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COVID Wasn’t Bad Enough for Kids: CDC Takes Childhood Development a Step Backward

By – Ian Gargan


Over the last two years, the CDC has made some pretty ridiculous rules and rule changes. We went from wearing two masks (because wearing one was ineffective) to sanitizing our boxes of Ding Dongs when we brought them home from the supermarket. While the CDC continues to change the guidelines on vaccinations and masks, they’re now also meddling in the “reformulation” of important childhood milestones that parents have long looked to for guidance in raising their kids.

It’s safe to say that most parents look forward to the first time their child crawls; it’s an essential milestone. Crawling tells a parent two things: this kid is about to get into everything in your house, and they are on their way to becoming a walker! But starting this month, the CDC will no longer consider crawling a milestone. Great personal Facebook brags, but no longer important in the development of a child. First, they sit up and then – Boom! – they are walking. Right? Wrong. Can you show us your work CDC? What logic went into this decision?

The most notable change to the established child development standards is in the 30-month milestone checklist. On the CDC webpage under the Language/Communication milestone, it states that a child should know “about 50 words” at 30 months. So, 40 words? 35? Whatever. “About” 50 words is the goal.

However, being able to use 50 words at 30 months only puts a child in the bottom 5% of the child development ranking. According to the previous standard, by 30 months old, a child should be around the 150-to-200-word range just to be considered average. The previous standard of knowing 50 words at 24 months was still evidence of a child thriving. But by giving a child more time to reach a lesser standard, you are effectively reducing the time the parent has to react to a very solvable problem.

The change to developmental standards was made based on a recent study published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, which showed that for years now less and less children were reaching the early childhood goals set in place. Imagine all children are lined up in order first to last to reach a milestone. Previously, children in the first half of the line were fine and the last half needed support. Now we’ve slid the bar to make it appear that only the last 25% appear to need help. What will happen to this group of kids who are now newly included in the group of kids who are not struggling enough to need services? Instead of acknowledging that as a result of Covid policies in schools, our children have been in a classroom setting that is not conducive to proper development, they’ve decided to just lower the standards in an attempt to sugarcoat the damage that has been done.

Another issue that will arise from this lowering of standards is the increased difficulty in getting a struggling child the proper help with speech or other special education services through their school districts. Manipulating the numbers does not change the fact that some children have just not met any acceptable developmental standard. Making the standard easier to obtain not only hurts the child but now puts parents in a position to have to fight to get services for children who are not deemed far enough behind to qualify for help. Clearly, the CDC is going with the ‘let’s wait and see’ approach to childhood development.

These changes are an obvious effort to cover for the horrific excuse for an education system that has emerged over the last two years. Our children should be honing their verbal and social skills but instead must focus on remaining six feet apart, masked, and deloused. This new guidance from the CDC has added just another hurdle to parenting and done a great disservice to our nation’s children. The purpose of these milestones has always been for early identification of verbal or social developmental issues and the correction thereof. The lowered milestone guidelines will now make both of those things more difficult for parents.

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8 months ago

What I have learned about crawling is that it is essential in the development of left brain/right brain. Mother of 5 grown children, my second son never crawled. He suffered with learning all thru his school years. He is right brained. Upon reading about right brained children, I found crawling was essential for babies.
The CDC is quickly losing all credibility with me on nearly every subject these past 2 years.

8 months ago

This is another government organization which needs to be disbanded. As with all of the 3 letter government organizations, FBI, CIA, etc., they have become nothing but political tools to use against opposing parties. There was a time when the CDC as well as the WHO were highly respected organizations. Those times are over and all we are doing is throwing taxpayer money into the dumpster by supporting them. Time for something better.

Nobody’s Business
9 months ago

Everyone that claims to be a Democrat should be ashamed of themselves for being so damn stupid they can’t think for themselves. Or anyone that believes anything any politician says.

