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Democrats Dig In

AMAC Exclusive – By Barry Casselman


Many Republicans and independents are puzzled, after the off-year elections of 2021, continuous polling showing President Biden and many national Democratic policy goals increasingly unpopular, and a notable erosion of the Democratic base of Hispanic, Black, and Jewish voters, why the leaders of the liberal-progressive party are not changing their course as the important 2022 national mid-term elections approach, now less than 10 months away.

It isn’t only the conservative opposition and the constant polling that appears to be sending a message, but also many older liberal campaign operatives, commentators, and pollsters who are sounding alarms.

Nevertheless, President Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer appear to be doubling down in the new year with a “progressive agenda” that includes passing the stalled multi-trillion dollar “Build Back Better” bill, possibly packing the U.S. Supreme Court, more pandemic restrictions, anti-fossil fuel initiatives, secondary school lockdowns, open-door immigration policies, and political correctness.

Although the Democratic Party is led by older and pragmatic figures, the “squeaky wheels” — the activist and vocal party base mostly made up of younger and more ideologically radical men and women — are those who now, at least temporarily, control the party agenda. This takeover, which has been brewing for a number of years, was finalized by the 2020 election, which put Democrats back in the White House and in control of Congress.

Older progressive figures such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren had been promoting a more radical agenda for at least a decade but could not persuade the voters to support them — and had to settle for Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden as their presidential nominees in 2016 and 2020.

Meanwhile, younger progressive figures such as the congresswomen known as “The Squad” emerged, and with the help of a partisan so-called “mainstream” media, were able to dominate political news coverage as “squeaky wheels” who crowded out more moderate voices in their party.

The historical reality, however, is that U.S. voters are inherently not inclined to embrace radical agendas from either the left or the right, and all available evidence indicates this remains valid. Even in larger cities where few or no Republicans hold elective office, voter backlash is occurring as crime rates soar and inflation hits the limited pocketbooks of the poor and middle class.

What is particularly revealing about voter attitudes is that this rejection is occurring while the stock market is high, unemployment is relatively low, and nominal wages are rising. Normally, such an economic environment would be good news for a party in power. But stock speculative “bubbles,” government pandemic income subsidies ending, and inflation pressures suggest that the apparent robust economy might be a mirage.

As if voters’ domestic anxieties were not enough, the Biden administration’s foreign policy has had setbacks and challenges which could, if not resolved, worsen already bad news for Democrats in 2022 and 2024. In particular, this appears in what has become a more serious border crisis exacerbated by President Biden’s explicit invitation to refugees during his presidential campaign, an invitation that was reinforced by his border policies after taking office. It took a federal court, and heavy pressure from Texas and nearby southwestern states for the Biden administration to reinstate President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” agreement to at least partially stem the flow of undocumented immigrants at the southern border. But the Democrats’ policy for what amounts to unlimited immigration is not only unpopular with most voters; it is not, according to all polls, even favored by most Hispanic voters.

Nor do the president’s views on Iran and the Middle East coincide with the views of most Americans.

Although the specific circumstances are different in 2022, there is a similar political aroma to the mid-term of 2010 when the Obama administration (which included then-Vice President Joe Biden) was determined to push through Obamacare despite its unpopularity — and suffered massive defeats at the polls as a result.

To be fair, two years later, Barack Obama won re-election because Republicans failed to appeal to enough disgruntled voters and capitalize on their 2010 gains. It was not until 2016 that Republicans successfully reached out to “deplorables” — and won the presidency and control of Congress.

But to paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen, Joe Biden is no Barack Obama, and, it might be added, the two parties have been transformed. The Democratic Party is now the party of the super-rich and upper-middle-class elites, and the Republican Party now appeals to the working class and middle-class pragmatists.

This transformation and the deeply held values of the two new political bases are the keys to what is likely to happen in the midterms of 2022. 

Just do the numbers.  

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4 months ago

Pelosi and Schumer……..what a crock! They are the two most disgusting pcs of garbage I have ever seen. Hoping Pelosi leaves at midterms as she has mentioned and I think she should stay out of Florida. She’s only going there to build up the commie Dem vote. Sly bi–h. Don’t think DeSantis will put up with any crap from her.

4 months ago

The democrat traitors must be taught a overwhelming lesson for their anti American failure,destruction of America and the divisiveness they are forcing upon Legal Citizens of Our Country!
Resounding , unprecedented DEFEAT and REJECTION of marxist,socialist and leftist policies.
We the People have had enough of their racist,hateful,corrupt and immoral behavior, their dishonesty, inflation, giveaways and class warfare.
NOTHING this illegal president, democrat majority house and senate had had the American peoples interest put first,NOTHING has benefitted America!

Philip Hammersley
4 months ago

I hope Schumer et al. dig in six feet deep, lie down, and have someone throw dirt on them!

4 months ago

I don’t think any of their actions are a huge mystery or anything. I believe one of two things. #1) The dems are not worried because they don’t plan on losing ever again. It’s simply easier to lie and cheat to get what you want. #2) Assuming that number one is not correct, then it has to be because they know that we know they’ve shown their hand. Anyone with half a brain now knows that Dem stand for card carrying communist. So it’s all or nothing on their part, and why not…we’re not putting up much of a fight.

