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Biden’s Duplicity Alienates the World

AMAC Exclusive – by Daniel Roman


Two weeks ago, Joe Biden rose to address the United Nations. The speech was the keynote for a Biden foreign policy that is now clearly one not only of spite, but of deceit—two trends that are resulting in more dangerous consequences every day.

It was all there in the U.N. speech. As with most Biden speeches, the text does not due proper justice to the pauses, misstatements and bypassed words that are now expected any time the President takes the podium. But in this case, while the transcript might make what Biden said clearer, the meaning is no more discernable when read than it was to his audience in the moment. For instance, what does Biden mean by “relentless diplomacy?” What does his vision for the world look like? Who is the United States to “cooperate” with, and how? Given the last two months, both America’s friends and foes can be forgiven for having no idea.

If there is one place where Joe Biden has fallen the most short throughout the early months of his presidency (and the competition for that honor is tough), it is on foreign policy. One of the most persistent accusations that Joe Biden, or at least those who ran his campaign, and the Democratic Party levied at Donald Trump was that he had undermined America’s alliances and thereby made it harder for the U.S. to cooperate internationally. But after a disastrous pullout from Afghanistan, in which the Biden administration found itself in a briefing war afgainst multiple European countries and longtime American allies, including the United Kingdom (upon which administration officials threatened to seek revenge for its criticism), Biden seems to have now jeopardized another American alliance with another longtime friend to the U.S. – France.

The American mainstream media has been quick to respond to the recall of the French Ambassador to the U.S. with assertions that the Franco-American alliance is the oldest in American history, issuing snide remarks which remind everyone that anti-French sentiment is the second oldest popular hatred in America after resistance to the British crown. Those who argue that the French are overreacting to exclusion from the new “Anglo-American-Australian Alliance,” and France’s loss of their contract to supply submarines to Australia are not entirely wrong. The French behavior is dramatic, as may be expected with a presidential election approaching in France next April. But the debate over Biden’s treatment of France and France’s reaction has distracted from the wider question: what, precisely, is Biden trying to accomplish?

Ostensibly the answer is easy enough. Concerned about the rise of China, the United States is forming an alliance with the United Kingdom, historically a close ally, and Australia, whose exposure to Chinese pressure was demonstrated by the threats Canberra faced when it had the temerity to demand an investigation into the origins of COVID-19. But even if the purpose of the alliance makes sense, the actual structure and announcement of the agreement does not seem to fit into any wider geopolitical strategy. The very same week the alliance was announced, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited London, where she informed the British government that she would block any trade agreement with the United States if the U.K. took any unilateral action in Northern Ireland. As the U.K.’s only leverage with the European Union in its current post-Brexit conflicts is unilateral action, in effect Pelosi weighed in on a European affair on the side of Brussels. It is hard to imagine Pelosi did this without Biden’s support, and her remarks, not the new “alliance,” seems far more in line with an anti-British sentiment from the current White House that appears at odds with the submarine deal.

The plot thickened even further when Boris Johnson secured an invitation to visit the White House following Biden’s UN speech, normally a sign of favor. Yet the meeting itself was brief, and included another lecture from Biden on Northern Ireland. It was also followed by the White House publicly reprimanding Boris Johnson for daring to take questions from the British press.

So which is it? Is the United States a close ally of the U.K., dedicated to working with London to counter China, leaving behind an unreliable continental Europe? Or is the U.S. a guarantor of international law, siding with Brussels and other international bodies against a rogue populist government in London which is “destabilizing” American alliances? The French are reacting with anger not to the Australia-U.S.-U.K. alliance as a policy, but to the bizarre whiplash as the Biden administration seems to carry out multiple, mutually contradictory policies at the same time.

Countries will forgive many slights in geopolitics. It is an old saying that nations have no permanent friends, only permanent interests. But in order to operate within such a system, there has to be a minimal level of trust. Perhaps not trust that other countries will keep their commitments even against their own interests, but at the very least an expectation that if they do have to violate them, they will be forthcoming about what they are doing and what they perceive their interests to be.

Few European states could fairly begrudge the United States from withdrawing from Afghanistan. What outraged even the militantly anti-interventionist Germans and the normally quiet Merkel was the lack of consultation. European states had gone into Afghanistan at the request of the United States. The commitments they had made to Afghans who worked with them were obligations they undertook at the request of the United States. For the Biden administration to act as if that obligation was solely their problem, and by implication that if they did not want those Afghans to be in danger they should not have worked with them was not just heartless, it was duplicitous. In doing so Biden was punishing European states for having done what the United States under Bush, Obama, and Biden had asked.

