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Erasing Christopher Columbus


How ironic, how stunning, how sad – that the day on which America celebrates our discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1492, second Monday in October, was replaced by Joe Biden in 2021 with “Indigenous Peoples’ Day.” If calendars recognize Columbus Day, Biden does not.

These days, we are encouraged to forget, ignore, and erase Christopher Columbus. Opprobrium – vilest condemnation – is heaped on him, as if he bears responsibility for all the world’s ills. As statues, namesakes, and nameplates of American heroes like Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and George Washington are removed by activists for not being “woke,” we are losing Columbus.

To be clear, we should never – ever – do that. What lives in memory lives. Whatever failures the man had, whatever downstream effects flowed from a clash of developed and primitive civilizations, Columbus was what he was – intrepid, courageous, the living embodiment of taking risks with high purpose, tireless hope, and personal resolve.

Is that not what we want our children to do, leaders to do, society to be? Daring enough to keep trying, unflinching when storms rake us, determined to persevere when others give up, ignited by curiosity, willing to think for ourselves, explore, learn, investigate, remain hopeful when others lose hope. That was Columbus.

Somehow, saying this is not enough. The comeback is insensitivity to primitive cultures, a sense that we have discovered all truth in our time, that he should have acted on it in his time, that even as our Founders should have been “woke” not just revolutionary.

The headlong drive to erase Columbus from history, vilify him, blame him for everything the left hates, while elevating those who – in truth – were no more “woke,” Indian populations, hardly equitable to women, minorities, each other, or for that matter on track to discover penicillin, the telephone, combustion engine, human rights, or go to the moon – is a bit absurd.

Mark Twain, himself banned now, wrote with irony, not prejudice: “All I care is that a man is a human being – that is enough for me, he cannot get any worse.”

In that spirit, indulge some irony …

“Happy Indigenous Day! What about Columbus? That guy we used to celebrate for risking everything? He was a bum. A bum? Yeah, discovered it at 41, late bloomer, Italian white privilege, moved to Portugal because they had DACA, and took a loan that the Queen forgave later when he brought stuff back.

Guy named his ship the ‘Santa Maria,’ Saint Mary, you know. Obviously a deplorable type, one of those who “cling to God and guns,” and obviously total MA guy, you know “Make America.”

Anyway, we can forget him, his parents were wool weavers, capitalists, probably homeschooled him. Had to be dinged up, ‘cause everybody knew the world was flat, but he didn’t get it, total non-conformist.

So, the guy gets here, all pumped up ‘cause he’s first, and immediately starts messing with people’s heads, calls them Indians, they say ‘cause he thinks he’s in the West Indies, but gimme a break. He was messing with them, typical Euro.

The guy was a “one note Johnny” too, just went back and forth, three more expeditions, one discovering Cuba, but what a lightweight, thought he was in Japan.  I mean, what, you think Cuba looks like Japan? Just watch Discovery Channel, bang, you know, or google it, what was he daft?

Honestly, the dude also discovered Haiti and Dom Rep, and look what that got us. Haiti is impoverished. Dom Rep is hit with hurricanes, just like Cuba. Get the point? This guy started Climate change. I mean, without him, no industry, no fossil fuel discovery, no big business. Get it? This guy was bad news.

If only Senator Elizabeth Warren’s relative, that one from Canada in the 1400s, had gotten the chance, everybody would still be eating local, we’d have solar power, drive soy cars, love wind, tons of corn.

But what did we get? A Euro guy who didn’t bother to think big, no electric cars, no solar cells, no focus on Mother Earth, just a bunch of sailing, bunch of sunny days on the sea. Plus, the guy spent most of his time in the south, really was the first Confederate. That’s probably unfair, cuz he didn’t invent the flag, but he would have fought with Lee for sure.

They never tell you if he had any trans sailors, if he knew about critical race theory, or was a threat to democracy. He probably was, cuz he worked for a king, wore skins like an insurrectionist. Notice he took no selfies, that’s suspicious.

Okay, so give the guy his due, he car jacked a couple of islands, got defunded, didn’t need carbon credits, cuz he used wind, but what else?

All the stuff after is his fault. The guy was like Trump before Trump, the American Dream before the American Dream, a bunch of errors, botches, failures – one or two successes, bringing Western civilization to the New World. Okay, big deal.

