George Soros Backs Elizabeth Warren as ‘Most Qualified to Be President’, Vows to Stop Trump

george soros

Originally published at Patriots of the Lord. 

Elite billionaire George Soros announced in a recent interview that 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren is “the most qualified to be president.” He called her the prominent person to beat.

He came short of endorsing her because he wants to work with whoever wins the primary election. This Jewish mega-donor to the Democrat Party has been a roadblock when it comes to conservative and nationalistic rules of law in the U.S. A staunch critic of President Trump and Republicans, Soros has openly predicted that Trump will lose 2020.

Soros has long been a meddler in American politics. The 89-year-old Hungarian has used his massive fortune to promote leftwing politicians, influence media, and build up liberal organizations. In October, he said that his lifelong mission of establishing socialism in the United States is still taking place. Despite Soros’ best efforts, socialistic infiltration has been held back by President Trump and his voters who value freedom. Soros has long been adamantly tied to open borders agendas and has paid to try and hinder Trump’s immigration plan.

The election of President Trump and the open-ended Brexit debate happening in Europe has hindered Soros’ power. However, his reign of establishing open societies is still growing, and he is trying to do damage control.

“I have to admit that the tide has turned against me, but I don’t think that I have failed,” Soros said.

One of the media channels that Soros has in his back pocket is National Public Radio (NPR). In 2011, he gave this tax-payer funded media outlet $1.8 million. NPR has portrayed Soros as being an innocent philanthropist who wants nothing more than to promote democracy.

In 2016, Soros gave generous donations to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Records show that this wealthy elite was one of her top 10 donors and provided a staggering $10.6 million to her campaign. He is making it known that his biggest priority now is keeping Trump out of the White House in 2020. He pushes the left’s favorite mantra of unfair election interference and wanting to fight voter suppression. Trump endangers fair elections, according to Soros.

His many admirers and financial beneficiaries also include Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and several of the 2020 candidates. The irony is that all of these top politicians have continually advocated for the elimination of big political money and the corrupt influence that brings. Of course, according to them, this is only a Republican Party issue. Soros is a prime example of the big money influencers that top Democrats claim they want to end.

As stated above, the beneficiary who happens to be a former president, Barak Obama, is set to headline a fundraiser at George Soros’s son’s house. The other two featured guest is former Attorney General Eric Holder and former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe. Alex Soros will be hosting the fundraiser to acquire funds for the National Democrat Redistricting Committee (NDRC). 34-year-old Alexander Soros is known for his playboy lifestyle and is in line to inherit $24 billion.

Elizabeth Warren has emerged from the pack and has even surpassed her biggest competitor Joe Biden. Perhaps her biggest platform she is campaigning on is to enact a plan for every problem and have the government fix it. The price tag for such an ordeal is tens of trillions. Her policy on how to pay for this is to hike taxes drastically. Anyone with common sense and minimal knowledge in economics knows that this is not possible with higher taxes alone.

Due to her massive embrace of socialism, Warren is the perfect candidate for Soros. She embraces Medicare for All but has refused to concede out loud that it would increase middle-class taxes. She does out rightly state that takes hikes on the wealthy and high earners will happen. A wealth tax is being purposed by her that will supposedly take in trillions of dollars over ten years.

Wealth tax creates barriers for success, entrepreneurship, and innovation. In turn, the economy has no chance to stay healthy and thriving. Looking at European countries that embrace wealth tax, their average percentage of GDP in revenues is 0.2. When looking at the U.S. federal income tax, it raises 8% of GDP in this nation. The comparison helps to show the significance of the devastating effects just one of Warren’s plans would create.

Throughout her political career, Warren has spent much of her time and energy accusing Wall Street as being all that is wrong with American capitalism. Despite this, several Democrats in Wall Street have plans to financially support her as a candidate if she secures the Democratic nominee for president. This information was obtained by people inside Warren’s inner circle who have discussed this with Wall Street executives.

It is theorized that Warren will tune down the level of viciousness when it comes to her anti-business stance. Through this, she hopes to garnish more significant business support in the General Election. Trump is well-financed from himself and his supporters, so some of the other candidates are having to switch things up to gain financial support.

“She has to accept money from the finance business in the general election because if she doesn’t, it will be impossible for her to win,” said a Democrat Party fundraiser.

Her extremist views have put her in the progressive category along with her competitor Bernie Sanders. Based on records retrieved, Warren has raised $60 million so far, while Sanders has passed her with raising $73 million. While this seems like an enormous amount of money, it is going to take around $1 billion more in funds to be competitive with Trump’s campaign.

