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Border Crisis – Moves to the Interior, Demands State Accountability


As House Democrats continue to oppose every border protection measure President Trump offers, they are getting a little of their own.  Sanctuary cities across America are swelling – and creating a new reality.  They are becoming magnets for illegal aliens, driving up homelessness, creating unprecedented housing shortages, producing tent cities in parks, and measurably increasing public health and safety costs.

Ironically, as Florida’s Republican governor last week officially banned sanctuary cities, requiring municipal authorities to cooperate with federal law enforcement, California has taken the opposite approach, becoming a full-blown “sanctuary state” – and a national leader in homelessness.

Where does it end?  Which side will prevail?  Will we secure our border, returning American cities to lawful cooperation with federal enforcement, restoring rule of law, lowering housing costs for citizens – or drift into some borderless, sanctuary morass?   One answer comes from Florida, another from California.

Start with California.  Here is the country’s first “sanctuary state,” filled with counties and cities refusing to comply with requests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities, empowered by an audacious Democratic governor – and facing a major homelessness problem, arguably brought on by his own party’s policies. 

In point of fact, California tops the sanctuary county lists, outnumbering any other state for counties, cities and numbers of harbored illegal aliens.  Of the top ten homeless cities in America, California has four – Los Angeles with 55,000 homeless, San Diego with 9,000, San Jose with 7,000, and San Francisco with 6,000.  California’s de facto open border has not done neighbors any favors.  Seattle wrestles with 12,000 homeless, Las Vegas with 6,000, and the list grows. 

At the moment, California is living through a corporate profit bubble. As the Wall Street Journal reported, “California’s economic boom has resulted from the successes of technology companies such as ride-sharing businesses Lyft and Uber, both which went public, minting a new batch of high-earning taxpayers.” 

With wind in their sails, they continue to accommodate illegal aliens in record numbers, whether for political benefit or other reasons.  In fact, the state just expanded government-subsidized health care to adult illegal aliens, a first.

But the future is uncertain.  There is no obvious answer to expanding homelessness, especially with a growing number of illegal aliens.  Moreover, as the Wall Street Journal reports, “Historically, the state has proved susceptible to economic swings” and “even a mild recession could result in budget deficits of $40 billion over a three-year span.”  So, what seems barely manageable today, may be less so tomorrow.

So, what is California doing?  They are living in the moment, not thinking too hard about the future, and gambling wildly on illegal aliens – the opposite of Florida.

By stark contrast to California’s spendthrift, stick-it-to-Trump political ways, Florida is on another course.  Governor Ron DeSantis this week signed one of the strictest bans on sanctuary cities anywhere in the country, following eleven other states to assure cooperation with “federal immigration authorities.”  Not coincidentally, no city or county in Florida makes the top-ten list for homelessness.

All these presages bigger questions.  At some point, if the border is not effectively shut by cooperative US-Mexican agreement or responsible congressional action, the president will have to act.  His options are limited, but he has some.

Beyond specific border actions, one way to manage the crisis is to hold sanctuary states responsible for rising related costs, from homelessness to transportation infrastructure, public health threats to expanding criminal groups. 

As states like Florida take self-preserving actions and cooperate with federal law enforcement, states like California may become outliers, a source of national concern over public health and safety.  Exactly how federal authorities legally hold California accountable – in a world of conflicting federal and state laws –– is unclear, but some degree of accountability seems appropriate. 

In short, why should federal tax dollars paid by citizens who live in states that have agreed to enforce federal law – by banning sanctuary cities – be required to pay for burdens created by sanctuary states?  Why should Florida, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee or Texas – all of which abide federal law – be forced to fund rising public health, safety, transportation, education and other costs in sanctuary states?

The irony in California’s position is that their state budget is one-third federal money.  That is right.  Eye-popping but true, while the state pays federal taxes, their vast spending is one-third federal money.  Look closer.  Some 72 percent of the federal dollars go to health and human services, the exact faucet they turn on for illegal aliens, now including adult illegal aliens’ healthcare costs. 

No obvious answer exists, short of fixing the border, creating greater compliance and accountability by sanctuary states, and thinking harder about legal remedies available in our federal system – which balances states’ rights against federal rights.  But the crisis that everyone now admits exists on the border – is moving inland.  Record homelessness is appearing in sanctuary cities.  It is a sign.

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3 years ago

We have good laws regarding Immigration. Enforce them. No Exceptions. No sob stories, no Soros Money for Caravans rom Central South America filled with Criminals. And Last Sanctuary Cites and States are flaunting The Constitution and federal laws. It is time to end the Sedition, and jail the people who want to break the Federal laws.

3 years ago


3 years ago

As of June my family left California. We are sick and tired of paying high taxes and getting nothing in return. Homeless people everywhere, increase in crime and filth is rampant on the streets. Keep voting Democrats into office and watch California die. SO GLAD TO BE OUT OF THERE.

Betty J Long
3 years ago

Selfish, stupid and pathetic state of affairs for San Francisco. Newsome is not capable to care for his own district, much less the State of California. Newsome and other so-called Democrats, are inept, and are ruining the State. What about Californians and California first? Californians deserve a clean and beautiful California and great again.

3 years ago

It is humane to bus groups of illegal immigrants to California where they will be well cared for. California, one of the wealthiest states in the US, has plenty of food and space for increased population. Kindness is called for and Pres. Trump’s acceptance of Sanctuary cities’ request for immigrants seems to be the kindest option available.

3 years ago

Absolutely, I agree with sending immigrants to sanctuary states and cities where they are positively welcomed. When Obama send Somali immigrants to Kansas and Minnesota, his team seems to have made sure the immigrants were angry and looking for problems. Perhaps that was his way of ‘punishing’ states who did not vote for him. Western Kansas has done a pretty good job welcoming and incorporating immigrants into their communities.

