protection against the frequent assaults by rabid ducks. By the way, I never replaced my lost guns because our former Governor Andrew Cuomo declared that any ownership of firearms eventually leads to criminal behavior. Even though Our Dear Leader Cuomo resigned in disgrace, I still believe in his common sense concerning guns.

2 months ago

Addiction by the younger generations to cell phones, ipads, and military kill you games do not help either. The younger generation cannot have a conversation face to face with someone anymore, they are without words…the more social medias we have, the less social we have become. And, it would seem that kids are more rude and hateful to one another….schools should have zero tolerance for bullying….if you are caught, you are kicked out….I blame a lot of this on social workers over the past 30 years …. they have taught that you are not responsible and that discipline is bad for your kids….without knowing the consequences of your actions, leaves a kid without fear…and in so many cases, fear is a good thing….it worked for me with my parents….I knew what was coming and they never let me down when it came to getting it.

Mario Capparuccini
2 months ago

If our fellow citizens refuse to submit themselves to the law of Almighty God, then there are only two choices possible, anarchy or totalitarianism. We passed the crossroads long ago and have traveled far down the path of totalitarianism.

Gregg E Edwards
2 months ago

The Constitution won’t prevent gun confiscation, nor will the 2nd Amendment, Congress, the President, or the Supreme Court. Those means would only be declarations, laws, executive orders,….words on paper. The gun-owning American citizens will prevent gun confiscation.

2 months ago


Dr. Kurt W. Wood
2 months ago

Ms. Parker’s commentary is well-stated and spot on. The cultural and spiritual shift(s) she cites, undertaken in the United States during my lifetime, have contributed to the decline in religiosity, morality, and sense of shame that we now experience. The American culture I grew up with is at a crossroads; we would do well to heed President Washington’s words by focusing once again on faith, tradition and personal responsibility!

James Mcguire
2 months ago

why do you not have an option to save/share to MEWE.

2 months ago

It’s a lack of Mental Health!!! More people die from cars, knifes, suicide, overdoses, etc., and they all have the same factor involvement. PEOPLE!!! Mental Health is the major factor in 99% of all killings no matter what the instrument of chose!

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