4 months ago

We lost the last election because of cheating and fraud. There is so much evidence that points to that and the MSM’s not telling the truth about what is going on. And it is the media “Elites” driving this

I was told once that the MSM would not cover a story about motor racing because it was over most people’s heads. They would not understand. And it was a good positive story. Basically they said and believe “The public only understand stick and ball sports”.

They think everybody, except themselves, are ignorant! Well, they are the ignorant ones because, if they were not, they would be able to see the fraud and lies about the Dominion software. They have no idea about what technologically is going on, so they do not report it. They do not want people to know how ignorant they really are.

And if they did find someone who was smart enough to know, they would confirm what has been discovered. They lied about the machines being accessible on the internet. That one fact means that with the correct knowledge the software could be changed on the fly. What is hacking? It is manipulation of the software to control and make changes to other peoples computers (which a phone is too). And how much hacking is happening on the internet? Tons!!!!

Also, the evidence of the way the vote counting was being done and last minute rules changes to allow illegitimate votes, boxes under the table, not allowing observers to observe, all point the the “organized” crime. This is so Chicago Democrat Politics! But now it has been spread all over the US by crooks that got Obama nominated and elected to office, the Democratic Elites. They may be ignorant to technology, but they sure know how to cheat.

I was getting/now have PTSD, thx Joey! AH
4 months ago

NO I DO NOT ENOY these articles – why should I ?????
Comrade Branden is not in control – his comrades in the back ground are.
Branden is not good for anything – Lets hope (not) some Major catastrophe happens,
than what will happen with these mental morons in charge ???? SCARY INDEED

I wish a Spaceship would come down and Abduct Piglosi Chucky and Scumala
ahh take a few more of them too.
They would probably bring em back and want a Refund ta boot.

I WISH AMAC would put instead (We hope you benefitted from these articles)
To enjoy is going to the Dr and getting my Blood Pressure checked and it is HIGH.
That did happen to me the other day after listening to talk radio on the way there.
Nurse had to redo it 3x – she wondered what was wrong. Gee I wonder.

So no more Radio and AMAC is gonna be on hold for awhile if not permo.
I dont need to enjoy this DEPRESSING news. Far from it.
My health and mental state are far more important to me.

Maybe I will be back – Will See – SAD

El Ey
4 months ago

Hello, I was getting/now have PTSD, thx Joey! AH.
First and foremost is to take care of yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally. We live in a very unstable country with this Biden/Harris/Democrat administration. Keep your faith and pray. Let’s pray that our country will remain standing strong with God’s mercy and blessings.

Mike B.
4 months ago

I know how you feel . I myself should take a break from the lies that surround this administration. It’s so frustrating that we’re supposed to accept this NONSENSE that they’re pushing down our throat. Time to read a good book, and tune in this November. We have to keep the faith, and vote in 10 months . My God . . . that’s a long time.

4 months ago

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been contemplating letting my membership expire. I’ve come to the point where the only thing I enjoy about being a member of AMAC is the puzzles. The only problem is I can’t keep myself from reading the articles, and they are all sad and depressing.

I feel as though I need a break, hopefully to recharge my batteries and then possibly come back.

K. Martin
4 months ago

They’re counting on winning fraudulently as in 2020. Why not, since (to my knowledge, at least) absolutely nothing has been changed to prevent it from happening again?

Tim Toroian
4 months ago

Sing Diggin A Hole to the music of “Stayin Alive”.

4 months ago

I’m going to discuss this with the undocumented and US citizens. The democrats are only in this for themselves. They care one iotta about anyone but themselves. They want the border open, and make all kinds of promises to get you to vote Democrat, then forget all about you. They want Socialism, so I would think twice before believing anything they say. You were trying to get away from that. So please think twice before voting them into office.

4 months ago

They don’t know how to govern. That requires analysis of the needs of the population and problem solving skills.

4 months ago

Dems have to protect Hillary from prosecution for treason because if she goes down, they all go down. they have to get the voting fraud bill passed as part of some other bill. it will mean passing an unrelated bill that isn’t fully written (like obamacare) so they can add it after it’s passed. another pass the bill to see what’s in it ploy.

Joanne 4 justice.
4 months ago

I do not like ANYTHING about the Socialist Dem party! These PERPS are intent on destroying our Democracy and want to become the one and only Power and DICTATORSHIP party in our country! We NEED TO GET THEM OUT OF WH and CONGRESS NOW!!!!!!

4 months ago

We are not a democracy !!!!!

4 months ago
Reply to  Kevin

We are a Constitutional Republic!!!!

4 months ago

The socialists (Dems) know that they’ve got about 6-10 more months to convert as much of this country to socialism as they can. So of course they’re doubling down. It doesn’t matter what polls say, , how much they need to lie, how much their objectives will destroy American families, and how they are destroying everything that has made this the greatest country in the world. They only have one concern and that’s taking complete control.

