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Guaranteed Income: A Slap in the Face to Workers

guaranteed income

Democratic politicians across the U.S. are pushing for guaranteed monthly cash handouts to the poor. No strings attached. No work required. Taxpayers foot the bill. This scheme, which is already being rolled out in Los Angeles, Chicago, Providence, Rhode Island, Denver and numerous other cities, needs to be stopped. It’s turning people who work and pay taxes into suckers.

Los Angeles County will soon begin handing out $1,000 a month to random applicants. The Los Angeles Times editorial board applauds the unconditional nature of the payments, naively claiming that the recipients “know far better than the government what their challenges and priorities are.” Translation: It’s OK to forgo work and have children you can’t support.

Cook County, Illinois — home of Chicago — is launching the nation’s largest guaranteed income program. County Board President Toni Preckwinkle hails the no-strings giveaways for empowering people to “take care of their families, pursue education, and find better employment.”

Sorry, but these are the same goals working people have. Only they work and save to achieve them.

People who are working two jobs and still not making ends meet deserve help. But not people who sit on the couch or choose to live in the rough, as many do in Los Angeles.

The Democratic Party used to be the party of working people. No longer. More than 80 Democratic mayors have signed on to Mayors for Guaranteed Income. Their goal isn’t to help people become self-supporting and move up the economic ladder. To the contrary, guaranteed income programs support nonworking lifestyles.

It’s a stark contrast to President Bill Clinton’s 1996 welfare reform, which made cash payments contingent on working, looking for a job or completing school.

Today’s Democratic Party has another agenda: redistributing wealth to favored groups. In Denver, the city council voted that only women, transgender women and “gender non-conforming” individuals currently homeless would be eligible for the no-strings monthly payments.

New School professor Derrick Hamilton, an advocate for reparations, says the purpose of guaranteed income is to close the wealth gap between races. Poverty is not “race-neutral,” he says. The remedy isn’t job training or work incentives. It’s using government power to redistribute wealth from whites to minorities.

One wealth redistribution scheme, Baby Bonds, has already been enacted in Connecticut, and other states are considering it. Every newborn in Connecticut whose birth is covered by Medicaid, including children of undocumented parents, will automatically be given $3,200 in an account managed by the state treasurer. With interest earned, it could be worth as much as $11,000 when the child turns 18 and collects it.

Minority children are less likely to have inheritances or college funds put aside by their parents, explains state Rep. Geraldo Reyes, chairman of the legislature’s Black and Puerto Rican Caucus. Taxpayers in Connecticut are ponying up $50 million a year to fund nest eggs for these primarily Black and Latino babies. “It’s enough to help with a down payment on a home,” said Reyes.

Guaranteed income advocates are pushing Congress to act next. Hamilton is proposing a federal program to send monthly payments to nonearning and low-earning adults with additional payments for each child. The Mayors for Guaranteed Income are looking to the federal government to take their pilot programs nationwide. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn) has introduced a bill along those lines.

Instead of self-reliance, these programs foster a cradle-to-grave dependence on government. That is what Democrats are selling.

They call it redistributive justice. But there’s nothing fair about making working people shoulder the cost of people who refuse to work.

Stopping this movement is what is at stake in the November election. Democrats want voters to believe the election is about Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans. Not true.

If Democrats secure majorities in both houses, they are ready to push through guaranteed income programs that will permanently divide our nation into two groups: people who toil to support their families and pay taxes, and freeloaders who do neither.

Working people need to get to the polls and make sure this doesn’t happen.

Betsy McCaughey is a former lieutenant governor of New York and chairman of the Committee to Reduce Infection Deaths. Follow her on Twitter @Betsy_McCaughey. To find out more about Betsy McCaughey and read features by other Creators Syndicate writers and cartoonists, visit the Creators Syndicate website.


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4 months ago

Guaranteed income – I thought that was my retirements or my social security that I worked for since I was 15. I thought that was something you earned. Covid kind of changed things, didn’t it. In many ways we became kind of a socialist type of state. Money wasn’t made in the traditional sense; it was given out. Most of us still had our jobs during this time but many did not. So, we supported them and we’re still supporting them. And now we are adding millions of immigrates to support. The pandemic was officially declared over, jobs are plentiful, it’s time to stop the good ship lollypop and get back to work and Make America Great Again

4 months ago

Another push by the left to steal votes with money being offered to non tax paying people, American citizens or not. The people who work and pay taxes, regardless of political party, have to know this is just wrong at to many levels. To use a Biden political statement: “If you don’t vote for conservative values, you just aren’t American.” Only in this instance it is the truth!

