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Biden-Kim Summit? No.

biden and kim jong un

President Biden, visibly aged, often unclear, and occasionally disoriented, just expressed a willingness to meet with China’s junior partner, Kim Jong Un of North Korea. While Biden in North Korea is not FDR at Yalta, he could be.  At Yalta, FDR lost his shirt to Stalin. Biden could lose his to Kim. Here is why.

Five reasons argue against a Biden-Kim summit. Similar circumstances surrounded FDR at Yalta – which cost the Allies much of Eastern Europe for half a century. In short, while some want Biden face-to-face with Kim, the timing is off, the purpose unclear, allies unified, risk high of missteps, and – in the end – Biden is not up to this, as FDR was not at Yalta.

First, timing – why now? The President is in Asia –and while talk of trade dominates the media, this is a trip about security, about telling China “no olive branches for nothing,” no appeasement if Xi pulls a Putin, no indulgence of wider threats against Taiwan, no militarizing the Solomon Islands, no insinuated threats against Australia, Japan, or India.

Sometimes, in diplomacy, less is more – and this is one of those occasions. All Biden has to do is be there, issue statements, wander about with seeming conviction, and get back on the plane. The fact the US president is in Asia is a flare for Communist China.

Yes, the Biden family appears compromised – on the facts – when it comes to China, but this is a simple statement, a basic statement, and one our allies have long wanted. In effect, let China know we have vital strategic interests in the region by being there.

Now ask yourself, why would you muddy that message by offering an unsolicited meeting with China’s underling at a time when they are threatening major ballistic missile tests and restart of the nuclear testing that Trump’s diplomacy stopped cold? 

Unless appeasement is your strategy – and if so, drop that – this is the worst possible timing for an overture, let alone a trip to go shake hands with China’s pal, Kim. Bad idea.

Second, what would the purpose of a sudden Biden-Kim summit be, except to perhaps out-Trump Trump, which the trip would not? This is like an extensive replay of little Democratic 1988 Presidential Candidate Michael Dukakis deciding to look tough, being helped into a tank, putting on an ill-fitted helmet, and showing he was something. He was not. Biden with Kim would look odd, almost silly. 

The big question is – to what end this trip, and for what purpose? If Biden thought Trump’s summits with Kim gave the North Korean dictator-communist undue credibility – which, if they did, also got a moratorium on ballistic missile and nuclear tests – what will this trip do?

Surely, unless he walked away with some major victory – highly unlikely, Biden’s only purpose served would be to look weak in front of Kim and Xi, hat in hand for something.

Think about where that beg, puff, and bumble approach got Biden with Saudi Arabia and other Middle East oil-producing countries – when Biden cut off US production, insulted Saudi and other regional allies, then realized he was creating an artificial gas and fuel oil shortage and flipped to ask Saudi for help. They did not even answer his phone call, for real.

Without real and high purpose, serious leverage, restored credibility (gone after Afghanistan and Ukraine), and a plan with merit, a meeting would be a Kim-Xi win and an embarrassment to the US and our allies.

Third, with Biden oscillating between a strategy of “do nothing, see nothing” – or “strategic patience” – and blunt, often angry, not-quite-cogent talk, allies in the region and globally have no idea what his strategy toward North Korea is and have deep questions about his relationship with China.

Allied unity is largely undefined, or certainly not recently re-articulated, except that every free nation wants more of what Trump delivered, a moratorium on North Korea’s aggressive missile launches and nuclear testing, both about to re-begin with Biden. So, absent real unity, this is also premature.

Fourth, the potential for missteps is high. All Biden has to do is say the wrong thing, convolute words or ideas, stumble in talking with this young communist leader, imply something not real, or absent-mindedly stumble into an area he forgot is classified – and the whole thing flips. He drags his own and US credibility lower. Not worth the gamble.

Fifth, in direct parallel to FDR and Stalin, the real concern is that Biden gets taken to the cleaners in any China-scripted Biden-Kim summit (remember how Kim went by train to Beijing twice before meeting  Trump) at a time when tensions globally are high, our credibility must be unquestioned, and China is edging toward a Ukraine-like move on Taiwan and other islands in the South China Sea. 

Historians know that Stalin knew FDR was weak, aged, and not his earlier self at Yalta, so with congeniality and cunning, he pounced and took the better part of Eastern Europe. 

Who knows what objectives Biden could stumblingly permit China and North Korea to advance – maybe another “minor incursion” comment like the one that seems to have invited Russia into Ukraine? Such a risk is inadvisable. Remember, FDR had allies in the room, and Biden will have none.

So, net-net – this is simple. Biden has said his “Hello.” Let’s leave it at that. With all deference due and a prayer for no more big strategic mistakes, let’s say no to a Biden-Kim summit right now. Then, just maybe, we could do a summit on, say, inflation at home?

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2 months ago

biden’s no good with borders,especially mexico-U.S. and the one between the koreas. his handlers know better. they are afraid he’ll cross and never be seen again. the rest of us patiently wait and live hope. jeff dunham is unavailable anyway.

Neal Christensen
2 months ago

Kim will play Bide like a worn out fiddle. America will be the loser…already is with the current adm inistratio.

Judy K.
2 months ago

Just thought I’d add this:
I firmly believe that virtually ‘none’ of the information about critical issues going on in this country is getting out. The border crisis, the Fentanyl crisis, the baby formula crisis, the truth about the creation of the ‘Disinformation Board, all of it is being quashed by the Creators of Disinformation, the Main Stream Media. All the unintelligent and sophomoric, as well as the ungodly, are the one’s watching only the MSM. These people are really totally in the dark about the devastating impact all that the Burden admin. traitors are having on this country. We really are in this alone as the God fearing class in society.
And may the Lord God help us!!

