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Corrupt Bargains With Extremists | EP 153

A recent ad from Arizona highlights the corrupt bargaining agreements made between Democratic leadership and the “Squad.” Incumbent Senator Mark Kelly has been Biden’s key enabler towing liberal extremist lines in fear of being primaried by his own party. Rebecca Weber, CEO of AMAC, has all the details in a BFA Special Update sponsored by AMAC Newsline!

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5 months ago

These witches should be burned at the stake as anti christ members.They are wicked and vicious who are lining their pockets to enhance themselves. I hope people in their district stock voting for such anti Americans

5 months ago

The Squad are four angry monsters that the FBI should look at closely. They hate the American taxpayers and AOC is their leader. What awful people. Why don’t they move to another country?

5 months ago

DEPORT ALL libs, STAT !!!!!!

Philip Hammersley
5 months ago

Tin Lizzie says she is supporting the RACIST opponent of Kari Lake in AZ. Katie Hobbs lost TWO racial discrimination suits and cost the AZ taxpayers thousands of dollars. Whether domestically or in foreign affairs, DIMMs love REAL extremists. Notice no action from “The Big Guy” to help the Iranian protestors in their battle against the dictatorial mullahs and Islamic terror army.

Stephen Russell
5 months ago

DC has been corrupt since day 1
Purge DC

Steve G
5 months ago

The squad should be targeted by assassins, they are traitors & a threat to National security. The squad is who the FBI should be going after instead of our legitimate President Trump!!

Lora Shull
5 months ago
Reply to  Steve G


Favid Millikan
6 months ago

And now they want to give OUR TAX DOLLARS to Canadians and their children with FREE Dental care.
SWAMP QUEEN pelosi and Congress call it; AFFORDABILITY. (FOR WHO?) They are working on it at this moment.
But AMERICANS don’t get any FREE MONEY like Congress and Foreigners do.
AMERICANS are treated as nothing but TAX SLAVES with NO MONEY of their own.
ALL compliments of DICTATOR Beijing biden.

6 months ago

Kelly is a disgrace and a sellout.A sense of shame has never been in his makeup.AND he was not a fighter pilot as he claims in his political ads.He flew A6 Intruders A bomber.

anna hubert
5 months ago
Reply to  Spitfire?1940

Kelly like the rest has no fire in his belly just enjoying the ride while it lasts laughing at the suckers that voted for him

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