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Dems Betray Authoritarian Impulses With Reaction to DeSantis Migrant ‘Stunt’

AMAC Exclusive – By Shane Harris

The reaction by the left-wing legal establishment, the media, and partisan Democrats to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s move to transport 50 migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, an ultra-wealthy liberal enclave off the coast of Massachusetts, underscores a basic truth about the left that became all too clear during the Trump years: if you threaten their grip on power, every cultural institution and even the legal system will be weaponized to silence you, effectively criminalizing political dissent.

On Tuesday, news broke that a civil rights law firm had filed a class-action lawsuit against DeSantis for the act – the second legal action against him in as many days after Javier Salazar, a sheriff in Bexar County, Texas, with a documented history of supporting Democratic politicians announced that he was also launching a “probe” into whether or not the migrants were “lured under false pretenses” to one of the wealthiest zip codes in the country.

A number of legal experts have already suggested that the lawsuits against DeSantis are legally dubious at best. But as the country has seen with the never-ending string of litigation against former President Donald Trump and his family, the point is not to achieve a conviction – it is to distract from a real issue that Democrats and the media are ignoring (illegal immigration) and delegitimize a political figure who poses a threat to Democrats’ grip on power.

For the left, whether DeSantis actually broke the law is beside the point. By exposing their hypocrisy on immigration and “sanctuary cities” – not to mention their contempt for poor border towns who have had to deal with thousands of migrants, not just 50 – DeSantis has committed the unforgiveable sins of forcing Democrats to confront the consequences of their own policies and making them look foolish to the American people.

The lawsuits were matched by a hysterical response from elected Democrats and the left-wing media, who demanded that DeSantis be arrested and jailed immediately for “kidnapping” and “human trafficking.” Former CNN correspondent Keith Olbermann tweeted that DeSantis’s actions were “federal crimes” and “the sentence is five years – per victim.” One MSNBC guest called on Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland to “bring the full weight and power of the federal government down on [DeSantis].” California Governor Gavin Newsom similarly called for a DOJ investigation into DeSantis. Following news about the lawsuits, Charlie Crist, the Democrat nominee running to unseat DeSantis this November (and currently trailing him by nearly five points in the latest RealClearPolitics polling average) issued a tweet celebrating the investigation, asking “Who else agrees it’s time for Ron DeSantis to get what he deserves?”

The vastly different response to similar actions taken by another Republican governor – Greg Abbott of Texas – illustrates the left’s fear of DeSantis. While DeSantis transporting migrants to Martha’s Vineyard has garnered most of the headlines, Abbott engaged in a similar move last week as well, dropping off two busloads of migrants on Vice President Kamala Harris’s front yard at the Naval Observatory in Washington D.C.

In many respects, Abbott’s move was even more symbolically powerful and embarrassing for Democrats – Harris is ostensibly Biden’s “border czar,” and just last week claimed that “the border is secure.” Moreover, Abbott has been busing thousands of illegal immigrants to self-described “sanctuary cities” like Chicago, Washington D.C., and New York City for weeks with relatively little media fanfare.

To be sure, Abbott has received his share of negative coverage, and even a few lawsuits of his own (although most have been directed at the state of Texas, not Abbott himself). But the vast majority of left-wing outrage has undoubtedly been reserved for DeSantis, who is considered by many to be the most high-profile Republican governor and a future presidential hopeful. Bashing any Republican is fair game for the media, but DeSantis is an especially dangerous threat because he has embraced Trump’s brand of America First politics and has now forced the left to talk about issues they need to hide from the public to have any chance at electoral success this fall.

The lawsuits against DeSantis and breathless media claims that he is a “threat to democracy” and nothing short of a human trafficking mastermind are thus unlikely to subside anytime soon. Just like Democrats have used the sham “January 6 Committee” and now the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid to desperately avoid any mention of inflation, gas prices, crime, or any number of other crises that their policies have caused over the past two years, we might now expect that the discussion will turn to potential criminal convictions of DeSantis to avoid discussing the fact that an estimated 4.9 million people have crossed the border illegally since Biden took office.

But largely thanks to Trump exposing the attacks against him as baseless conspiracies concocted by Democrats and the liberal media – from the fake “Russian collusion” narrative to made-up claims about Vladimir Putin putting bounties on U.S. troops – most Americans look unwilling to buy the media spin. Try as they might, people just aren’t going to believe the line that sending migrants from a third-world country to a posh island paradise that claims to be a “sanctuary jurisdiction” is somehow a human rights violation.

For Republicans elsewhere – including in Congress – the media and Democrat panic over DeSantis’s actions shows that he’s struck a nerve. Just like Trump’s hardline immigration stance helped him secure the White House in 2016, immigration can again be a winning issue this year. As alarming as it may sound, the new rule for Republicans seems to be that if your Democrat opponents are threatening to throw you in jail for exposing their hypocrisy, you are probably winning the debate.

Shane Harris is a writer and political consultant from Southwest Ohio. You can follow him on Twitter @Shane_Harris_.

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Matthew Acton
3 months ago

Desantis is literally the one in power using humans as political pawns. How is this an argument for trafficking humans to make a political. There’s a law enforcement investigation ongoing over this stunt!

