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Biden and Harris Blame Anyone but Themselves for Missed Vaccine Targets

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After missing their July 4th target of having 70% of Americans fully vaccinated against COVID-19, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are willing to tag anyone but themselves for their bungled vaccine rollout. But the record clearly shows that if Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to find someone to blame for the hesitancy that still exists among many Americans to get the vaccine, the best place to look would be in the mirror.

The most recent recipient of the Biden administration’s anger for low vaccination rates is Facebook, which President Biden accused last Friday of “killing people” for not stopping free and open discussion about vaccines on its platform. After rare backlash from the media and many in the public, Biden later attempted to walk back his remarks, saying that “Facebook isn’t killing people,” rather it is “12 people” on Facebook who are “out there giving misinformation,” and they are the ones killing people.

Also last week, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, a Biden appointee, echoed the President’s accusation, declaring that when it comes to COVID, it is not the virus, but rather “misinformation [that] poses an imminent and insidious threat to our nation’s health.”

But if misinformation is as serious a threat as the Surgeon General says it is, then how can President Biden and Vice President Harris expect to curb misinformation if they don’t first apologize for all the misinformation they spread about the virus last year?  

On the campaign trail last fall, a favorite tactic of then-candidate Kamala Harris was to sow doubt about the vaccines being developed thanks to President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed. During the Vice-Presidential debate, on her biggest platform of the campaign, Harris explicitly stated that she would not take a vaccine recommended by President Trump. Although Vice President Pence rightly admonished Harris for “playing politics with people’s lives,” her words – textbook misinformation – could not be unsaid.

Thankfully three vaccines were developed, and millions of Americans have chosen to ignore Harris’ advice and listen to President Trump’s repeated messages of encouragement to get vaccinated. But now Vice President Harris bemoans the fact that some Americans still remain hesitant to take the very same vaccine that she herself once said she would not trust. To this day, Harris has not apologized for the lies that she told about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Biden and Harris have also both appeared on numerous occasions to contradict the guidance of their own health experts when it comes to best practices to mitigate the effects of COVID-19, another form of misinformation. Despite the fact that Biden, Harris, and presumably their entire staffs and families had been vaccinated, the President and Vice President insisted on wearing masks in public until recently. And of course, who could forget the absurd spectacle of Kamala Harris kissing her husband with both wearing masks, again long after both had been vaccinated.

There’s also the case of Biden’s school reopening guidance, which even the liberal Washington Post admitted was a “muddled message.” Biden was forced to repeatedly change his definition of what it means for a school to be “open,” and many conservatives, not without merit, accused the President of listening to teachers unions over medical experts on the health risks (or lack thereof) associated with reopening schools.

Additionally, when evidenced emerged in April that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine could be linked to the formation of exceedingly rare blood clots, Biden paused and then resumed distribution of the vaccine, again sending mixed signals to millions of Americans. Even radical Democrat governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut accused Biden of being “naïve” for assuming people would simply trust the vaccine again after the Biden administration raised the alarm about its safety.

More recently, Biden has also failed to deliver a clear message about the so-called “delta variant” of the virus, which made up more than half of all COVID-19 cases in the U.S. as of last week. In a confusing sequence of statements earlier this month, Biden told reporters that he was “not concerned” that there would be “a major outbreak” as a result of the delta variant, but then immediately said he is concerned “lives will be lost.”

In short, when it comes to combatting “misinformation” about vaccines and COVID-19, Biden and Harris should get their own house in order before blaming anyone else. If they truly want to be leaders in restoring public confidence in government and public health infrastructure, they could start by apologizing for their own misleading or downright false statements and by working with Republicans, not against them, to distribute vaccines and save lives.

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2 months ago

We are being governed by Idiots. Biden can’t put 2 words together and Camel is dumber than dirt.

Mario Capparuccini
2 months ago

Lenin said that you could lie, cheat, steal, and kill to advance the power of the Party. Biden and Harris and Pelosi and Schumer have learned their lessons well.

2 months ago

Sorry. Biden and Harris and other democrats said that any vaccine created under President Trump was unsafe. They have only themselves to blame. This is a difficult position for democrats who want to blame anyone other than themselves.

2 months ago

Typical, but they have messed up on everything. Not at all surprised.

Ed J
2 months ago

For the Demsheviks, any lie they tell is “the truth of the moment!” Next moment, next lie, next truth. And so on repetitively ad nauseum.

2 months ago

Biden and Harris are the definition of MISINFORMATION!! Every time they open their collective mouths MISINFORMATION spews!! I’m thinkin, pot/kettle black??!!

Ed J
2 months ago
Reply to  Mimi

Both Biden and Harris also support abortion. Too bad (for us) that their parents didn’t practice it! Their absence wouldn’t have even been noticed!

