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Biden Vaccine Plan Turns into Yet Another Foreign Policy Debacle

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The Central Intelligence Agency recently stirred up an unusual degree of attention for its widely mocked recruitment video featuring an absurd level of “wokeness”—including staff members discussing their mental disabilities, while stressing a diverse, inclusive environment that made the nation’s premier foreign intelligence service sound like a liberal arts college. Yet the CIA is hardly the only organ of the Biden national security apparatus that has been infected with increasingly confused left-wing ideology—and as a result, the Biden administration is stumbling into one foreign policy disaster after another.

Among the most recent examples is the Administration’s decision to publicly endorse a proposed waiver of patents for Covid-19 Vaccines, allowing anyone in the world to reproduce these medical breakthroughs without paying for the intellectual property. Surely, the Biden Administration thought that a little “virtue signaling” at the expense of giant pharmaceutical companies would be welcomed by their liberal allies worldwide while allowing Biden to claim he was helping third world countries more rapidly vaccinate their populations. Indeed, within the insular circle which makes up the American political elite, the idea must have seemed like an obvious winner.

But the decision has blown up on them spectacularly.

While Vladimir Putin was quick to embrace Biden’s proposal—evidently not satisfied with the quality of his own Sputnik Vaccine—America’s European allies have reacted with outrage.

It seems that in the Biden Administration’s mistaken conviction that America is the only nation on earth with a “capitalist” healthcare system, they failed to consider that the United States is not, in fact, the center of the global pharmaceutical industry. Indeed, many of the corporations with the most money on the line are European.

While Pfizer, the maker of the first vaccine, is an American company, it is partnered with BioNTech SE, a German firm. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the pharmaceutical arm of Johnson& Johnson, is headquartered in Belgium. The CEO of Moderna is French. Thus the Biden Administration, in advocating for waiving these companies’ patents, was in effect offering to give up something that was partially owned by other countries. And to add insult to injury, it appears the administration did not bother consulting with Germany, France, or Belgium before doing so.

As the Financial Times reported, “EU officials said Washington had given Brussels advance notice of the patent move shortly before it was made public on Wednesday, but that there was no consultation or attempt to co-ordinate positions.”

The reaction was swift and predictable. German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that a patent waiver would harm innovation and pointedly noted that the United States maintained a ban on the export of vaccines and the supplies for the production of vaccines, a ban which had harmed the vaccine rollout not just in the developing world but in Europe as well. “I think that we need the creativity and innovation of the companies — and for that, we need patent protection,” Merkel warned.

 Merkel’s complaints were echoed by French President Emmanuel Macron, who said, “I call very clearly on the US to end export bans not only on vaccines, but on ingredients of those vaccines.”

Evidently, Europe’s leaders intend to stand up for their nation’s businesses, even if the Biden Administration does not intend to do the same for America’s. Moreover, European leaders apparently harbor a strong suspicion that the Biden Administration never intended for there to be a patent waiver anyway. As they pointed out in their statements, patent waivers are mostly useless if the U.S. maintains an export ban on the critical materials needed to actually produce the vaccines. The lack of consultation, combined with the absence of any moves by the White House to lift U.S. export restrictions, have led European leaders to conclude that the entire exercise was a PR stunt designed to make the Biden Administration look good. Meanwhile, the Europeans were forced to be the “bad guys” fighting for the interests of their own companies and nations and American firms, and the United States.

Macron and Merkel may well be missing Donald Trump already. He was aggressive when he wanted something. But at least he told them what he wanted, rather than simply stabbing them in the back.

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Lee Starr
2 years ago

F Biden that CS, enough said

2 years ago


Larry W.
2 years ago

Biden and his administration, blundering “do gooders”, (except they are really blundering puppets). They believe that whatever ideas pop into their heads that they are endowed with some superior brain power. Actually they are puppets of socialist ideas long ago tried and failed. Liberals seem to learn nothing from history. They are too self indulged to accept what is true.

2 years ago
Reply to  Larry W.

I watched a speech by Marjorie Taylor Green (Republican-Georgia) where she played on Jeff Foxworthy’s “If xyz, You might be a Redneck” skit, substituting “if abc, You might be a Democrat.” She should add “If you wake up to ground-hog day every morning, you might be a Democrat!” OR “If your idea of long-term cause and effect is the lifespan of a gnat, you might be a Democrat.” OR “If you rewrite history because you don’t like the lessons learned by real history, you might be a Democrat.” She will never run out of material because there is no end to the opportunities Dems provide for stupid.