Donald Trump supported Brexit. He also cared deeply about the peace process in Northern Ireland, and sent his chief of staff to make that clear to both sides. Holding a grudge against the current British government for being close to and attentive to the concerns of the previous administration is the height of hostility and petulance.

At least it would be consistent, however. Biden has combined a foreign policy of spite with a foreign policy of duplicity. How else to explain sending Nancy Pelosi to threaten Boris Johnson with a trade blockade the same day he announced a new alliance?

The French have had enough of this mercurial foreign policy disorder. They have recalled their Ambassador not only because of the surprise alliance announcement or even the submarine contract. They have withdrawn him because they also realized there is no point talking with an American administration that has no idea what it wants.

Biden’s speech at the UN will provide no answers to anyone looking for a coherent policy or answers to the apparent disconnect in his previous actions. Biden said the United States has turned the corner and will fight relentlessly for democracy around the world, but was careful to state that it was not in a “cold war with China.” Despite having called climate change an existential threat, he had no answers for how to deal with China’s rampant pollution. And while he pledged to defend allies, he stressed he felt military force was only a last resort.

At best he said nothing. At worst he said everything, each sentence negating the last and again amounting to nothing. That, for what it is worth, is what the last few weeks of U.S. diplomacy towards the United Kingdom and France added up to. The United States formed a new alliance with the U.K., a “plus one” for friendship. The U.S. threatened a trade blockade over Northern Ireland, a “minus one.” Boris Johnson received a White House meeting, another “plus one.” It was followed by direct insults from Jen Psaki, “minus one.” The net total? Zero. Which is what the French now rightly expect from Joe Biden and his team. A pity they are the only ones willing to call it out publicly. They are forgiven for their sense of drama.

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7 months ago

OK, everyone…say it with me. “At least there are no more mean tweets”. The country is sliding down the tubes, but those mean tweets are a thing of the past, by golly! (Ol’ Sam rolls eyes and shakes head)

7 months ago

As joe and the rest of the demorats take us closer to not socialism, but communism he and his idiots make our country look like complete damned fools to the rest of the world. Russia, China, Iran and the rest of that horse dung in the world sit licking their chops knowing that if this ass is in office long enough they’ll take our country without ever firing a shot!

7 months ago

Yes, I would like to know who is in charge of the Dem administration. Chaos all the time. Our once great country is run by fools. Just look at the border crisis and our cities. Just decay since Biden has been in office.

7 months ago

When does the Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) travel to the UK to make foreign policy?
That is not her job! Her job is legislature, not foreign policy, authority of our different leaders is certainly getting blurred. No wonder our allies have no idea who is really in charge of our country; it is the same question that we, the USA Citizens and Voters, have been wondering..

Ed Valiket
7 months ago

Biden is all in on the new world order, supporting China expansion, degrading the USA and enhancing the Biden crime family, that is his agenda

Constant de Calonne
7 months ago

Biden continues to decompansate and PEE losi is out of control Perhaps she could benefit from some psych medicine ? does she think that she is flexing her muscles ie getting ready For the leadership.role when Biden and Harris fail? GOD HELP US ALL!

Bill on the Hill
7 months ago

With respect to the French ambassador being recalled back to France, ”  They have withdrawn him because they also realized there is no point talking with an American administration that has no idea what it wants.” Does this not sum up the entire Biden administration on the world stage? Yes, I listened to JRB’s United Nations speech, as difficult as it was to understand the vast majority of what was coming out of his mouth…The man is so out of it now, he can barely form a single coherent sentence on any subject matter…The installation of Joe Biden through a rigged election has lead to one catastrophe after another at this point…It is long overdue for his removal from office.
It is long overdue for the complete removal of the deep state structure that is turning America into a 3rd world nation at a rapid rate. We are in desperate need of real leadership within our government.
Bill on the Hill…

7 months ago

Brenda, I agree with your statement about Donald Trump. He has been the best since President Truman and President Regan. How long will it take for our government and the powers that be to reinstate Trump and dethrone the current clown and his three ring circus?

7 months ago
Reply to  Darwin

What does Sleepy, Arrogant, Tax Evader, Shady family buisness dealer, 78yo revengeful, Sleepy Joe have to lose? China, Russia and Iran are more povacative because they know that he is weak kneed and does not counsel with our allies, heed the advice of his Generals and allows a invasion of illegal aliens along our Southern border along with human, sex, and drug trafficing. I am a 77 yo Viet Nam vet and I have never been as diappointed in and as concerned about the future of our Republic as I am today. Considering my age, l, like the President, have nothing to lose. BUT my childrens and grandchildrens generations will lose their freedoms unless something changes. Their generations are/will decide whether or not the US will be a republic with guaranteed individual rights or sink into the misery of socialism.