The real questions are still unanswered. Where’s the equity, why was he so insensitive, what were his pronouns, was he non-binary, did his men use litter boxes, why did they have unregistered guns, and why wasn’t he on Twitter – or was he kicked off?

As the History channel says: “Christopher Columbus undoubtedly changed the world. But was it for the better?” Right on, dope, FIRE, savage! Get it now? The guy’s just an example of what’s gone wrong, how great it was in 1491, and hey, maybe his relatives will compensate us. Whatdaya think? Let’s ask Biden. Happy Indigenous Day!”

Sometimes … keeping history in place, not erasing it, not rewriting it, not blaming it for the time in which it unfolded, but thinking – for a moment – about the courage, tenacity, boldness, and risk of those who persevered in their time, which is why we remember them, is worth doing. Columbus Day is one.

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Richard Chwalek
4 months ago

Cry me a river.

7 months ago

I remember the movie “1984”, where everything is only viewed from ‘Today’s View’. Nothing counted if it happened yesterday or earlier. Everything was told to you daily about how, what, why to see and act for ‘today’. Tomorrow morning they would update you again on this. Dissenters were rounded up and killed, being the ultimate ‘Cancelling’.

7 months ago
Reply to  Tommie

Happy Columbus Day for 2022, by the way. And Happy Thanksgiving next month. And Merry Christmas for December.

7 months ago

It will always be Columbus Day to me!!! He is a hero. If he would not have discovered America, we would not be in a free country!!

David C. Harding
7 months ago

That Columbus opened up the great age of exploration can’t be denied but my one problem with him is that he greatly underestimated the size of the earth. If the western hemisphere continents didn’t exist he would have had about 15,000 miles to sail to get to the East Indies. Even the Greeks were able to calculate the size of the globe within a couple of hundred miles several years BC.

Allan E Brem
7 months ago

Incomprehensible that anyone can see any logic to all of this.

7 months ago

Hopefully everyone enjoyed the Columbus Day holiday this past Monday, and are looking forward to Veteran’s Day, THANKSGIVING DAY and the season of Christmas thereafter. Happy Holidays !

7 months ago
Reply to  DD

A true conservative will never say “happy holidays” cause this is what libtard worker say in there war on Christmas

7 months ago

The further we go in the Biden Administration we learn that history means nothing to them, the old saying that you learn from history so you don’t make the same mistakes again dosen’t compute with them . They want to erase history & rewrite it in there own lies. Our children will not know anything about the people who lived long ago , no names , pictures ,statues , books or any knowledge of the past except what they produce . WE NEED TO GET RID OF THEM & RETAKE OUR HISTORY . NOV IS THE STARTING POINT & ALL AMERICANS NEED TO WAKE UP & STOP LISTENING TO THE LIES . GOD BLESS AMERICA

7 months ago

Here’s the thing. Would you be ok with someone coming to your house, killing you and your family and then burning
down your family’s home that you had for years?

I decided to NOT celebrate “Columbus Day” anymore because his leadership started the prejudice between the races in this country. Taking what isn’t yours and killing people is NOT what God, the Father, and Jesus, The Son, ever wanted us to do.

7 months ago
Reply to  Karen

You are really a “Karen” which is appropos to NOT celebrate Columbus Day. I am half Italian so I am “offended” what do you think of that?

7 months ago
Reply to  Karen

Nobody wants their family killed. No country or civilization has a perfect history. American Indians had slaves and killed other people. Yet, the biden administration is trying to force us to celebrate them. Ever been on a reservation? Maybe you should visit one and see just how you are treated and how they live. You just might be shocked. Perhaps if you don’t want to celebrate our country with all its scars and badges, you should investigate another country you do agree with and begin deleting their history. Most Americans, unlike yourself, love this country and all it has to offer. It’s about as free as you are going to get. Did you know that you have to have a license in Ireland to own a television? Believe me, sweetie, compared to other places on this lovely planet, America is a wonderful place to live. You don’t have to celebrate holidays you don’t agree with but don’t take the option away from most of Americans who do want to celebrate.

Jorge L Rios
7 months ago
Reply to  Karen

I think the question is: Would you be OK with YOU geting blamed for such a thing when YOU did not do it. If someone takes one sentence out of a paragraph to put the blame on you for something, does that mean that YOU did it?

