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Chinese Official Blames US For Introducing Coronavirus To Wuhan, Says US ‘Owes Us An Explanation’

coronavirusA Chinese official suggested Thursday that the United States officials introduced the coronavirus into China’s Wuhan region as the virus makes its way to the West from the communist nation.

“The director of the US Centers for Disease Control was arrested,” Lijian Zhao, deputy director of China’s Foreign Ministry Information Department, said in a tweet suggesting Centers For Disease Control Robert Redfield was apprehended by authorities. Redfield was not arrested.

Zhao went on to accuse the U.S. of starting the pandemic.

He added: “When did Patient Zero appear in the United States? How many people are infected? What is the name of the hospital? It may be that the US military brought the epidemic to Wuhan. America needs to be transparent! The United States owes us an explanation!”

The first case of COVID-19 is believed to have appeared December 2019 in Wuhan, China. The virus has spread since February to 36 other countries and territories and has a global death toll of 3,041, according to the CDC‘s numbers.

Deaths from the virus in China hit 811 on Feb. 9, surpassing the number of patients who died from SARS, China’s National Health Commission noted at the time. China has reported roughly 80,000 cases since February, though the number of cases in the country appears to be declining.

Meanwhile, the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the U.S. is growing, with more than 1,000 in 39 states as the World Health Organization declared a global pandemic Wednesday. A global pandemic is defined as a virus that spreads across the world, and declaring an illness as such can have both political and economic consequences.

China found its own way to deal with the initial outbreak. Zhao’s government’s censors reportedly worked to suppress information about the virus as health professionals in the country spread their concern on a Chinese app called WeChat. They even punished officials who discretely warned superiors before it became a pandemic.

Reprinted with Permission from - Daily Caller by - Chris White

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ds patriot
3 years ago

Screw China, they’ll sacrifice their own people for political gain and control.
America wake up. Start manufacturing in America again, NOW. This is a lesson in self survival for our country. President Trump saw this when he took office and started the movement to bring manufacturing back here, this pandemic should be the catalyst to make it happen sooner.
I’d everyone walking around with blinders on?????????

3 years ago

The Chinese have always been bold they’ve always felt superior to the world ever since the Ming Dynasty. This is no different it’s just that the technology is greater.

3 years ago

Another useful fool!

3 years ago


3 years ago

Nice,now they want to blame Us.?Lab in China not here ..Sorry ,but nice try..

Melvin Hoskins
3 years ago

Already done, see below

Melvin Hoskins
3 years ago

I remember that, after the Chinese Communist forces entered the Korean War, captured Americans were charged with “germ warfare.” What they apparently based this charge upon was our practice of dusting all captured Chicom and North Korean soldiers with a DDT powder, to kill the lice they often carried in their clothing. We also did this to destitute civilian refugees. The Chicoms tried to force American, and other UN captives, to sign confessions admitting to this alleged “germ warfare,” without specifying what exactly we had been doing in this regard. I believe that the coronavirus was developed in the Chicom labs, so they can use this form of germ warfare in future activities.

Toni Hicks
3 years ago

I guess they are conveniently forgetting that Chinese scientists working here sent the virus “home” and when caught were made to leave here and sent back to China.

3 years ago

Years ago Trump was ridiculed for refusing to buy sheet rock made in China for any of his real estate projects calling it then an inferior product. Fast forward to today…. on a bigger stage… With more at stake than shoddy sheet rock…

Janette Lewis
3 years ago

Well it is not surprising that China would blame the US. Were is their proof? There is none.
China is to blame it started in there country and they did not report it until it was bad.
Can we trust them to be honest??

3 years ago

All I can say is WOW & Trump thinks Xi is his friend ??? Do not play poker with

Kathleen Thompson
3 years ago

Hey China, Since Wohan is your biological warfare city, how about this explanation. You leaked this virus out yourselves to get even with the US for the new trade deals in the works that give you less money. The US cares about its citizens unlike you who figure if a few people die, oh well. There’s plenty more where they came from. Get real.

Stephen Lykins
3 years ago

“Chinese Official Blames US For Introducing Coronavirus To Wuhan…” – meanwhile people from some parts of the world believe CHINA created the virus and propogated it to the rest of the world after testing it on their own people first. Personally, I still believe it came about naturally but I’m open to proof otherwise.

anna hubert
3 years ago

Seems to me that every strain of flu in the past originated in China.Not a whisper from WHO,they are toothless tiger just blathering on,that they were denied entry and left with their tail between their legs speaks volume.Until truth is spoken and facts are out we can only speculate,by the way this is not dysentery no amount of toilet paper will help.

Anette Y
3 years ago

the Chinese are Communists, they knew, repressed and arrested scientist on the front line of their biological warfare virus facilities. All Communists lie, lying is taught and required by Communist governments (as it is required and encouraged by certain Middle East governing bodies). Communist are taught to point the finger and accuse anyone who opposes them (they are very good at accusing others of the laws and principles they have violated to shift the blame to innocent persons). The owe the world. America owes nothing

Walter Epperson
3 years ago

We did not give the Chicoms anything. If they got it from us they robbed it the way they get anything else from us, then it got loose in their laboratory where it found a way out.
Kind of like a genie escaping the bottle.

3 years ago

Agree strongly about dealings with China. Pharmaceutical companies should discouraged from farming out our medicines to any third world country , especially one that is a definite enemy. There is no telling what we are sealing. We should have the same fears with supplements. It makes absolutely no sense that this is allowed. Makes a person ponder “who is the real enemy”.

Dr. Cicero
3 years ago

Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton opened the door to Communist China and that door cannot be closed.

Richard Hennessy
3 years ago

If the US introduced it, it’s because our companies do too much business with China. We should immediately begin to reverse that.

3 years ago

A “pandemic” used to be defined as, “occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population” – now, in order to insure hysteria among the populace, the “affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population” has been negated. In order to tank the economy, as much fear as possible must be spread by the media, health organizations and other governmental groups acting in concert. There’s never been a President re-elected if the economy declines in his third or fourth year- it’s time that one is and the “Deep State” be exposed.

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