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Democrats Encouraging Violence?


Hypocrisy, irony, unabashed contradictory behavior now defines modern politics.  Call it duplicity, disregard for truth, honesty, consistency.  Sometimes it becomes too much. As Democrats play at show hearings around riots on January 6, 2021, they now boldly push pro-abortion violence. That must stop.

Bad enough, during 2020 there were race riots in 200 cities, encouraged by Democrat politicians. These ended in vast personal and property damage, the death of innocents – including police officers, weak prosecution, few convictions, and leading Democrats – including now-VP Harris – helping bail out violent offenders.

Downstream effects of ignoring violence are always bad.  Violence in the past three years has spiked, with effects almost incalculable, partial assessments rising to billions in property damage (often in minority neighborhoods, Atlanta to Chicago, Detroit to Seattle, New York to Portland), hemorrhaging of public trust, rise of public fear, a shaken belief in public safety, new concerns for life, limb, and liberty. Only two in ten Americans trust the government to do what is right in 2022.

Democrats pushed police defunding in the name of social justice, reverse racism (later codified in CRT), shadowy groups espousing Marxism, neo-socialism, communist, anarchist, and social reengineering credos. The effect was to demoralize police nationwide, reduce response times, recruiting, and retention.

At the same time, violence against police officers rose – exponentially.  By 2021, with Biden and Democrats running the federal government, police ambushes hit records in 2022.  Police found themselves fighting for their lives, less well equipped or supported, suicides spiking.

Many outspoken Democrats, inconceivably, did not care.  They continue to block Republican police reform efforts, intended to reduce distrust, improve respect, properly fund the police.  They have continued to push jingoistic anti-police rhetoric, and they have strived for racial polarization.

Ironically, record numbers of Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians seem to be leaving the Democrats, instead speaking out as parents, citizens, and defenders of free speech, worship, and gun rights. Record numbers of minorities – and women – are buying firearms, signaling disenchantment with Democrats.

But the big Democrat push for violence that boggles a traditional constitutionalist’s mind is happening right now, this month, this week, in recent days.  Leading Democrats are pushing violence – seeking to inflame passions, invite anger, and place the idea that we are a non-violent republic, to the side. Some call for a “Summer of Rage,” others for a “revolution” in the streets.

Why? The claim is that violence is somehow now permissible – because the Supreme Court is returning abortion to the states, and likely to restore original meaning to the 2nd Amendment.

Rather than respecting High Court decisions, leading Democrats in Congress and White House are doing the reverse, the unthinkable, stirring violence.  Their words are hard to misunderstand.  They push “pay” back for justices who rule against Democrats, “righteous anger,” and “revolution,” are silent about violence, have held up a bill to better protect justices, even when passion-pushing nearly killed one.

The question must be asked – do they want all this? If not, why are they not universally speaking out against violence? Do they want more street violence? Are they inviting overreaction? Do they nurse the idea that, while radical and unfortunate, a dead justice would potentially delay reversal or Roe? Do they see some political advantage, national distraction from Biden’s disgraced leadership, in violence?

These questions are, in one sense, absurd – How can any national leader wish for violence in a society premised on rule of law.  To encourage the breakdown of civil order, in any degree, is to start a process hard to stop, and to win a pyrrhic victory at best, when the civil order itself disintegrates.

Having said this, evidence continues to mount – from 2020, 2021, through mid-2022 – that some in the Democrat Party, particularly those beholden to or seeking favor from the far left, are either indifferent to the effect their reckless words can have on the civil order or intend to trigger violence.

Let us be clear.  No one who lived through the 1960s, when America saw the death of a president, death of a presidential candidate and former Attorney General, death of an iconic civil rights leader, loss of billions in physical property, productivity, educational quality, and public trust – could want that again.

Only those utterly unaware of what they are doing, or wishing the worst for this country, could press the cause of violence in the streets for political gain.  Not only is that approach anathema to our Constitution, and federal statues, it is the bold promotion of public fear and personal insecurity.