Michael Lewis
4 months ago

I believe page 5 of Biblical Economics & Finance: Part 3—Balancing Investment & Consumption is most relevant to the above article.

I recommend all eight parts that can be linked from the below:
Biblical Economics & Finance: Part 1—An Introduction to Wealth

4 months ago

This is a form of appartide (may be misspelled). My friend is a white south African who recently visited. The white Africans are no longer allowed to own a business and is given a monthly check. They are not happy!! They have no say either.

4 months ago

WAKE UP PEOPLE!!Socialism is making it’s way into our country in a big way and MUST BE STOPPED!!Get involved in the upcoming elections. You can make a difference. Saving our country for our children and grandchildren, and on down for generations, IS worth it.DON’T sit on the sidelines and complain, get skin in the game and be part of the solution.Socialism is only a baby step away from Communism.Do you want that?It’s real and it’s here now.Speak up then follow up with actions.

4 months ago
Reply to  Rl


4 months ago

I see red states have been left out of the loop. Hmmm We’ll pay but can’t play.

4 months ago

Funding this is difficult, but can get started by confiscating the current pay of all Representatives, Senators and all of their staff members. This is where you really show your support for this. Then expand it to the President and Vice-president and the current cabinet officials. At that point, there may be enough lightbulbs going off that let people know it is not a very good idea.

4 months ago

I guess if that happens, I quit working, but when 49% pay for the other 51%, it won’t work.

4 months ago

This sounds like a step to Socialism —- which consists of making people dependent on Government. But take a look at countries that have gone this route & what does that history teach you.

Nobody’s Business
4 months ago

This is all planned for the purpose of turning this country into a socialist country. Give people something for nothing for a while then they get used to it. Destroy the businesses by not getting any workers. Everyone relies on the government, the government goes broke because with no one paying taxes there is no money The government says we have no money you can all go to hell. And with socialism everywhere it’s tried the country goes down the tubes and everyone suffers trying to exist.

4 months ago

Why cannot anyone , but a few, see this?

The small towns in America are hurting. They have no money now. They use local small time “criminals” to support the judicial system with bond and parole money.

One could never sue and get any money out of them if they won because the county does not have any money. I saw it happen to my cousin. He got a brain infection from some kind of sewer overflow flooding in his shop. It almost killed him. He was inthe hospital and recovering for a long time. He sued and won. Yet, he will never see a dime from the county. They do not have any money to pay him. What are they going to do when there are no tax payers left?

And this is happening all over the county. Big cities are already bankrupt. They burden the rest of their state with their taxes and reckless spending.

And where will they be getting all of this money. They will just print it, devaluating the dollar and pushing up inflation.

We, as a country, are in big trouble. We are all on fixed incomes. Companies hardly ever give increases above the inflation rate. That is why the only way to get a real raise is to move on to another company that will value your work more than the present one.

Life is a struggle. But we do not need a government making it harder for us!

Don Schmidt
4 months ago

The young will say that you STUPID fools that worked all your life for SS were just that, fools.

4 months ago

This is outrageous. We have less money than many other nationalities. It’s just breaking this country down more and more. Anyone can see that there IS racism, but it’s against whites. I talked to this guy I met on a forum who said he feels terrible that he’s being looked at as a white male racist. There is no trouble that I ever had with other races – only what the powers that be have concocted. It’s such a shame.

Join me folks:


4 months ago
Reply to  Angela

TV is for entertainment and relaxation. I am tired of them telling me how I should think! And I see so much of the psychological manipulation the are putting in the entertainment, even sports. It makes me turn the channel.

The only reason I would watch the MSM is to see what the latest lies they are telling. You must know your enemy and figure out how to combat them. But I cannot remember the last time I watched a national MSM broadcast. It has been a while.

James P.
4 months ago

How much of my hard-earned income is street bum’s fair share?