Judy K.
2 months ago

If this is a joke, it’s not funny.
And by chance is anyone else beginning to wonder just what we can believe, even on Conservative sights? What about 2,000 Mules AMAC?
Your contributors have anything to say about that? I’d like to know.

2 months ago

SAVE THE U.S.A. declare a new civil war against the leftist commies and destroy them!

Rosalee Cavanaugh
2 months ago

Old, sickly and obviously struggling with brain issues, poor Biden (health), poor USA ( our future ). What an awesome strategy the Demos had: Old Nancy speaker who shows the same signs as Biden of mental issues tearing up papers and clapping like a toy monkey; VP Harris who is politically and socially inapt; and poor old mentally disable or drugged Biden. No matter what we are screwed if he resigns or not. Way to go Democrats!

2 months ago

A biden/Kim summit can only end badly–very badly. It’s laughable to think biden could even have a conversation with him. Imagine the quizzical looks on the interpreter’s face when he tries to interpret biden’s “uh…oh well, whatever” or his non-sequiturs. Pathetic.

2 months ago

if you suspect a loved one someone else you know may have dementia, watch ANY dem try to talk. it might help you help them and identify all the symptoms. just tell the doctor they act like joe.

2 months ago

Joey has imported several containers of kimchi for his next big luncheon. Bend Over Joey is asking for the next load to be delivered quickly.The Destructive Incompetence and Indescribable Transition are great phases for he wants us to be SUBMISSIVE TO THE STATE. BEND OVER BILLY/JOEY. WE AIN’T WAITING FOR YOUR CRAP. HAVE A GREAT DAY AT “BERNIE’S”

2 months ago

Stop dancing around the real issue that no one in Washington wants to acknowledge, that was obvious even when he was campaigning from his basement in 2020. Biden has early to mid-stage dementia and has to be on medication to try and slow the mental degenerative process. This causes mood swings, sudden lapses of memory and a general disoriented persona. Remember Biden turning at the podium and shaking a non-existent hand a while back? As his dementia progresses, you can expect all of these symptoms to worsen with the risk of a major international incident rising as well. That the American people have somehow decided to allow such a mentally incapacitated individual to be POTUS and run around the world making gaffs and incredibly poor decisions, which have cost American lives, is insanity, but that is where we find ourselves. Your article is a nice attempt to gloss over the obvious issue in the room, but virtually every other world leader must know what is really going on with Biden. Putting Biden in a room with any of America’s adversaries or allies for that matter is simply too high a risk.

2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Again, Paul, you hit the target. If there was any time for Biden to stay in the basement, it is now.
Even with him “out of the picture”, nothing will change as far as the actions of this administration….not only is he not an asset…..he would be and already is a giant risk….just for showing up. And the world is watching……without the leftist blinders perched on the heads of those who are steering the ship.

2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Was this all planned? Joe and his VP counter part were a plant to do the damage with up and down of their bobbing heads to push the far left agenda. Once the damage is complete the VP who is sinking faster than Biden will be replaced by the real President hiding in the backroom. The one who has been pulling the strings. Biden is then out for health reasons and the new VP now becomes the President to save the party from total destruction. Nothing is ever what it appears to be in the Democrat Party for there is always a hidden agenda. One must always think outside the box when every policy by this admin has weakened America and emboldened our enemies beginning with the come one, come all immigration policy placing America and its people in harms way and destruction of our energy supply at home. Why such negative policies that are destroying the middle class and America? What is the end game of such negative policies?

2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE


Bill on the Hill
2 months ago
Reply to  PaulE

Couldn’t state it any better Paul… The demented one would be wise to sit this one out, just like he did running for potus from his Delaware basement…And here we are, going on ( 17 ) months of this madness…Based on what we’ve seen in Afghanistan & now the Ukraine, this administration if calling it that is even accurate, perhaps ” regime ” would be more appropriate, sleepy Joe should take a long nap…If it was my decision to make, a permanent dirt nap would work for me…
I left a rather lengthy comment on another AMAC story from yesterday I believe about a statement made by Henry Kissinger at DAVOS & don’t forget he is in his 90’s now!
Kissinger stated that Ukraine should cede the Donbas Region back to Russia, Zalensky should sit down with Vladimir Putin & come to an agreement & end the hostilities asap…
I believe Kissinger is onto something here, because contrary to what both conservative & the lying MSM is reporting, Ukraine is LOSING this war & losing it badly, they should be thankful Putin has NOT yet really put the hammer down on Ukraine up to this point…
Zalensky needs to grow a pair & try to come to terms with Russia, if not, it will not end well for Ukraine. The last thing the world ever wants to see again is another Berlin Wall like scenario in the Ukraine from happening…
Biden has been the major instigator with respect to moving NATO forces very close to Russia with predictable results from Putin whom has the overwhelming support of his people & that of the ethnic Russians in the Donbas Region…
As it stands right now, Putin has a wide open lane to the Crimea after capturing those major cities in the Donbas…
In summary, unless the petulant movie actor Zalensky can get his head out of his ass & make an attempt to sit down with Putin & come to an agreement, time will NOT be kind to Ukraine or her people moving forward…
Lastly, America needs to leave Ukraine to her own devices & get our own southern border secured again, as it was ( 17 ) very long months ago…
All the best,
Bill… :~)

Judy K.
2 months ago

Bill, I appreciate most of your insight, but the one thing I think you are getting wrong here is that the Russian people do not overwhelmingly support Putin. They have been protesting his invasion of Ukraine from what I’ve learned.

2 months ago

Comrade President Jackass Joe wouldn’t just lose his shirt but his entire attire and I don’t believe anyone wants to view that!

2 months ago

Right on, Bob! Stalin took FDR to the cleaners and Kim will do the same to Biden.

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