2 months ago

First of all, Democrats have become purely political animals. The will say anything they beleive will promote their agenda at the moment and have zero qualms about doing a 180 later. That being said, I have a suspicion that the left is doing this on purpose. Leftism thrives in chaos; the more chaos, the better for them. I think they actually WANT some people to resist taking the vaccine (never mind that the actual science backs the idea that not everyone, particulary young people, should get the vaccine). They WANT to have discussions about vaccine passports, businesses forcing people to choose between the vaccine and their job, talk of government mandates. They would love nothing more than using government power to force large numbers of people to take the vaccine. Not because they care about public health (they don’t), not because they care about flaunting their power (they do), but using government power in this way would absolutely erode liberty and lay the groundwork for future government action that forces people to do whatever they want.

3 months ago

The vaccine isn’t working,people who have been vaccinated are still getting sick.And we have no knowledge of the long term side effects yet.This is why the FDA has not approved them for anything other then emergency use. However since the roll out medical doctors have found medications that cure the covid symptoms, hydroxychloroquine, ivermectine, pine needle tea and some other choice medicine doctors have used have cured covid symptoms. Not to mention that most positive tested people have very little to no symptoms at all. So ask yourself is taking a shot of serum that is untested for a curable flu like sickness that even after you risk your body’s reaction to it,and you still need to wear a mask, worth it? This is why people are not taking it.And Iit has nothing to do with Harris,Biden or Trump, it has to do with common sense and people’s choice to choose not to take an experimental serum, for a less then flu like sickness that has a 99% recovery rate.Yes some people who are weak ,immune system bad did die from this,but so do people every year of the flu , cancer,and heart disease It’s your choice what you put into your body,and the risk you take doing so. If the government demands people to do something, they surely are not going to do , they are going to ask why ,and find out the truth for themselves when their Freedom of choice is at risk and their lives.

3 months ago

Clueless and Cluerless.

Ed J
2 months ago
Reply to  par

Gee! Is it clueless and more clueless? Or is it more clueless and clueless?
Actually, I would give odds that neither of these two nitwits will ever rise to the level of being “clueless” but at the moment I can’t think of another word that exemplifies the level that is several orders of magnitude lower than “clueless” to apply to them.

3 months ago

Harris was the one who was screaming how she wouldn’t get the vaccine because President Trump was involved yet no credit from dumb and dumber that Trump is the only one who could pull this fast track off in record time which proves her lack of commonsense then there’s Jim Crow Joe well he’s just a pathetic dirty dog faced lying pony soldier sorry guys i just had to…..

Jeff Noncent
3 months ago

that’s their way to say they are Demon possess people.

3 months ago

Do we really think that liars are going to admit that they have made incorrect statements, especially the ones made condemning the vaccines because Trump had gotten them made from the various pharmaceutical companies before he ended his term of office but they stopped the rollout using negative remarks to cast doubts for political reasons rather any concern for public health. If anything they caused the problems of 2020 with all their power plays and now expect us to be satisfied with the chump change they are doling out while giving massive funds to their “charities “.
Do they think that we would forget in today’s era of forever internet. They just don’t want themselves to be judged as wrong when they are very clearly.

3 months ago

The only thing I blame them for is: STEALING THE ELECTION
They’re RUINING this nation.

With President Trump I could sleep at night. I felt safe. His thoughtfulness for All Americans, his love for America proved He was the elected. Biden w selected, he never won nothing. The truth is coming, AZ proved it.

3 months ago

We all know it was the fault of Biden and Harris and they know we know, but they will continue to play this game. Worse US President and VP ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lu Davis
3 months ago

With all the new cases of Covid happening all over the country, no one is talking about the deluge of people coming into our country through the southern boarder, with Covid, and being sent out in the middle of the night all over the country. I think that just might have something to do with the surge.

3 months ago
Reply to  Lu Davis

They should be stopped from entering. Another FAILED idea of Biden

james michalicek
3 months ago

Killing people? Harris said she would not take a vaccine if President Trump was involved. How many people were influenced by Harris? How many will die? Remember that killing one person is often enough to get you executed. When will Biden thank President Trump for the vaccine?

3 months ago

Wow, they’re actually blaming someone other than President Trump for a change! Has hell frozen over? LOL!

3 months ago
Reply to  Barb

I know! lol

Jay A.
3 months ago
Reply to  Barb

Are pigs flying yet?

Steven Meisels
3 months ago

If these two aholes did not say they would not get the vaccine prior to the election maybe things would be different. They are not interested in protecting us. Illegal immigrants being sent out to all parts of the country are super spreaders and we the people of our nation will be suffering for this.

Larry W
3 months ago

Remember when we had great leaders of our country who lived by the motto, “The Buck Stops Here”. Very sad, those days are gone. Now we have wimpy, boastful, arrogant and self absorbed politicians who think they are leaders.

Brenda Blunt
3 months ago

They are definitely bullies as they are blaming everyone but themselves!!

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