President Trump has well exceeded all over candidates bringing in a mind-boggling $700 million thus far. It is projected that due to Warren’s past harsh remarks, many in Wall Street are going to be in support of Trump’s 2020 election. Projections show that Trump is expected to raise more than $1.5 (sic) if the current pace of donations and fundraisers continues steadily.

Elizbeth Warren has a big-money player on her side. While this is quite helpful, President Trump has the American people on his side. With the 2020 election underway, the battle between the left and right is only heating up.

Reprinted with permission from - Conservative Daily News - by Amalia White

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Deborah L Zalar
2 years ago

George Soros needs to stay out of our country and our political issues. He is out to destroy our country and I don’t wish good thing for him. I am a Christian and that is hard for me to say but in this matter, this man has place on earth. May God bless America and return us to greatness as our President is trying to do.

2 years ago

This is a Snake.He should be stripped of his citizenship for insurrection and treasonous acts against the United States of America.
This is the Snake that funds Antifa and other anti-America initiatives.
He is completely all in to turn America Communist.Why I don’t get because it goes against the billionaire status he and his son are accustomed to living.Control of the masses must really turn these weirdos on.Deep State plays and trying to control politicians who don’t play their games.They will try to ruin them and rid the world of them.It’s all a game to them.They are so bored with life and money they want to act like little gods and mess with people like Americans or others in Europe and South America through to Mexico!They think we are all chess pieces to move about to get their agenda done.
Well time has come for Americans to stand up to these politicians and the Soros’s who buy them to do their bidding to tear down America!
They are all out of their Communist “closet” so arresting them is the only way to save America and the Constitution (what is left).
America is in trouble if any of the So called Dems get elected it won’t survive.America barely made it through hope and change.
It’s okay to disagree with me on this but mark my words you cannot take your eyes off a train wreck.It is coming down the tracks and fast.

2 years ago

Let’s see how Elizabeth Warren made her 10-12 million dollars. Any of that money come from having Indian heritage “Pocahontas”? Let’s follow that money tree.

2 years ago

SOROS created the swamp and is still trying to keep it active by paying and paying and paying. Follow the money, it always talks loud and clear.

2 years ago

If George Soros truly believes in Socialism, why has he not already distributed his great wealth to the citizens of this country? Why haven’t all of the other wealthy professing socialists done the same? In a genuine socialist society, there can be no elites.

2 years ago
Reply to  Brenda

Too busy using their wealth to destroy every day “folks” from behind their gated and gun protected estates.

Robert Mack
2 years ago
Reply to  Brenda

Not true. In every socialist or communist nation, the masses (workers) are destitute and work just to eat, stay warm and have shelter.
Every socialist or communist nation has a leader/ruler. (Stalin, Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro etc.) they are the elite. They were in complete control of everything in everyone’s life. You probably cannot imagine the euphoria that much power would give George Soros, I cannot either. But that kind of power is addictive to him. The only good news is that Soros is old and will die and the sooner the better. Even better would be if his son died with him.
Socialist/Communist leaders enjoy their wealth. They surely are not going to distribute their wealth/power to the peons.
Bernie Sanders never gave 2 cents to any one in need from the millions he has made illegally in politics.
Donald Trump on the other hand is working his butt off to make America even better and giving his Presidential salary (approx. $400,000 yr) to veterans groups.

Vikki Crosley
2 years ago

Go back to Hungary, George. They are waiting for you…

2 years ago
Reply to  Vikki Crosley

Hungary could certainly use your wealth and abundance created in the USA. I don’t think they want your communistic ideals there though at any price.

David M Sand
2 years ago

In 1996/7 I was a Fullbright teacher in Slovakia. At that time Soros came to our town. It was on the border with Hungary. I was asked to tell me as I was the only Americans (my wife was with me) Soros was angry that there was there. He was the man who was hating the USA.

If I knew that he would try to get the USA and I would do everything we have had 10 as Venezuela has been into being that tried to get the same way most of the got the way to Socialism and then destroy the people that get a hanging if they don’t go int slaves.

David M Sand

2 years ago

When is this rich A..H going to take his money and go back to his country of birth and mind his own business.

El Ey
2 years ago
Reply to  Richard

I believe that these demonRats/libtards are so emboldened is because of Soros’ bottomless financial support.

2 years ago
Reply to  Richard

He will never go back….they would arrest and prosecute him as a war criminal.

2 years ago
Reply to  Richard

Amen to that. Take your whole family with you too since they have also been brainwashed and will take up the Soros flag of destroying the United States of America.

Donnie Barnes
2 years ago

that is funny as [email protected]

Sandee Dempsey
2 years ago

The Democrat’s are always ready to spend Taxpayer money. They all need to be investigated for their corruption.

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