Congressional Democrats Want to Increase Taxes on Small & Medium Businesses – Tell Them Not To Do It!

states democrats congressional business smallWhile some news reports falsely said the chances of a tax increase in Democrat’s reconciliation bill are dead, Senator Manchin clarified last week that he is willing to include tax increases on small and medium businesses by expanding the 3.8% Net Investment Income Tax to include all active business income if the economy improves this month. For small business owners, there is no such thing as a healthy enough economy to allow tax increases. Tell your Senators and Representative that expanding the Net Investment Income Tax will hurt your business and it should not be included in reconciliation!

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Ana Stewart
10 days ago

Not only are they trying to increase our taxes but they are taking funds from Medicare to expand the Affordable Care Act subsidies. The Medicare fund is not to be used as theirPiggy Bank it is no or their money. This law is another way to destroy our country, ruin every citizen and makes dependent on Government.

25 days ago

tax on businesses is what caused and is causing this hugh inflation rate. the cost of every bolt, nut, screw, etc. price increased because of tax increase, every motor, transmission, circuit board, lcd screen increased in price because of increase taxes. the assembling cost increased because of tax increase, cost for transporting goods increased as well. the cost for the middle man increased, the cost for the retailer increased as well. all these pennies/dollars increased has caused this massive inflation.

now to do the same thing to the small and mid size business will further increase this mega inflation rate.

cut the taxes on businesses

to control prices we also need to cap the ceo salaries and benefits. A few make as much in one week as the employees make in one year.

no one is worth that kind of money.

26 days ago

This is just another attack on Working Americans. My liability insurance Doubled, I mean double. My property taxes was increase by just over 50%. I fought it and only went up just over 25%. My corporate did not increase in size or volume. Damn Democratic Communist. I almost forgot the Rhinos. Murkowski, Collins, Cheney and you know the rest.

Edward Lombard
26 days ago

Does anyone seriously believe that your senator or representative actually listens to ANYTHING? I am a small sole proprietorship. I’ll pay most of $700 next year for liability insurance – a 110% increase! I’ve taken a 30% hit because of the price of fuel. I live in Minnesota where unions are the only thing that matters to politicians. I’M DONE. ENOUGH of this crap. I’m not gonna’ fight ignorant, self-absorbed politicians to stay in business. Screw ’em.

26 days ago

The dems want to increase taxes???? So what else is new???

26 days ago

We have a small woman owed business of 35 years and we are already taxed at 42%! We can’t afford the big corporate tax attorneys that can find every loophole. We decided to turn it into an ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) and give it to our employees since there is not a generation coming up in the family to take it over. At least the ESOP will relenquish some of the tax burden the company faces currently.

27 days ago

Telling a Democrat Senator or Representative that raising any taxes would be bad would just fall on deaf ears. All you’ll get back is a form letter essentially saying they know better and you’re not the constituency they represent. They don’t care about the negative economic impact of their policies on the individual or the economy as a whole. They chief concern is expanding their control and personal wealth. YOU, the average, taxpaying citizen are not their concern. If it weren’t for Joe Manchin gumming up the works for his fellow Democrats at the present time, we would already have much higher inflation, much higher taxes and a collapsing economy.

26 days ago
Reply to  PaulE

They are mostly lawyers! The divorce is not over until all of the money is gone! So many of them will sell their souls to the devil in order to get what they want, more money and power.

larry brown
26 days ago
Reply to  PaulE

bill every day 10000 dollars two each democrat senator and representative for not doing there job for the AMERICA PEOPLE THAT what need to happen

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