So, what should every public leader do right now – to dispel that idea that violence is an answer to anything, as we await Supreme Court decisions, a fraught election cycle, fight inflation, and watch the world in tumult?  They should strongly advocate AGAINST street violence, strongly encourage public restraint, support for police, the Supreme Court, civil dialogue, rule of law, and their fellow citizens.

Having watched societies become unstable around the world, when serving at an Assistant Secretary of State and in other capacities, this much is clear:  More societies collapse, become unmanageable, go from order to chaos, spiral downward … from violence and public corruption, or from ends justifying means, than any other cause.  Let us not be one. Democrats should wake up, not encourage violence.

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David Bundy
1 month ago

Democrats should be charged with inciting violence like they are trying to do to Trump.

Robert Zuccaro
1 month ago

Nazis had the brownshirts and the SS… Democrats have Antifas, BLM, and paid protesters. Yes many organizers are paid. Years ago I “Yoohoo-ed” it. The “job position” is called “community activist”.

Teresa Lowe
2 months ago

These are as the days of Noah spoken of in scripture. The Democrats know what they are doing. It is part of their agenda and God’s plan.

2 months ago

And they call the GOP violent and racist? Ha! What a lot of BS! Go home Dems, you’re doing a crappy job.

JJ Johnson-Smith
2 months ago

No, it is no longer enough to politely “Ask” the Democrats to tone it down. We have BEEN there, DONE that! NOW it’s time to start arresting the Democrat Officials who are and have been calling for chaos and violence, because they are BREAKING THE LAW! That is the ONLY way to bring an end to their dangerous rhetoric before someone like a Justice or more Police Officers, end up dead. WHY is this illegal incitement being tolerated?!?!?

2 months ago

When George Bush Sr. was elected president many years ago included in his acceptance speech were these words:”We must usher in the New World Order.” I saw that speech. To those who don’t understand that the Bush dynasty is part of the destruction of this nation, get educated. As a politician said decades ago:”There’s not a dimes worth of difference between demorats and republicrats” with a few precious exceptions.
Our nation is dying. As one of our now hated, but brilliant Founders said: “When a nation forgets it’s God, tyrants soon forge it’s chains”. The first people to arrive on the eastern shores of this country were strong God fearing people who held to God’s commandments. They lived in peace with the Native Americans for a half century. But the generation after decided to do as they pleased…and it’s been a down hill since. Ben Franklin was asked what the best form of government is:”A Republic if you can keep it.”
Sadly American citizens have been to busy pursuing the American dream and left the care of this nation to politicians who may have started out gung ho to save the nation but were bought off quickly.
Our Constitution is specific: OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people…but the people were to busy and left this nation to the self serving “politicians”…see “Traitors”.

2 months ago

The DemocRat Party has made it imperative for the good governance of the future. To fix it: (1) Pass an amendment limiting term of office for Congresspersons and high-ranking Exec Branch heads (e.g. FBI, IRS, All major Cabinet heads, etc.; {incumbents not included the first two terms} (2) Pass a balanced budget amendment that has penalties to Congress and Executive Branche members when it fails to stay within budget; (3) Fix the voting system to eliminate rigging.

Teresa Lowe
2 months ago
Reply to  Hal

This is world-wide, not just here in the US. It is run by the World Economic Forum. All of the lousy leaders in our countries was part of their plan to control the population of the world. The only one who can stop it is God Himself.

2 months ago

The DemocRats will use ANYTHING to maintain RULE over this Nation. To wit: lying. legal and illegal cheating, using the media to put out false negative data about oppositions, breaking the laws, allowing illegal immigration, unjustifiably putting our military personnel in avoidable harm’s way, rigging elections, plagiarism, lying, feathering their and their family’s nest; allow illegal immigration, etc. They are the Communist Nightmare Party which has only the goals of feathering the nest of their hierarchy, ruling when governing doesn’t fit their partisan goals, etc. I could add other examples, but the point is made.

