United States Capitals 3

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5 years ago

Only 12 out of 15; sad because I’ve been to all 50 states. Guess I need to go back and re-learn them…

Mike jenks
5 years ago

The past two quizzes you emailed me are not working. ..

5 years ago

I only remembered 13 out of 15. I knew after I clicked on the answer I was wrong………..

Diana Erbio
5 years ago

I need to study up on my state capitals… only 8 out of 15 ?

5 years ago

Felt good about getting 15 out of 15, but somewhat deflated after reading most others did, too.

5 years ago

15 out of 15. I always did enjoy geography in school.

Jim Morris
5 years ago

15 0ut of 15,all from the 5th grade so at the age of 75 that tells me something………….No Alzheimers yet!……………jm

Murf Appling
5 years ago

15-15 – ex American Government teacher – there is one “error” N your exam – Mississippi is the only state in the Union with two Capitals – Memphis, TN &
New Orleans, LA – Jackson, MS is merely a “truck stop” off Interstate 55 – the real decisions regarding the citizens of the St of MS R made on Bourbon Street
& Overton Square!! hahahahaha!!

5 years ago

15/15. For once I get them all right. I can still see that blank map of the USA in my fifth grade class. The test was to fil in the State and Capital. That’s been around 55 yrs ago. She was a good teacher.

5 years ago

I got 15 out of 15, just lucky real lucky.

5 years ago

Keep them coming Amac! It’s good for me to be humbled every Friday morning.

Lawrence Schwartz
5 years ago

I got 11 out of 15. I am smarter then I thought.

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