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Biden’s America: Lowered Expectations

We are living in Biden’s America, and in it, nothing works as expected. And I refuse to lower my expectations.

I recently dropped into a national chain’s diagnostic lab near my office in Northern Virginia for some routine lab work. (As a Type I diabetic, I get blood drawn several times each year.) What in the past would have taken 10-15 minutes, turned into a nearly three hour ordeal.

In the past, the clinic was staffed by someone in the lobby who checked you in. Now, there is just a computer in the lobby clients were supposed to check in on. After checking in, I waited about an hour before a technician informed me that as a walk-in client, my wait could be two hours or longer, she couldn’t give me a definite time. She explained that because of COVID, clients need to make an appointment online.

Without getting overly detailed, the blood work I needed had to be done that day. I couldn’t come back another day. A woman next to me in the lobby suggested I go check out another clinic a few miles away. I hopped in my car and drove there, only to discover that that location was closed. An employee next door told me that clinic closed due to lack of staff. I can’t say for certain, but my guess is, the clinic couldn’t find enough workers because of COVID.

At this point, nearly two hours had gone by and I had blown an important work deadline. I still hadn’t eaten anything because the lab work needed to be done while fasting. I was losing my mind. Recognizing that this was just a small inconvenience that didn’t warrant my outrage, I tried to calm down. I called my boss and explained what was wrong and why I wasn’t at work yet. I candidly told him I was on the verge of a breakdown over the situation. He shared that others close to him had similarly  experienced what he called “COVID meltdowns,” recently and that it was a “thing.”

I think these COVID meltdowns are the manifestations of 18 months of nothing working right, of everything being just a little off. And now rising inflation and growing supply chain problems, it seems life won’t be going back to normal anytime soon.

The Left is now telling America to “lower your expectations.” They want all this mediocrity to become the norm.

The Washington Post just ran this headline, “Don’t rant about short-staffed stores and supply chain woes.” Rather than “living constantly on the verge of throwing a fit … We do ourselves a favor by consciously lowering expectations.”

Excerpt from Post guest column:

Across the country, Americans’ expectations of speedy service and easy access to consumer products have been crushed like a Styrofoam container in a trash compactor. Time for some new, more realistic expectations.

Fast food is less fast. A huge flotilla of container ships is stuck offshore in California, waiting to unload. Shelves normally stocked with Halloween candy this time of year are empty, as I saw the other day at a Target here in Ann Arbor, Mich.

American consumers, their expectations pampered and catered to for decades, are not accustomed to inconvenience.

Rather than living constantly on the verge of throwing a fit, and risking taking it out on overwhelmed servers, struggling shop owners or late-arriving delivery people, we’d do ourselves a favor by consciously lowering expectations.

This week when White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the growing supply chain problems, she mocked the reporter’s question.

Reporter: Just a question on the timing on the supply chain issue, actions that the president has taken, it was clear in March 2020 when COVID hit that their supply chains across the world had been disrupted, even as the sort of work to fight back against COVID proceeded people. It was crystal clear that things were not improving on supply chain. People couldn’t get dishwashers and furniture and treadmills delivered on time, not to mention all sorts of other things.

Jen Psaki: The tragedy of the treadmill that’s delayed.

Reporter: But the serious point is, why didn’t the president act sooner in a more aggressive way?

In Biden’s America nothing works as expected. In my mini-crisis, I ended up calling my doctor’s office on the verge of tears and they said I could get my blood drawn in their lab, but they made clear they were making an exception, and I had to get there in 20 minutes.

Under normal conditions, I would not have reacted the way I did. But we are not living in normal times. We are living in Biden’s America, and in it, nothing works as expected. And I refuse to lower my expectations.

Catherine Mortensen is Vice President of Communications at Americans for Limited Government.

Reprinted with Permission from - Daily Torch by - Catherine Mortensen

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Tire Dove IT
30 days ago

Bernie Sanders loves Russia so much he’s tried to bring its economy home to America. Empty shelves all over America. Coming soon, Party-only stores for the Kommisariat.

1 month ago

Welcome to commie USA comrades! Although it is such a travesty, I have faith that we will be back soon. Look forward to 2022…..I think we will take over. MAGA!!! Let’s go Brandon!

1 month ago

The whole democratic party is a complete disgrace to America!!

Allan Brem
1 month ago

These are today’s politicians – suggesting that we do something that we have already done.

JJ Johnson-Smith
1 month ago

America is being run by Criminals, LITERALLY. Yes, we DO need to RAISE our expectations, and our VOICES. We need Civil Disobedience, refusal to comply with unconstitutional Laws, Mandates, and Rules, and we need to make certain that our kids KNOW what the Constitution has to say! Officials who violate Constitutional Law MUST be held responsible via removal from office. WE have the power and the guide to rein-in these lunatics in Washington, but we HAVE to work TOGETHER. Start in your OWN communities, with your OWN local government, and monitor everything they do, hold them to the Constitution and Transparency, and form teams willing to do it. Go to:, and click on THE 5 STEPS at the top of the menu.

Robin Walter Boyd
1 month ago

We need to be raising our expectations, beginning with expecting the president, puppet or not, to stop doing more harm than good for American citizens and the overall image of the U.S. The one area we should expect less is from government interference with the social lives of American citizens, with allowing illegal immigrants from invading the U.S. and from government having so much influence over businesses, especially in the medical and insurance industries.
By putting more responsibility of our social lives back in our control, and greatly reducing the size of government, we can raise our expectations to be what the U.S. was before being infiltrated with Socialist ideologies that began in earnest in 1912 with the first Socialist president, Woodrow Wilson.

Mario Capparuccini
1 month ago

I still cannot get my head around the 38% of those polled who still think that Joe Biden is a good President. What substance(s) are they using or smoking?

