Columbus Day Quiz

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david pinder
5 years ago

Illegal aliens were here first, so they say. 8 of 10 , pretty good, considering I also went to a government school .

Phyllis Armeli
5 years ago

9 out of 10. Not bad for one of Italian ancestry.
I, too, did not get that the Indians lacked “weapons”.
Never too old to learn.

5 years ago

I have never known why people are so against Columbus. He was an explorer. Not his fault that some heads of state were so ruthless.

5 years ago

Had no idea what year he died, but I did well on this one. Portland, Maine is replacing the honor with “INDIGENOUS PEOPLE DAY” in their liberal attempt to change history.

Brian L Garrison
5 years ago

I correctly answered that CC was Italian. However,there is strong evidence that he as actually born into a family of Spanish noblemen.

Craig J
5 years ago

I got 7 out of 10. Should have known which ship he was on…. my mind is going. At least I got the important ones right.

Maco Fariss
5 years ago

I only missed one. I love to teach about Columbus.

5 years ago

7 out of 10. Not too bad, I guess, considering the quality of the teaching of history in public schools even in the 60s and 70s when I was in school.

5 years ago

8 correct…back to la scuola

5 years ago

6/10 not very good.

5 years ago
Reply to  Phyllis

Same here….not very good. : (

5 years ago

The ancestors of the native Americans found North America first, then the Vikings found it much later. But because the knowledge didn’t become generally known to a good portion of the world, its hard to claim it was “discovered” by either (discoveries are shared knowledge). A few ancient Greeks understood steam power, but it didn’t become of use to the world until much later and only after what they knew had been lost, so I wouldn’t say the Greeks “discovered” steam power, Watt gets credit for a reason, as does Columbus.

5 years ago

If a guy gets the dunce hat two consecutive quiz’s, is his name engraved on it? I could be in trouble here.

5 years ago

I got 6. Leif Erikson discovered North America

Lawrence Schwartz
5 years ago

I got 6 out 10 right. I still feel the Vikings were here first.

5 years ago

9 of 10, i didn’t know the weapons…i know columbus wasn’t perfect, but my pop did have a place to bring me, to get away from socialism…thank you christopher!!!

Diana Erbio
5 years ago

7 out of 10… I passed ?

5 years ago
Reply to  Diana Erbio

Same for me, 7 out of 10

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