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Better for America: Truth and Transparency with Congressman Pat Fallon

Welcome Congressman Pat Fallon, a representative out of the 4th district of Texas to the BFA Podcast! Rebecca and Rep. Fallon dive into the Build Back Better plan, or as this Congressman calls it, the “Bernie Biden Bankruptcy Boondoggle.” Rep. Fallon holds nothing back, giving a completely transparent look into the last ten months serving as a US Republican Representative against one of the most radical Administrations of our time. If you feel like your constitutional rights are at stake, you won’t want to miss Rebecca and Rep. Fallon’s candor on this issue.

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Joanne 4 justice.
4 months ago

Bidens BIGGEST BLUNDER BILL MUST BE rejected and KILLED in Congress !

John Rhodes
4 months ago

Has anyone seen or heard a word from Texas Congressman JOHN Cornyn ???I have not heard a word since before the 2020 election. Several of my Reps. and Senators are regularly on the news or in the news but NOT HIM? This would be North Central Texas.

5 months ago

Thank you for taking on these subjects that are ignored in the mainstream media. How are we going to win though? I feel like we are up against an unrelenting wave of socialism/communism. People I know and love seem like they are in some weird zone not recognizing what is literally right in front of them. All I can do is pray we can come out of this – thanks again for trying to help us survive.

Patricia A Arsenault
5 months ago

I have to agree with the congressman on just about everything! Thank you for sharing-:) #AmericaStrong

Patriot Bill
5 months ago

I only ask one question to any politician anymore. “Do you fully support Donald Trump?” If I don’t get a straightforward “yes”, I’m not interested. We need less swamp not more.
Our first amendment is already lost.

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