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Cuba, Hard Left, Awol

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Cubans are rising up against socialism, waving our flag as a symbol of what the U.S. means to so many who are oppressed by their governments. So why isn’t the White House supporting them? And as if they haven’t already, the Left is now suggesting that the government “make life harder” for unvaccinated Americans. Finally, Texas Democrats high tail it out of the state in order to block GOP legislation. Senior Vice President of AMAC Action Andy Mangione joins Ben to talk about what this means for our right to vote.

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Roberto Gonzalez
9 days ago

Cuban Goverment past 62 yrs is now the result and proof that comunism is dead to nation.

10 days ago

The people of Texas should tell the governor to make the democrats that left pay a fine and make sure they don’t charge it back to the people.vote them out of office.

10 days ago

#1.All the socialist idiot politicians should go to Cuba and tell the people there why they are wrong. They (the politicians) know deep in their hearts that the socialist ideology is wrong (except maybe Bernie) but they know it will get them more power and money. If we don’t end this socialist insanity, the scenes in Cuba could very well be from America. #2.The left sees the “vaccine” as their “savior”. They are truly afraid of dying. If you have the TRUE Savior in your life, death is just the beginning. Ultimately “the jab” is all about control. After the summer is over, all the activities that the left approved of around the country will be “the death of us”. We may indeed need to shut everything down again. #3.The left’s “circle around until you get the answer that fits” mentality tells us, rights for control are for the states (or the federal government), depending on the narrative. Hypocrisy! #4.What happened in Texas shows just how yellow the socialists are. If they can’t win they cheat or run! The only thing worse than these morons are the morons that continue to support them. They will ultimately destroy the Constitution and America if allowed to do so.

10 days ago

The left will not Cuba or Socialism because this is what they plan for America people, if they admit Socialist government is bad and will not work they condemn their own plans for future of America citizens.

11 days ago

It’s pass time for term limits, docking pay for not doing your job . If these Texas dems went to DC on Texas tax payers dime their pay should g be e docked

10 days ago
Reply to  Mary

I agree

Miranda DeGroot
12 days ago

The Democrats have no respect for this nation. They accused you of things that they do to their constituents. They think they can get away with murder. Sad, that people keep voting for them.

12 days ago

Ben Fergusson in this weeks video said Democrats were elected. NO THEY WEREN’T!!

Michael West
12 days ago

I think on top of them being arrested when they step back on Texas soil, the legislative leadership and Governor Abbott should dock their salary for the time absent from their job, as well as reimburse expenses they accumulate such as the plane trip, hotel expenses in DC , etc.

10 days ago
Reply to  Michael West

Tax payers probably paid for their case of beer that they took along on their pleasure trip

12 days ago

If one is going to condemn the filibuster rules in the Senate, then they should those Texas Dems for their stunt. After all, by leaving the state and stop the vote on legislation that the people want, they are accomplishing the same thing that they claim the Republicans in the Senate are doing

12 days ago

I think all the participants should be required to reimburse the state for all the expenses of their trip, plane costs, hotel costs and meal charges in addition to censure.

12 days ago

Democrats not wanting to work, How could we be surprised ? Adult children having a hissy fit!

James Hrdlicka
12 days ago

A proud member of AMAC! THANK YOU.

12 days ago

And sadly, the godless, simple minded, ignorant Leftists in our Nation yearn so dearly to bring the heartache of this kind of miserable Dystopia to our shores. Stay vigilant. Stay in prayer. Our true enemy walks among us !

12 days ago

“Amen” ~ Stay sober ~ stay vigilant….

13 days ago

The left gets so much help from MSM and it makes their events and happenings seem bigger than they are. Have faith my conservative friends, stay the course and make as much noise about anything we’re supporting, like these brave Cubans. The left’s hypocrisy worsens with each day of silence. This bull will sink the left even deeper than they fear. We shall overcome!

13 days ago

Fire all of them!

13 days ago

Willie Nelson & another wealthy person are paying for them to stay in hotels.

10 days ago
Reply to  Linda


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