Kim Ward
3 years ago

I live in California and I would celebrate the Federal govt cutting off all federal funds from California. I do not in any way support the policies of this state government.

Rita martinez
3 years ago

Why is California doing this to itself. I have lived in this State almost all my life and it has never gone aginst federal law. We do not have the money or the means for us to spend all this money and since the feds will not give us the money to care for these people then we will have to send them back to the border!!! I am a senior and I barely have enough to pay my own medications and the State has given me O dollars to help me with my expensive drugs so how can we take care of other people coming here we can hardly get federal money for all the fires we have and this has become a threat to all of here in the state. Wee also can not afford all the low income housing that has gone up here in the past fifty years. We have had tent cities
all over the place under the freeways next to the freeway in card board boxes people taking dumps on public property that is causing a health hazard for all of us .My daughter was in the public parking lot of a bank of America and parked her car to go in when she saw A homeless man using the public bushes to defecate his waste and that in and of itself a public hazard. We have to abide with the federal government to keep our selves clean and safe and this Governor had better abide as well because we can not go on as we have been doing!!!!!

Jim Farrell
3 years ago

I do not read articles containing the word Democratic instead of Democrat.

Randy Kayser
3 years ago

As a resident of California, I am appalled by many of the idiotic decisions made by our governor and long held democratic state legislation. California needs its own Electoral College so ALL of the residents of the state get a voice in elections. LA Basin, the Bay Area, Sacramento and San Diego control our state. The rest of us suffer from their stupidity! Those of us in the Central Valley are hard working middle class conservatives and we do not agree with what our “leaders” are doing!

Jack Thomas
3 years ago
Reply to  Randy Kayser

Vote them out or leave the state.

3 years ago

They should let California keep them all.

3 years ago

arrest all these politicals who violate the laws impose still fines on them for violating laws
cut off federal funds used by states and cities for used to support illegals and educate voters on the laws, voter photo ID’s mandatory before voting, verification of eligibility at voter registration

Alene Math
3 years ago

All federal funding should be completely cut off from California and for cause…….breaking federal laws regarding illegal immigration and hampering federal law enforcement agencies charged with controlling immigration and their efforts to find criminal elements within the illegal alien population and simply flaunting all federal immigration laws.
If they wish their state to be a sanctuary state let them but force them to pay their own way in their lawless activities. I sure don’t want my federal tax dollars to go to lawless California governmental entities, not now and not ever.

LJ Freeman
3 years ago

It is time to cut off all federal money to sanctuary states like CA.
It is time to arrest politicians that harbor these criminal aliens.

3 years ago

As a native Californian, I 100% agree with your article. We live in a rural area, 9 hours east of San Francisco, so are somewhat sheltered, but we are getting taxed to the hilt, with no end in sight. I wish the Feds would stop giving states Federal funds if they do have sanctuary city/cities. It would hurt even us in rural CA America, but something drastic needs to be done. I don’t know when people will see the truth in what a horrible mess our state is in, so hopefully, they would stop voting Democrat (although when we vote something in, our stupid judges say it’s not legal, so it doesn’t become law). Our new gas tax will be mostly pork barrel spending. Our CA Dem Legislature is salivating. So disgusting!

3 years ago

Grew up in So Cal but moved to Seattle area in the 80’s. CA was a great place growing up but had already started getting overcrowded, expensive, and unlivable. Seattle was great for awhile also but began seeing the same signs that prompted move out of CA.
Recently retired to countryside in conservative eastern WA or same reasons as for leaving CA. Democrats had started gaining more control of the entire state government. Just recently governor Inslee (one of the boneheads running for US President) made the entire state of Washington a sanctuary state. Its not just the city of Seattle anymore.
This is where we make our last stand I guess. Glad to have lived in the real America. Hope the next generations wont grow up in the fake America that appears to be growing faster. At least we have more time and wisdom to fight back while we can.

3 years ago

Cut off funding to these cities and try their governments for treason!

3 years ago

We need to stop subsidizing all this irresponsible liberal spending with federal taxpayer money. For one thing, the Constitution REQUIRES that any and all Federal taxes are “equitable among the states”. So any writeoff/deduction that does not apply equally to ALL states is unconstitutional. Therefore since not every state has a state tax, it is unconstitutional to have a deduction for state taxes on the federal tax code. Every dollar that residents from these states do not pay in federal taxes due to the deduction is a subsidy from all the taxpayers from states without state taxes.

D. Alan
3 years ago

Good afternoon,

If California will not “back down” and obey the laws of the federal government (which they themselves had the opportunity to create and vote) then they should be invaded and occupied) just like the rebellious, secessionist southern states after the Civil War. Who do these government leaders in California think they are?? Know that it was powerful white men who started the “fire” which led to the Civil War!! Read Charles B. Dew’s book, “Apostles of Disunion: Southern Secession Commissioners and the Causes of the Civil War.” Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 2001.


3 years ago

Yes, but now want every state and government to give them handouts to take care of what they have done. Either you take up and care for what you want or shut down these so called sanctuary cities and states. Crime has increased here in Texas and the border needs defended. I saw what happened in Arizona, when I lived there. Crossings daily by pregnant women to have babies born in America. Illegally entering, now a problem because children were birn here and parents illegally here. Parents that have tried to do right since that time, but meeting resistance even before this greatest influx ever started. Another time government backs were turned against parents. This is not new. Arizona was giving healthcare but remember our healthcare is not acceptable to bodies with no immune system. Bodies reject medications and other treatments. Some people get sicker before they can get better. You have no idea what comes in from foreign countries. That is why Ellis Island was established when people were coming to America. Quarantine so illness coukd be contained. If too ill, were sent back home. History has not changed, but removed. Remember it does repeat itself.

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