Joanne 4 justice.
4 months ago
Reply to  FedUp

They are solely focused on POWER AND CONTROL and $$$$$$$$$$$$$ !! Oh , love, love to spend OTHER PERSONS $$$$$$$$$ on their frivolous legislature and narcissistic wish lists !
Perfect example is proposed Peelosi Park in San Francisco!!!!

4 months ago
Reply to  FedUp

In simple form boiled down to the basics. ….. The Democrallps want to RULE the Nation, NOT just govern the Nation. The best governing format to do this is Communism … so that’s where they are headed.

4 months ago


4 months ago
Reply to  jocko

I hope it doesn’t come to that … but of late I am starting to fear that it might come to pass that way.

4 months ago

Don’t underestimate the power of the people. I refuse to give up on this country that I so love and my memories of a conservative childhood. Sleepy and his entourage can manipulate us all they want…but they won’t take us down without a FIGHT!!!!

Joanne 4 justice.
4 months ago
Reply to  Mary

I am praying ,daily , for Americans to unite and fight back against these EVIL PERPS MASQUERADING AS

4 months ago

Democrats did not “win” in 2020. We know how they got where they are. They spent the 4 previous years perfecting their “method”. AND … They got away with it! Why wouldn’t they continue to improve, perfect & USE their thriving method. After all, it was never thoroughly or “effectively” challenged.

4 months ago
Reply to  Patty

It was never “effectively” challenged not because of a lack of effort. Trump’s attorneys uncovered plenty of evidence that the states attorneys general would not investigate. Even so called “Republican” governors in several hotly contested states refused to accept facts that were plainly in sight.

Joanne 4 justice.
4 months ago
Reply to  Patty

Definitely, Dirty Dems have been scheming ,and plotting for years to do damage to ..our beloved Country !

4 months ago

Patriots, If the Republicans fail to take the House and / or the Senate in the mid -terms America as we knew her is forever doomed. Where are the mass protests and marches ?…no one cares !
Republicans are wimps !.. fearing their own shadow. No leadership there !
I never thought I would live to see the destruction of America by by the apathetic masses.
This country is a shambles.
Does anyone believe the voting machines will become legit ?
It has been said: “If you stand for nothing…you will fall for anything”

Your children will grow old with the boot of CCP on their throat.
” We the people” are gutless.

4 months ago
Reply to  DJames

“I never thought I would live to see the destruction of America by the apathetic masses.” On this we can both completely agree. It is a disgrace that so many Americans care so little about their country and are willing to just meekly go along with whatever the left happens to shove through by any means at their disposal.

4 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Colleges have done this along with the philosophy of John Lenon’s “Imagine” song that has brainwashed three generations. The youth have been raised in affluence and are weak, open, and extremely gullible. They believe (the AOCs) their freedoms originates from the college professors. We would have lost WW2 if these politically correct goofs existed then. Ronald Reagan said “we can have peace with two words: surrender now.” biden or I should say his handlers, are surrendering our sovereignty. Biden believes this is a good thing. The young are weak, and morally bankrupt, their minds are so “open” that
they’re full of holes. Biden and his ilk are the epitome of bankrupt corruption.

4 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

I believe someone once said that if people (“the masses”) get too used to their living standard, they get complacent and lazy. It has happened here in the USA. BUT, hopefully, with “mandates” and inflation and voting issues and other government-imposed dictates, we will rise up and demand the “God-given rights” the country’s Founders left us with in the Constitution. We must be willing to accept the risks that come with having freedom entails.

4 months ago
Reply to  DJames

The apathetic masses are easily swayed. By june the media will be reporting biden killed the virus and brought the best economy in history. The dem cities, riot torn two years ago will be peaceful. Stories about the border will disappear. Stories about brilliant ‘undocumented immigrants’ will appear. Im cautiously optimistic but its a long time till November.

Spade David
4 months ago

The Marxist Democrat party failed to heed the warning in the tea leaves, the polls, the middle-of-the-road commentary, and the advice of their own consultants. They have created their own maelstrom, and now they will have to live with the results. Their leadership did not have the guts to push back the very far left side of their party, so now they are just sowing more seeds of distrust among even their ardent supporters. I agree with the point in the article when they said that it has become the party of the elitist rich class. Common sense in the Marxist Democrat party escaped many years ago, and they will pay for several decades to come. America has gone through the painful experience, and the Republicans will be the long-term beneficiaries of such foolishness exhibited by the arrogant Democrats.

4 months ago

Democrats digging In?

Is this the sahovel ready job Barak Huesein Obama was perdicting?

4 months ago
Reply to  Felix

Felix – that would be the ONLY shovel ready job that Marxist provided!

4 months ago

The Democrats will dig in because this is their opportunity to transform America into a Socialist Country. The Build Back Better legislation along with proposed with “election reform” ensures one party rule, the Democratic Party; provides stipends for children, not a tax credit: will pay half the salaries of journalists, establishes a state run/controlled press; surveillance of your finances as well as surveillance of movement. Packing the Supreme Court according to Senator Schumer will only validate the legislation of the Democratic Party if challenged. They have to go for Socialism now and with all due speed.

4 months ago
Reply to  Bob

Bob – they just have to GO
anti American marxists, that’s the democrat party!

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