2 months ago

Who will stop them? Rinos? A guilty conscience? Currently there is no counterforce strong enough to stop them and this isnt a lord of the rings movie where ghosts or elves appear. I dont think enough people have been personally hurt yet by the communists. As well, there’re still millions not paying attention, tacitly assuming ‘this too shall pass’. While that ancient saying is true, it may take a century. Reagan spoke of a thousand years of darkness if evil wins. Hyperbole?

2 months ago
Reply to  Morbious

Well said.

2 months ago
Reply to  Morbious

Hit the DemocRats with your Id !!!

2 months ago

I must have missed something when studying history in school. A Senator openly threatened a sitting Supreme Court Justice but he didn’t incite someone to violence or potential murder? WOW, I must have missed something.

2 months ago
Reply to  Lynn

NO you have not missed anything, just a new interpretation/look at the law from an EVIL perspective.

Robert Zuccaro
1 month ago
Reply to  Lynn

The left riot, it’s called a protest; the one time the right riots it’s called an insurrection. My favorite saying about the obvious hypocrisy is “IT’S OKAY IF A DEMOCRAT DOES IT”. Nixon was guilty of a cover-up and was forced to resign or be impeached. Hillary committed 20-minutes of Comey-read felonies and runs for President. Democrats are right about a “two-tiered justice system”… unfortunately they continue to epitomize it!

2 months ago

The Anti-christ awaits on the LEFT of the stage ready to enter. The Democrats/Liberals are finishing up for his entrance. The supporters of Biden and Obama are so full of hate,hardened hearts they don’t even realize their aiding Satan and are He’ll bound.

2 months ago

Democraps encouraging violence? A rhetorical question

Tim Toroian
2 months ago

The National Democrats are vile and that makes the local parties that support them even worse.

2 months ago

Democrats are Encouraging Violence as Both Democrats & Republicans pass Laws to disarm Americans..

2 months ago
Reply to  Chris

They can pass gun control laws until Hell freezes over, to coin a phrase. Democrate progressives don’t believe in the law because it restricts their opportunities to Lie, Cheat and Steal across the board.Guns don’t kill people, people do! If you don’t have strong laws that put people in jail who break the law, and the most serious, gun laws, nothing will change, other than more restrictions on already law biding citizens.Stop the stupid and do something that will change gun threats.1. Commit any felony crime with a gun carries automatic no bail jail time until the offender is brought before a court. If found guilty, a mandatory 5 year sentence is imposed, plus any additional time that might be added to the mandatory sentence for the crime committed.2. Commit any felony crime with a gun and discharge the gun carries automatic no bail jail time until the offender is brought before a court. If found guilty, an automatic 15 year sentence, plus any additional time that might be added to the mandatory sentence for the crime committed.3. Commit any felony crime with a gun and discharge the gun that results in an injury of anyone carries automatic no bail jail time until the offender is brought before a court. If found guilty an automatic 25 year sentence, plus any additional time that might be added to the mandatory sentence for the crime committed.4. Commit any felony crime with a gun and discharge the gun that results in a death carries an automatic no bail jail time until the offender is brought before a court and if found guilty an automatic life sentence, plus any additional time that might be added to the mandatory sentence for the crime committed.5. A three time loser of gun laws serves a life sentence.6. If any of the gun crimes listed above are committed by a juvenile, the parents of the juvenile will pay restitution to the state for the cost of imprisonment of the juvenile until they turn 21 years of age. Each state has different cost of incarnation ranging from $15,000 to $50,000 per year.Maybe, if these are the laws criminals will think twice before ever using a gun. Also, keep in mind that loading a gun shows intent, it’s planned at that moment.

