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DHS hack a reminder that government is no good at data security

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A hacker claimed this week to have stolen 200 gigabytes of sensitive government information, including personal details about 30,000 employees at the Department of Homeland Security and FBI.

How did he do it? When his initial attacks failed, he posed as a confused government employee and called the agency’s customer service line.

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Ivan Berry
7 years ago

How can anyone continue to believe all that’s wrong with the government is accidental, what with intentionally leaving our borders open, our data up for grabs, our enemies funded with petrodollars from us, and attempts to limit arms of the citizens for protection, while the agencies that are supposidly for our security are allowed to trample Constitutional rights and form a basis for the police state where Americans become nothing but fodder to feed the political class, while they feed us bull–and that ain’t beef?

7 years ago

Ha! You would have to admire the ingenuity of the hacker, if it weren’t so sad at how easy it was for him to be able to get assistance from a government employee in accessing what most of us would consider is a high security, national security mission critical information resource. Nothing else need be said.

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