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Better for America: Securing our Southern Border with Ken Oliver

Continuing our focus on the border crisis, BFA welcomes our good friend and Senior Director of Engagement & Right on Immigration, Ken Olive, to get into the gritty details of the situation. Ken shares sobering statistics that are not being reported by mainstream media. And while many are just talking about the problem, Ken is acting to alleviate and improve the conditions affecting both our citizens and the individuals illegally entering our country through our southern border. Don’t miss learning how Ken and the Texas Public Policy Foundation are taking on a reckless administration and the inconsistent immigration policies that have contributed to this mess.

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Beverlee Hilton
8 months ago

people have been saying for a year now, that the condition at the border is CRITICAL. if a person in the hospital was told they were in critical condition for a year, they would be DEAD now. I don’t understand why we the people can’t close the border if we have to go there and stand hand in hand.

John E. Reuter, Esq, (Ret.)
8 months ago

Too late. The U,S. Constitution and SCOTUS case law distate a losing battle against controlling immigration in any meaning way. The “End of Citizenship” is at hand. Borders are imaginary lines drawn by 19th and 20th centuries. The 21st century like it or not is the beginning of an irreversible process towards globalization. CCP China will ultimately win primarily because it understands that the basic human condition requires an iron hand.

Robert Zuccaro
8 months ago

It’s no coincidence that when Democrats run everything IT COSTS ME MONEY. The last two months, I spent more than I saved… guess I’m a “Democrat” now!

Robert Zuccaro
8 months ago

If we took all the money spent on funding illegal immigrants and used it to treat the hundreds of thousands of mentally ill or drug addicted homeless people….

Peter O'Connor
8 months ago

The very moment that Ken Oliver referred to HIDEN biden as President, I stopped watching!!
Could someone PLEASE explain to me…
WHY DOES “ANYONE” who is CONSERVATIVE, refer to these “PERVERTED TREASONOUS CRIMINALS” with titles they did not earn???
Mama always said “CHEATERS NEVER WIN!”
We know there is overwhelming evidence that democrats CHEATED, and since they CHEATED, it means they did “NOT” win!!
Since they did “NOT” win, it obviously means that HIDEN biden and his HO harris are “NOT” President and VP!!

Robert Zuccaro
8 months ago
Reply to  Peter O'Connor

Always laughable when they call each other “my esteemed colleagues on the other side of the aisle”… call them what they are: VIPERS.

R.J. from Arizona
8 months ago

1, we have no southern border
2, I’m not the least interested in improving the conditions of those breaking our laws entering this country.
3, this govt of ours is broken. Period.

8 months ago


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