4 months ago
Reply to  James P.

Not that much. However, since I’m
a wealthy person who can afford to avoid most taxes, you ARE paying a lot of my share. Thanks for that! I send $50 a month straight to AOC. I’ll tell her next month is on you.

4 months ago
Reply to  Nick

Are you trying to be sarcastic or funny? Didn’t work for me.

4 months ago
Reply to  PIDL

Neither! I’m being honest. I pay a lot less in taxes now than I did when I was living paycheck to paycheck.

4 months ago
Reply to  Nick

I’ve been a nurse for almost 40 yrs.What if the millions of doctors, nurses, and other health care workers decided one day that we’re done, we’re going home and get our fair share of that guaranteed income, we’re tired of taking care of others, we’re gonna sit down now and let others take care of us! Who then would take care of YOU if we all thought like you?

4 months ago

What should be part of whomever gets these guaranteed income is a qualifier for each individual which determine how long they will need to be given this guaranteed income. Sure those who are already disabled to not function entirely without support should be helped, BUT there are too many people who are not disabled and quite able-bodied and rather not work by preference as long as they receive support.
I say this because these same individuals feel that seniors are receiving too much benefits which is cutting into the funds for programs for them. (A sort of ageism thinking that all seniors are the useless part of the population and need to be phased out, while forgetting that most of the senior population were working contributing members until they stopped working and contributing.
The problem is that 46% of generation’s coming up ( starting out and currently working) would rather not contribute to the fund that gives them that “guaranteed “ income because they somehow feel they are entitled to it, rather than fix the why’s of the economy that creates such gaps in earned income and actual cost of living expenses.
Rather than use the tools of social media to address this, they would rather claim entitlement.

Stephen Russell
4 months ago

Basic Income=Welfare simple

4 months ago

Absolutely correct!

James P.
4 months ago

You could give 100 homeless bums $100,000 and, in a year, 99 of them would be right where they are now or dead. Liberalism – truly an insidious and deranged mental disorder.

Kyle Buy you some guns,and learn how to shoot
4 months ago
Reply to  James P.

Rite on James P. Most will have drank thereselves to death.These fool’s that advocate this has never been around the homeless. Kuyler L.

4 months ago

Charity begins at home. If there is no family ready and/or willing to provide for a person who CANNOT provide for themselves it should be up to friends and/or neighbors.

Only when the above are not able or willing to help should the government get involved. The family, friends and neighbors may choose to not help if they see the recipient is unwilling to help him/her self.

Only the local township should be involved as they are close enough to see who is truly in need of help and who are just not willing to work. The policy should be to limit the help to a minimum and not make it ongoing.

When a large city, or a state or the federal government hands out free money it will be taken advantage of by many lazy people. The more giveaway programs like these the more people will decide they should not work just to have taxes taken from their earnings to give to the lazy. It will make many more people lazy so that they will get the government handouts, too.

J. Farley
4 months ago

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of, giving people who are lazy, on Drugs money for doing nothing, first it was the idiot Obama that got America into a financial jam and costing my wife and me thousands up on thousands of dollars, and now we have his Pooch Moron Joe finishing us off, what kind of an Idiot bastard would come up with such a stupid idiot what the hell kind of dope are these people smoking.
My wife and Me busted our butt to put something away for retirement and at almost 9 percent inflation it is disappearing and there is not one thing we can do about it.
The November election cannot get here quick enough the voting idiots’ voters will vote for the handouts.
The American seniors are getting the shaft while the rich college butt heads are getting a free ride.
People we have extremly stuffed people leading us and it appears there are enough stupid people to re-elect them,
God help us!

J. Farley
4 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

Last paragraph should read —- extremely Stupid people

anna hubert
4 months ago

More people receive for free more ungrateful and expectant they become Soon 1000.00 will not be enough and more will be demanded not peacefully and politely planters better be prepared

4 months ago

The Socialist DemocRATS do know the word ,, Democratic,, they only know and care about RULE and keeping the American people under foot so to speak so when they decide to give us a scrap we should be happy and vote for more ,, wake up people and look at Europe now ,, we must go VOTE Republican and take our country back to where it was 2 years ago ,, PLEASE

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