R.J. from Arizona
1 month ago

Expectations? I have no expectations of anything anymore. I hope all the biden voters are happy.

1 month ago

Obama started the the standards for America….and China cheater Joe is doing exactly what Obama and his puppeteers are telling him to do to destroy our country. I just wonder how much more We The People are going to take before we get on our feet and do something about this mess….you would think that the military would be doing their job, like removing the communist terrorists in office….but they have become as corrupt as the rest of the government.

1 month ago

Pres Joe Biden said this again yesterday ” The spending package will not increase debt and will be paid for” … But , he never explains where this money will come from. This is a lot of money folks….and they need to take the pork out of bill for starters.

Sara J Grosso
1 month ago
Reply to  johnh

SURE IT WILL BE PAID FOR. BY OUR GRANDCHILDREN AND GREAT GRANDCHILDREN ETC. You don’t think THEY will be paying it, do you? It will come out of taxes on We The People.

1 month ago

And isn’t it interesting those proclaiming “get used to mediocrity” more than likely have no “supply chain problems”…And we can’t forget that, with Trump this nation was at it’s peak. Jobs were abundant, workers working, gasoline under $2.00 in places, no shortages of anything, reasonable prices, prosperity unlike anything since the late 50’s and early 60’s (before the pot head moron’s illegally in charge of running things now) but now the incompetent, controlled boob who can’t even remember what day it is or where he is … was “voted” into office?? All this is a symptom of more devastation to come.Unless there is a drastic change in Americans, to fight back with everything we have, to go after these fat politicians and harass them to the point they will either resign or get off their custom suit clad butts…America will continue to bleeding out rapidly. This is not by accident and in fact this is exactly what Marxism is designed to do. Marxism is just another name for communism. There is NO such thing as “pure socialism”, it is merely a door to dictatorship.
All illegals are to this treasonous regime are “voters” who will be rewarded with handouts at our expense. And lest we forget the ONE big detriment to the traitor’s plans, so far, is the Second Amendment…the entire “gun violence” is BS and they know it. As George Washington put it so succinctly; “Firearms are the Liberty’s teeth.” Dictators know this well. Unfortunately the uninformed and just plain lazy buy into the ongoing propaganda. The term “gun violence” is beyond stupidity but the uninformed buy it because of just plain ignorance. I’ve yet to see a gun load itself, walk out the door, pick a target and pull it’s own trigger…but then we must hold the liars to accountability…if a gun can make decisions then so to, can knives, ball bats, rocks, swords and frying pans etc. are also capable of “violence”….

Sara J Grosso
1 month ago
Reply to  Denise

Beautifully said!!

1 month ago

Biden is a DISASTER. IMPEACH the dementia ridden imbecile….and make sure the cackling ho is included in the impeachment. She hasn’t done a damn thing either except cackle like an old hen when asked a question ….

Sherry Derrico
1 month ago
Reply to  Granny39

Granny39 Love your words!! Exactley how I feel. They both need taken out of office and escorted to HE**.

don heer
1 month ago

BIDEN you created this mess VOTE REPUBLICAN IN 2022

1 month ago

Lower expectations…..this is a national version of what has been happening all over the country the past 30 plus years……on the local scene when excellence is deferred so that every kid gets a trophy, every participant a ribbon, and every nare-do-well applause just for showing up. Now these kids are adults, and it’s all O.K. with them… need to excel. No need to be challenged and rise up to higher goals. No need to buckle down and get to work, and be the best you can. We are all the same….all champions, all heros, all prize winners and accolade receivers. So, just lower your expectations, and that will make you feel all better…..get your little pat on the head and go back to your middle minded slacker place in life. So what if you have to make do, at least someone is giving you a prize for being present.

A. Kummetz
1 month ago
Reply to  D.P.

And those handing out the little trophies are living very well off tax payer dollars . They could not care less about the citizens of this country!

Michael Shatto
1 month ago

Do you know who was the other Democrat President who told us to lower our expectations?

Dave K
1 month ago
Reply to  Michael Shatto

Wasn’t it Carter?

1 month ago
Reply to  Michael Shatto

The peanut king…..Carter…and he said it directly….with a straight face. And people gobbled up his goober tactic ……

Tim Toroian
1 month ago

Preparing us for lines like the G.U.M. had? And black markets? guess how many politicians have stockpiled stuff in anticipation.

J. Farley
1 month ago

What President Trump wanted for America, was a high standard of living, good jobs, high wages, great healthcare, where Americans strive to be the best they can be, where Freedom and God are cherished. What Biden/Harris or is it Harris/Biden and the Democrats want is for Americans to reach for mediocre, where you enjoy living in a third world country, and are treated as such, where you are forced to except poor healthcare, low wages, and soaring prices for gas and food, where everything is in short supply. where you are sucking up to big Government just so you can get your share of extraordinarily little, where you click you heels and praise them for being so kind. I was raised in an America and was taught that America was the best place on Earth, and we did not take a back seat to anyone, but we did try to bring others along with us as we grow there by America grow and prospered.
God Save America!

1 month ago
Reply to  J. Farley

Well said !!

1 month ago

Hopefully, millions more Americans will refuse to lower expectations..
What a load of BS!!!
It’s time to Tar & Feather useless, thieving politicians. Not “lower expectations”……

1 month ago

This is NOT due to incompetence, ineptness, carelessness, accidental. This is ALL INTENTIONAL.

Stephen Russell
1 month ago

Biden stalled all: Energy, food, other day 1 & HE expects US to lower expectations while they “party”.
See how Dems see WE Voters & yet some still vote for Dems.
Is this fair?
He caused our energy crisis day 1

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