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Gruesome NY Abortion Bill is Pure Hypocrisy

Pro-life individuals have a good reason to be anxious. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill into law to legalize abortions up to birth. The “Reproductive Health Act” moved abortion from New York State’s criminal statute to the health code and allows for abortions up to the point of birth when the life or the mother’s health is at risk or the baby is not viable. Not only did Governor Andrew Cuomo sign the bill that provides access to late-term abortion, he celebrated the expansion of the torturous procedure.

Critics of Cuomo, such as columnist Matt Walsh, point out a mystifying fact. New York prohibits the death penalty for criminals who have committed heinous crimes, yet promotes the right for a woman to take the life of her unborn child up the child’s birth.

Life News shares the experience of a former abortionist. According to Dr. Anthony Levatino, the baby is injected with poison that goes directly into his or her skull or torso. He or she then suffers what is described as a painful death as the unborn child already has a developed nervous system. “If he has been writhing and suffering in agony for the past 24 hours, clinging onto life – then he will be injected again.” The baby, now dead, must be delivered, in a variety of instances gruesomely, such as into the toilet. Permitting this cruel procedure to take place on innocent babies in the womb, yet providing protection against lethal injection for convicted serial killers and child rapists points out the warped mentality of New York’s laws.

Most people say they favor righteousness in laws. The word is defined as devotion to a sinless life. It encompasses goodness, respectability, fairness and justness. Fake news, and leaders from the left, will tell you this new abortion law is fair and just, but the reality is that we are failing as a society to uphold protection of the innocent by permitting the cruelest injections to happen to babies about to be born. Other states, such as Vermont and New Mexico, are moving closer to legalizing radical abortion laws. Cuomo’s desire to protect violent criminals from lethal injection would make one believe that he cares about human life. Yet, his support of late term abortion, whereby human life that is clearly viable can be lethally injected, killed, and discarded, demonstrates an absolute absence of righteousness.

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Dan Zuverink
4 years ago

Com’on you lazy “pro-lifers”. NOW is not the time to sit back and let the “HEATHEN” BABY KILLERS get away with this TERRIBLE LAW !New York, Vermont, then WHO, Michiganders. LET”S GET A LIFE AT CONCEPTION ACT PASSED. YOU SAD LIARS said that when there would be a majority in the House and Senate we, (YOU) would be able to get a “life at conception act” PASSED LIARS, and now look what your inaction has done, given despicable actions by Democrats, who lie about their love for fellow man, and GOD. PLEASE LORD stop watching and treat these “modern day Israelite’s” be punished as in days of “OLD” Praise the LORD and do you think that is , “praising the Lord’? DZ

Carol Payant
4 years ago

It just sickens me & I can’t believe the whole nation isn’t in a uproar!

Gail Coury
4 years ago

I am pro-choice and always have been but this is not ethical in my opinion. They are saying it is alright to commit murder (which is what it is) on a viable human being, Cuomo is Catholic what a hypocrite. Give the baby up for adoption for Gods sake, if you get an abortion in the first two months for medical reasons or because you accidentally became pregnant through stupidity it’s understandable but to murder a child is unforgivable.

John Blaney
4 years ago

Have all religious congregations have listed in the prayers of the faithful the names of the politicians that voted for the killer abortion law that they be saved from themselves. And thus reminding them not to re-elect them.

Joy Bostian
4 years ago

Gov Cuomo should be ashamed. Women can find out if they are pregnant within a week of conception. Allowing them to carry a baby full term and the abort it using poison is as bad as the Nazi death camps. Killing a baby is not a right – it’s premeditated murder.

J. Griffis
4 years ago

How about we get some legislation that prevents our “representatives” in the Federal government (it’s hard to stop idiocy cross-state wise) from voting on any pro- abortion legislation unless they – themselves have performed or attended an abortion? I think photos of our most precious progressives holding dead, bloody. chopped up babies in their hands would be great for campaign posters. Hollywood sh*tbags who support this legalized murder can be treated in the same way. When you endorse others performing this procedure – you are no better than someone who hires a killer – but doesn’t have the balls to do it themselves. Cuomo celebrates this like it’s a sacrament of the cultural relativists – for the Bible readers out there – remember what happened to the ancient Israelites who practiced child sacrifice to Ba’al, Moloch, etc? Someone is going to have to answer for this either in this world or the next. “Hey Hey A.M.C (Cuomo) how many babies did you kill today?”

Mary Kenny
4 years ago

This bill endorsed murder.

Uncle willie
4 years ago

New York will pay for this .God is not going to look the other way.If I lived in New York I would sale and move.look what has happened to California New York is next.

Tom K
4 years ago

Cuomo and his cronies are a disgrace to NY and the country. 63 million abortion since Roe V Wade what a disgrace to this country

4 years ago

Please remove “GOD” from all things in the USA,our money, our Constitution because none of our new Laws and Rules fit well with our maker. What has become of our once great country is controlled by no common sense.Take from your neighbor screw them and then take no responsibility.Our future is done.All this for a Democrats vote.Just to let all know I am not a republican either.

4 years ago

What will they do when they face there maker??

4 years ago

The “Reproductive Health Act”… What a misleading name. How in the world can they include the word “Health” in a bill that allows for the murder of a small human being who can not yet even speak for themselves. Sickening.

Donna Wiseman
4 years ago

I saw in one picture many women running up to him to kiss him after the law was passed. Maybe that’s all he’s looking for because I consider him a very evil man for passing such a painful law to babies that are trusting us to take care of them. Who is responsible for letting that law pass. Some other person or organization has to be above Cuomo. Let’s change this law NOW!

L A Paul
4 years ago
Reply to  Donna Wiseman

The camera only showed the back of the women’s head in applauding and smiling at Cuomo, but from the stage, they probably were the faces of pure evil with heinous grins applauding a monster! What if his girls had been given the needle, can he look at them and see what they would have missed; how dare he stop the rest of us from celebrating the joy of life. Everyone we talked to said they wouldn’t vote for Cuomo yet the was; go figure; all illegal.

Michael Marquis
4 years ago

Too bad Cuomo’s mother chose life. Maybe we could abort his next grandchild and see if he still feels like having a parade. what a monster.

4 years ago

His father was no good and the apple does not fall far from the tree. Most liberals/progressives are in fact human defects.

4 years ago

Cuomo will pander to any radical leftist position he can find, to grab a few votes. He has to kept going
left because sane democrats are abandoning their support for him!!!

michael failla
4 years ago


4 years ago

For all who are complaining about this absurd law’, did you vote in the last election? If you did, how many of you voted for the Democratic candidate? Elections have consiquences

4 years ago

We have elected leaders like this that think that because a few of their rich socialites who have all the time in the world to dream up these type laws means that most people agree. We do NOT. You try living in the real world of work, and it will be seen that very few people agree that this new york law is anything but a big lie drawwn out by “religious” leaders who worship the devil. Renounce it while you can!

4 years ago

My God help us and our country

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