2 months ago

Thanks RBC, this one of the most truthful and well thought out articles ive seen lately , im not sure why except to take complete control of the nation and people but the democrat’s are really pushing for the sixties to happen again , all of the crazy things that are happening around the country now , were brought on by them and i started years ago , im not sure we can really get away from or recover from it now but i do know we sure need to try and the first way is to VOTE and if that dosent work then we will have to fall back on old school ways to get it done ,,

MARK FROM GA. a proud state that is moving backwards according to DEMORAT’S

2 months ago
Reply to  mark

Thank you Mark, keep trying, keep the faith!

Judy K.
2 months ago

It seems pretty obvious to me that the occupiers in our government are not ordinary by any means, but most of them are ‘Activists’ of every sector of complainancy. They themselves believe violence is necessary to accomplish their twisted goals. They’re godless degenerates who will do anything to obtain and hold onto power. They don’t care who gets hurt or maimed in the process. When I think of them in imaginary terms, I see a fallen dark place filled with small in stature, hunched over, nimble fingered ugly demons flitting around on the scene snarling and growling, spewing their vile expletives and cursing God and his believers.
And I think I have it right. They are sickening and loathing to the core.
We need to all be praying for ourselves and our countrymen, that the Lord God will turn the hearts of this people back to him. This is my constant prayer!
May God see fit to help us and save our country…..and pray for Israel.

2 months ago

Well RBC, you and I have essentially seen the same things occur in different places around the world with the same predictable results. Not only that, but history offers us many more examples to choose from. When you wrote “More societies collapse, become unmanageable, go from order to chaos, spiral downward … from violence and public corruption, or from ends justifying means, than any other cause.”, you articulated the issue of one political party leveraging artifically engineered civil unrest and societal instability to achieve power and financial gain perfectly.

This playbook, as I like to call it, has very specific phases or benchmarks, with points all along the way to potentially defuse or dial back the situation at each stage. Of course left unchecked, as is occuring now in the United States, there is also the very predictable outcome that will result. Unfortunately, the Democrat Party has been cultivating this playbook in the United States, for their benefit, for literally decades. With their rhetoric, vitriol and actions becoming more and more incendiary over time.

While a few, very few actually at this point, of the older members of the Democrats in Washington may be highly concerned about the direction all this is heading, the vast majority and especially the younger members of the Democrat Party in Congress and elsewhere in D.C., seem concerned that things aren’t being ratcheted up faster to produce the desire massive societal changes they want brought about now. To them, a view of the ends justify any means, seems to be operational standard. So far, the actions and the rhetoric of team Biden are aligned to those of the younger Democrats, who want to stoke even more change faster by any means necessary. In order to dial back from the course we appear to be on, it would be necessary for this group to want to avoid the outcome it will ultimately produce. So far, I see no tangible evidence that they wish to do so.

1 month ago
Reply to  PaulE

Paul……you mention younger democrats as being the instigators in a lot of the problems we face……Chuck Schumer, Ms Waters, Adam Schiff, and a score of older democrats are guilty of inciting folks to go out and do the dirty deeds…….not to mention a lot of Rhinos……we are on a disastrous course today……it will lead us down the road to destruction…..and the worst part is we have no one on the horizon to change this course……the answer appears to be for the good, decent people of this great land to rise up peacefully to take back our country…….we have a man sitting in the Oval Office who is corrupt, perverted, and evil…..he must be removed somehow and a new and honorable person installed to correct this malady……if that would mean Donald Trump so be it although I can foresee multiple problems with that….we really need to bring this republic back to God

Philip Hammersley
2 months ago

Adolph had his “Brown Shirts,” Mussolini had his “Black Shirts,” and the DIMMs had the KKK. All were adjuncts of their leaders’ party. Now, DIMMs have switched to antifa and BLM. Notice these same people belonged to “Move On” and “Occupy Wall Street.” It’s a constant barrage by PAID agitators and hoodlums!

2 months ago

good point.

2 months ago

SAVE THE U.S.A…..Exterminate all demonrats, commies, and nazis….It’s time for a new civil war against the leftie loonies!!!

2 months ago

Communists ALWAYS resort to violence to get their way when all else fails!

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