9 months ago

Well geesh…..have people really not noticed this is what the insane Left has done for decades?
Remember those 80s?
It was deemed “cruel” to institutionalize those not the least capable of caring for themselves. So those uncaring institutions were emptied out into the communities.
How’s that been working out?
Or the trick of the welfare state where it was deemed mean to force illegals to return home when crop season was done. Much better to keep them here with WELFARE.
Of course, Obama the muslim turd stole787 BILLION out of our Medicare to cover THEIR health care. Now WE get told, “sorry, your funds will be gone in 4 years”.
Politicians, if you don’t fix your constant screwups….you WILL pay for your Treason.

9 months ago

cdc is still trying to make autism normal so they don’t have to admit the excessive number of vaccines they force on children are responsible for it.

Betsy t
9 months ago

CDC’s time would be better spent researching adults that use a LOT of words ( Kamala for example), that are less intelligent than a baby’s babbling.

Amelia Little
9 months ago

My son and I were just discussing gov’t agencies that need to be abolished. Perhaps when first instituted, they had a benefit. But most now think their word is law (and some of the “recommendations” are actually made law even without a congressional vote. They’ve gotten too big for their britches, ones like FBI are conducting criminal activities, the list goes on. Get rid of them all. Get most of the issues and laws back to state level. Heck, seems the federal gov’t isn’t even doing a very good job about foreign affairs.

9 months ago
Reply to  Amelia Little


9 months ago

What does crawling and knowing words have to do with diseases. I think it’s a no-brainer that babies know a whole lot more words than 50 words at 30 months. This sounds like a demoncrat control factor. Leave the babies along. Unless there is a neurological or mental problem, children will develop faster than the CDC suggest.

Patricia Hefferan
9 months ago

However did we get into this nightmare of nightmares? We are the protectors of our children and have sacrificed them to the heavy hand of government. When did the CDC get to parent? How angry must we get before we punch back and save a generation?

9 months ago

Why is the Center for Disease Control giving us standards on which to raise our children?

9 months ago
Reply to  Debby

Because Americans got lazy.

9 months ago

This is all part of the New World Order plan to more easily control the sheeple. By “dumbing down” future generations, it will be much easier to control the population and bend them to their will. The CCP virus (AKA COVID) was a test to see how well their “dumbing down” efforts have worked. They proved to be hugely successful. Only a handful of people have seen through their plans. I worry for the future for my grandchildren.

8 months ago
Reply to  John

John, Exactly right! If you look at almost all “ socialist” Democratic leaders today, they call for something to tear down our American “independent freedom” culture and set us against each other in most aspects of economic, social, religious and national security!

9 months ago

Think this is by accident? Not! It is called “The dumbing of America”

Stephen Russell
9 months ago

???? U cant dictate that for kids, Impossible

9 months ago

Just another way the NWO/Great Reset is trying to dumb down America and control the masses.

Karen Schelhorn
9 months ago

Years ago as a student nurse there was a difference between creeping and crawling. Creeping was on the stomach and crawling was on hands and knees. I have 3 children and one never really crawled he rolled and when he could pull himself up, he would walk holding on to things. He then walked independently at 11 months. My 2 other children crawled until they were about 16 months before they even wanted to try walking independently. The one that started walking at 11 months had learning disabilities, the other 2 did not and had above-average IQs. Those mile stones may not mean as much as some people think.

Sharon Ormsby
9 months ago

Walking before crawling is also indicative of autism in many, many cases. Not all, but many. Most of my children began walking at nine to ten months but all crawled first. Three still had learning disabilities but those were due to ear problems from repeated ear infections and also because of prematurity. We nurses learn a LOT of things and have never relied on the CDC guidelines which really do dumb down milestones for children.

anna hubert
9 months ago

leave it to the “experts” they know the best how did we managed before without all these parasites

Mia Wallace
9 months ago

So much for children being our future. At this rate, the adults of tomorrow will likely be a bunch of germ phobic recluses.

Brianna Sloup
9 months ago

GREAT PIECE!! The one thing I learned from this pandemic, is that the CDC is not credible.

Christina Jenny
9 months ago
Reply to  Brianna Sloup

I agree, and that baby in a mask is such a sad picture. :(

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