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Biden’s Inflation Inferno | Steve Cortes | EP 157

President Biden’s economic crisis has turned into an inflation inferno for all Americans especially those on fixed incomes. Former President Trump’s Economic Advisor, Steve Cortes, joins the BFA podcast this week to talk about Biden’s poor mishandling of our once booming economy! Bank of America has officially gone woke, Steve a proud Hispanic American points out the hypocrisy in their new offer to minority first-time homeowners, simulating an apartheid in America. And, if you have not heard the term ‘sticky’ inflation, Steve will teach you what to look out for when inflation hopefully subdues. Under Donald Trump, we had achieved energy independence, but President Biden threw that gift away, and Steve believes this was the inception of the inflationary period to appease radical green policies. Rebecca turns to our open border and Steve explains how this is not only a national security and humanitarian crisis but the effects that 2 million migrants have on our economy. Tune in to hear how this economist believes a red wave in November will put out the fire on Biden’s inflation inferno.

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5 months ago

Bank of America should change their name, they suck.

5 months ago

The United States and all its WOKE industries and corporations (banks and media included) are no longer advocates of majority rule. Conversely it is now minorities rule via identity politics that Obama brought to a dangerous and unhealthy life and Biden is feeding steroids. Unless we return to a real democratic republic where merit and opportunity triumphs over freebies and capitulation to identity groups, we are sunk as a Democratic Republic with a working, uplifting, fair Constitution.

5 months ago

so, WHAT do those of us DO that have had to spend our retirement, savings – everything we spent at least 75 years trying to accumulate, do now that rent zooms past our income to say NOTHING about food, meds, doctor, dental and the ever existent grandchild’s birthday and Christmas gifts??? Many of us have to give up eating just afford these “things”…then, Grandparents jus do that but then suffer for years because of it!!! NOT right…we WORKED HARD for 50/60 years – not expecting to live worse than paupers!!! Thanks Biden, liberals and illegals!!! You give money to illegals and those determined/unwilling to EVER work but NOT to those who BUILT this country through decades of hard work!!!

5 months ago

Janet Yellen, just like Bidum does not have a clue. It may get far worse before it gets better. Myorkas should be in jail, he is an enemy of the American people.
America’s only hope is to vote RED in November and again in 2024!

Clark Kent
5 months ago
Reply to  patriot

‘MAY’ get far worse? WAKE UP!

5 months ago
Reply to  Clark Kent

Well, apparently many are waiting for us “baby boomers” to just DIE so our Social Security – that we EARNED through HARD WORK, can be given freely to others who refuse to find or realize it more profitable NOT to work. WE don’t have that many years to “wait” for it to get better…and probably, THAT’S the point!!??

Robert Zuccaro
5 months ago

“Hurts Americans”? They know this and do not care. We were treated better by King George… tea party time?

Clark Kent
5 months ago
Reply to  Robert Zuccaro

‘Soap box, ballot box, cartridge box’ – Abraham Lincoln.

Philip Hammersley
5 months ago

They are repeating the same actions which caused the 2008 economic collapse. Loaning money to people who do not have the ability to pay it back! With inflation increasing, will the borrowers be able to make their payments? When it collapses again, we’ll “need a bailout” again!

5 months ago

No more bail outs

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