4 months ago

The dims are now frightened , dismayed, shocked , and out of BS. They have realized for at least 2 months that they will be removed in Nov and are desperate to pass bills to get rid of Trump with only 40 days left. I think we will see at least 3 new accusations every day against Trump between
now and Nov . The dims are thinking ” Can we find something that will stick ? ” Despite that fact that their hundreds of get rid of Trump efforts have all failed, they keep thinking ( like a goldminer)
the next one will work. They are totally irrational but you have to give them credit for being
relentless. Can Repubs be relentless ? I really don’t think they can.

4 months ago

They still haven’t blamed him for the Titanic–will come later I guess.

4 months ago

Keep those busloads coming. And flights. Take the illegals to the Canadian border.
Why aren’t the Canadians asking for illegals? Hummm. Do they know something we don’t ?
I think they do.

4 months ago

Their (president) would indeed have his nickers in a wad.

Randall L. Beatty
4 months ago

The change needs to be in November time to vote them out of office we need our country back from there rule.

4 months ago

Democrat motto. “What’s go for thee (Republicans) but not for me (Democrats)”

4 months ago

As the left points fingers, it all points back to them. Too bad the socialist/democrat supporters don’t see it.

Lee B.
4 months ago

What is the point of being a “sanctuary city” or “sanctuary state”? Neither Florida nor Texas claim to be. So, if their governors send refugees to those places openly claiming to be, then they need to “shut-up”, take them in and give them sanctuary. No more of this BS. It’s total hypocrisy!

4 months ago

The only action the wicked left respect is to stand up to their evil!!! They want to take away all rights from law abiding tax paying citizens while they retain all those rights-democrats shouldn’t have them because they’re not law abiding!!!

4 months ago

What about the loads of illegal aliens being transported all over the country by the federal government? I was in the El Paso airport back in January and saw this first hand. A nice little row of about twenty persons with their plastic bag in their hand and their identification on a lanyard around their neck. They were put on a few different flights with some on mine. When we got to Hobby Airport in Houston, they were led to a nice charter bus waiting outside. Where that went, I don’t know.

Randy Wood
4 months ago

Sanctuary or not, democrats need their newly imported voters to remain in traditionally conservative states and cast dem ballots. That way those states suddenly become dem states and dem power is forever.

Eric Sirvent
4 months ago

Apparently the tractor trailer deaths of fifty illegal immigrants was a political stunt. The media refuses to see the crisis at the border until a Republican takes action. Now the best Governor in the USA is being harassed for doing exactly what the White House resident is doing.

4 months ago

Continuing to showcase the “kings vs/ serf” system that has devolved as it has in every other extinct society. Example: When a skydivers’ chute malfunctions, the closer he gets to impact the harder it gets to fix the problem. Maybe we should look past our noses. Woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’, Oops, too late! Choose wisly for this next round of voting.

Robert Zuccaro
4 months ago

Apparently, open borders is okay to Democrats so long as those brown unregistered voters stay in those Red States until they heed their landscaping done cheaply…

4 months ago

GOP really stands for Gab Only Party! . . . Talk is Cheap as the old saying goes and that’s exactly what we’ve been hearing from Republican Party Leadership! . . . Start by kicking out the Rhinos and fight these Communists by taking the offensive. I still haven’t heard ANY Republican politician refer to ANY Democrat as a Communist! . . . Prepare to lose the Mid-terms because I don’t see how the GOP exposed the cheating or corrected it! . . . It will fall on We the People to SAVE AMERICA!

4 months ago
Reply to  Rik

Well Rik, your last sentence accurately describes the solution, if the sheep in this country want to push back before it is too late. We’ve already wasted far too much time and allowed the Socialists to consolidate far too much power and control in their hands. The window of opportunity is almost completely closed.

4 months ago

What we see now is no leadership in the Repub party. None. Desantis is trying to get there. He is a presidential candidate. Give him credit. There is no DC repub who is leading. We are the party of whimps and will be unless we get Trump back in power. And the Dims know it.

Robert Zuccaro
4 months ago

I don’t need to be “lead” just LEFT ALONE… all I need from government is for those elected to DO THEIR JOBS and NO MORE!

4 months ago

Nice article Shane Harris. The truth shall set us free. Keep pushing, keep showing the truth and keep America free and great again.

Tommy Molnar
4 months ago
Reply to  Barb

Notice that the MSM says nothing truthful about this, and the consumers of MSM BS (which I believe is the majority of Americans) now think our courageous Governors are terrorists. We’re in deep dodo folks, and it is truly an uphill battle for us. We are looked at as conspiracy theorists and spreaders of mis-information. The border is secure. Sure.

Barrett Smith
4 months ago

It is about time the GOP starts playing hardball.

4 months ago

Counter sue everyone on a personal basis for filing a frivolous lawsuit. Take everything they own from them.

4 months ago

The GOP has struck several nerves in the Democratic Biden Administration & should not stop now with showing the practices of the party in power – This NOV should be the turning point in Congress . WAKE UP AMERICA & Begin Taking The AMERICA That We Knew Back from the brink of collapse – GOD BLESS AMERICA — ONE NATION UNDER GOD — LAND OF THE FREE BECAUSE OF THE BRAVE

4 months ago
Reply to  Charles

But as stated above it’s all talk and no action.

4 months ago

It would seem that the most humanitarian journey these individuals could take would be to a “Sanctuary” city where they would be cheerfully accepted, provided with humanitarian assistance, and shown Christian generosity, and love.

Jonathan M.
4 months ago
Reply to  David

But there AREN’T Sanctuary Cities! They are SCINO’s, Sanctuary Cities In Name Only!!!!

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