7 months ago
Reply to  Keith

First, thank you for your service! And, thank you for your post. The only thing you and I differ on is that OUR generation will be the ones to decide what happens with our children and future generations. The time to act is NOW! Our generation needs to lead.

7 months ago

Good job Joey. Now we will lose all our allies. Put your helmets on USA, China is coming!

My Tigerbob
7 months ago
Reply to  Karen

I always wondered why the big push to teach Chinese in the schools and why we have so many of them as students and professors. Infiltration from within.

7 months ago

As our enemies and former allies say”SloJoe you are the gift that keeps on giving .” They all check the early news to see what he has done or not done.

7 months ago

The world stage is being set up and the pieces are being put into place for the return of the real King. It is as simple as that.

7 months ago

Now I know why people live off the grid…why would anyone think…that it would be okay for the government to take your money and then tell you what to do?….and I’m not talking about following the law…do people…that get government assistant thinks it’s free…(and I’m not talking about someone that needs temporary assistant)…look how the people are treated in Cuba…I’m sure it started with a lot of freebies…but what has happened…the
corrupt government abuses their people…WAKE UP…WE ARE GETTING THERE…mask and vaccine mandates…open borders…with intent to legalize…no accountability for corrupt government…
When you think…it can’t get any worse…it’s appalling…and unAmerican…and our government is arrogantly daring the people to do anything about it…stand up for your rights…America has been asleep long enough…

Sean Richman
7 months ago

The six(plus many more)STOOGES.The nonobamba idiots and now a cult that is so out of touch with reality,it is downright scary.You do NOT trash your friends and embrace your enemies,that is unless you are the totally stupid cult that is destroying AMERICA.

7 months ago

Joe Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer, three corrupt schemers. Three awful people against their own country and the American tax payer. What’s next???

7 months ago

And the Fake News just sits by with their nose in the air like nothing is happening

7 months ago

A woman is writing his speeches…they have a feminine touch…WONDER WHO THAT COULD BE?… Obama and his staff has come home to roost…who the heck cares what he thinks…I never voted for him…I knew that would end up messy…he’s still trying to push his socialism agenda…with Biden as his puppet…WAKE UP AMERICA!…LOOK WHAT IS HAPPENING IN AUSTRALIA…

7 months ago

Not joebamas duplicity it’s his STUPIDITY!
This guy and his party are a failed clown show.
There as ignorant as their supporters!

7 months ago

Hey, Joe Biden and his administration is absolutely loved by America’s enemies. The leaders of China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and even the Taliban and ISIS in Afghanistan think Joe Biden is the best thing since sliced bread. Every day is an opportunity for them to celebrate how easy Joe and his administration have made it for them to do pretty much anything they want without any fear of retaliation from the United States. They absolutely love the guy! Best investment they ever made.

Bill on the Hill
7 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Thank you Paul…That pretty much sums it up… As Art above in the comments has stated, ” Biden is the gift that keeps on giving. ” Our enemies love this guy… :~(
Bill on the Hill… :~)

Todd Wagner
7 months ago


7 months ago
Reply to  Todd Wagner


7 months ago
Reply to  Todd Wagner

Todd Wagner, I had been seeing and hearing this for 1,000 times that Joe Biden should be impeach, but no one is doing anything about this. He should be impeached from the very beginning of his presidency, but nothing is being done about this.

Ann K
7 months ago
Reply to  Todd Wagner

Than we get Kamala.

7 months ago

By now every reasonable American should realize that The Biden Crime Family and most of the Democrats are working with George Soros and the Communist Chinese to destroy our country! If we don’t take action NOW against this corrupt, illegitimate and treasonous administration We will lose whatever is left of our beloved Country!

J. Farley
7 months ago
Reply to  LONE WOLF

LONE WOLF, I don’t think anyone is listening, the only gun fire we hear, is the Hidden, Lying
Joe Biden supporters killing each other in the streets of our Inner Cities, like Chicago, L.A, and Detriot etc.

7 months ago
Reply to  J. Farley

J. Farley, you are right in saying that no one is listening. The only thing for now is people should get wise to themselves and vote only for Republicans to get them in Congress both House of Representatives and Senate. This way the less we have Democrats in Congress the better, otherwise we will definitely loose our country for good.

J. Farley
7 months ago
Reply to  Sheila

I have always had trouble spelling Communist, it spelled—
D-E-M-O-C-R-AT, there that was easy.

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