7 months ago
Reply to  Karen

History is history, it cannot be viewed through a 2022 lens to be used to condemn them for what they did when they were acting on what their beliefs were in the 15th century. How would you like people of the 27th century looking back and condemning, and cancelling us, for what we have done now?

Neal Valenta
7 months ago

Put Columbus Day back on the Calendar. Can’t believe Biden is so short sided. This also means our children have no idea who Columbus is?

John D. Beach
7 months ago

When history is written, Biden will be remembered for having been the first person, purportedly, elected to office who made no attempt to fulfill the constitutionally prescribed duties of the office, the purposes in the Preamble to the Constitution, or, actually, represent the needs of the American citizenry with respect to policies. He has been an incompetent, arrogant, ignorant divider, an angry, old man, who should never have been allowed to be the nominee of a political party. Nothing has proven the fraudulence of the election of 2020 like the consequences of the policies which have been allowed or implemented under the current administration.

7 months ago

To the “woke” Left, stop trying to unravel our history, which is the tapestry of this great Country.

Dave Campbell
7 months ago

Actualy it’s worse than this. Not only does the left amplify the bad, suppress the good, and interpret all actions by a modern and ideological point of view, they make up lies about him (and everyone else they want to destroy.) Remember, the left lies. The left lies all of the time. The left lies all of the time about everything.

teresa Ann d'alessandro
7 months ago

those of you who think Columbus was such a bad guy – really need to read the right articles! no one is perfect and he did more good than bad!

teresa Ann d'alessandro
7 months ago

what does biden care he has no respect for Italian heritage! today my friends and I went to an Italian reastaurant to celebrate Christopher Columbus Day. this nonsense of Indiginous day is just that nonsense. they have a whole month dedicated to them and a day in August. Italians can’t even have one day. too bad, bc we are going to celebrate anyway! these haters can stuff it!!

7 months ago

Ho ho ho ho chi minh! The scum chanting that and their kids make policy now. They can no more be persuaded to mend their ways than oak trees can produce apples. We reap what we sow… but we also reap the thorns and thistles that we allow to grow on our land.

Suzy Fivecoat
7 months ago

I came across the diary of Christobal Colon (real name) in which he said he was directed by the Holy Spirit of God to explore new lands. That was his mission ( a holy one) and we should honor him for our “one nation under God.”

7 months ago
Reply to  Suzy Fivecoat


Elena Tellez
7 months ago

Such a well written article, with subtle sarcasm… and I sense an underlying anger… justifiable. It’s great to celebrate Native Americans AND Columbus. When the sane people take this deluded government back… let’s fix stuff. People of all ethnicities, skin colors, genders, etc. are Americans… but stop trying to erase our history and heritage. Let’s live in the present and look forward, not be stuck in the past.

teresa Ann d'alessandro
7 months ago
Reply to  Elena Tellez

Native Americans have a whole month and a day in August – so why did it have to be on Columubs day!!!!

Jack Thomas
7 months ago

You could almost enjoy the sardonic humor, making current events analagous to the plight of Christopher Columbus but the attempts by the “woke” movement to remove him are truly outrageous, just as trying to erase Confederate figures from our history is absurd. Our history, including the discovery of America credited to Columbus, is what it is; it happened and nothing is going to change the facts. The “woke” gurus in our midst who think they possess knowledge or wisdom that’s really not theirs is what I find truly absurd.

Bill on the Hill
7 months ago

RBC… To satisfy my curiosity I checked all ( 3 ) calendars around the house, the calendar I’m looking at in my den whilst I type away says Columbus Day only. The other two, one in the kitchen & the other down in the workshop say Columbus Day ( USA ) – Indigenous Peoples Day ( USA ) – Thanksgiving Day ( Canada ) – Sukkot… I do know the blue state of VT I live in did RENAME the holiday to Indigenous People’s Day, sadly enough. There is nothing wrong having an Indigenous Peoples Day for a holiday on it’s own day, but NOT shared with Columbus Day, but then again I’m NOT WOKE, therefore the state of Vermont’s WOKE legislature, both houses, this includes the RINO’s that go along to get along are OK with it, including our distinguished RINO governor, Phil Scott…
Bill… :~)

Barrett Smith
7 months ago

Various groups of people have been replacing other groups since the beginning of time.

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