2 years ago

I am sure these foreign countries and their citizens are aware of what our leadership has become. Too bad so many of our uninformed citizens are ignorant of us being led to the slaughter by our media, leftists, and indoctrinated students. WOKE, more like sleepwalk into oblivian!

David P Nelson
2 years ago

Ben, when is this lack of Leadership going to straighten up and ‘do the right thing’?

2 years ago

The goal is right on target. They are in our White House to ruin our country. That’s the only job that they have.

2 years ago

Those mental disabilities aren’t just evident in the CIA.

2 years ago

The leftist government we have only think about themselves! Now these European heads are seeing what American leftist really are – selfish, arrogant and immature! We already knew that!

aluminum head
2 years ago

That POS was playing college football while claiming he is unfit to serve his country. And 48 years later, plus all the time in between, he has STILL not served his nation.

aluminum head
2 years ago

Sorry kids. We need a military coup or outright insurrection and put the real winner of the election back in office. Got it ?

2 years ago
Reply to  aluminum head

Got it! We may need to implement an unground army similar to the underground used by the Europeans under Nazi occupation.

2 years ago
Reply to  aluminum head

I think just enforcing election integrity would do the trick. I believe we have been duped for decades by a coup of pollsters creating fake expectations, media spreading lies and propaganda, and both parties in cahoots on election fraud.

Wayne Peterkin
2 years ago

I rarely agree with Germany’s Merkel but she is right on this. Innovation, creativity, and research is driven by revenues, revenues that are generated by sales of developed products. Eliminate those revenues and innovation ceases. Without the challenge of competition the vaccines we are relying on today would likely still be a dream, and ignorant leftists including Biden can’t seem to comprehend that simple truth.

Ruth A Lance
2 years ago
Reply to  Wayne Peterkin

They are stupid, the lot of them.

2 years ago

Biden has no idea where he is, what he is doing or what he is saying. He and his beady eyes are totally disgusting to us so I can imagine what the rest of the world thinks of this jacka**.

John Karkalis
2 years ago

Patriot Will, JB certainly is not a profile in toughness and decisiveness, and that’s what scares me.
Moscow and Beijing, among others are scrutinizing him as we write.
A long distance runner he isn’t, and for that reason (among others) I fear for our great nation.

Ed J
2 years ago

This is simply another example of the Demsheviks reinforcing their defining motto, “We snatch DEFEAT out of the JAWS OF VICTORY!”
It is also more definitive evidence that all those associated with Joe and the Ho Clown Show are Charter Members of the “180º Club” (i.e., whatever position they espouse or embrace, the exact opposite is usually true, appropriate, or an eminently more optimal solution, etc.).

Yes, these inmates are truly running the asylum (and very badly)! Unfortunately for us, THEIR asylum turns out to be OUR country. Their actions generally result in total mismanagement of everything they touch. Again, a genuine King Midas in reverse – everything they touch turns immediately to #2!

P.S. Would someone please pass us some political toilet paper so that we can begin to clean up this mess!

2 years ago

Just another example of how lost our present administration is. THEY ALL NEED OUR FERVENT PRAYERS. Only God can save us now.

Ruth A Lance
2 years ago
Reply to  Kevin

They don’t need our prayers, our country does and in spades.

The Rebel
2 years ago

Ethylene glycol is made for automotive anti-freeze—————–it is not meant to be injected into humans! Read the WARNING label !!

Old Silk
2 years ago

LOL – The EU is on to the gag. The removal of patent protections was likely only for the benefit of China and other enemies of our Constitution. It just ended up applying also to the EU. It applies to so many other patents and copyright work as well, cheapening American ingenuity

Last edited 2 years ago by Old Silk
B Hackbush
2 years ago

It once again supports the idea of lack of thought and consideration for others by the Biden adm to do what THEY think is advantageous for themselves and no one else. What a shame that a man should be a government employee for over 40 years and have no understanding for the people of the US and the world

Phil Hammersley
2 years ago

Senile Joe is showing that the former Obama official was correct in saying, “Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy issue.”

Brenda Blunt
2 years ago

Cowards are not needed or belong in the White House!!

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