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Better For America: Rebecca Weber Explains Critical Race Theory

AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber pushes back against Critical Race Theory. AMAC is committed to giving our members the resources and knowledge you need to stop the Left’s attempt to change American history. Your renewed membership not only continues your access to unparalleled benefits, but keeps you on our side as a fellow patriot as we work to make a real difference in our great country.

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(Roberta) Bobbie Y. Berger
1 year ago

How would we, The People, impeach a President that is violating the laws and constitution of ths country? The many that may die in Afghanistan are my trigger. Biden went back on vacation… Let’s examine an impeachment by the American People. Thanks, Bobbie B. new member

Roberto Gonzalez
1 year ago

Everything said is correct. Only those in love with Marxists ideology is does not agree.

Chris Swart
1 year ago

Every thing she said in the talk above is wrong. Literally everything.

LtCol John Murillo
1 year ago

Marxist Communism and Socialism is responsible over the past 200 years for the murder of tens of millions around the world. It exploits human pride and reasoning to destroy societal morality. America’s founding father John Adams said, “Our Constitution was created only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the governance of any other.” Communist dictator Joseph Stalin, who by body-count is three times as evil as Adolph Hitler, basically said the same thing; “America remains healthy for three reasons: patriotism, morality and spiritual reverence. If these three areas can be undermined then America will collapse from within.” Our only solution is to return to Truth, to the author of truth, Jesus Christ and the Word of God. Re-elect the most pro-life President in our nation’s history, President Trump. Fight for truth and integrity in our elections, and historical truth in our schools which includes love of country and all citizens. Christ conquered death for all, He did not segregate like the American party-of-segregation (Democrat) did fighting against civil rights and equality in the 14th, 15th and 16th amendments to our Constitution. Is it no wonder that almost everything pursued by the Left (Democrats, Progressives, Antifa, BLM, Regime media) undermines America’s patriotism, morality, and spiritual reverence.

1 year ago

Agree 100%!

1 year ago

Exactly spot on!

1 year ago

Amen Sir. Thank you for your service. I wish there were more like you in charge today.

Andie Anderson
1 year ago

There needs to be more honesty and integrity in this world,no corruption!

Thomas Poltack
1 year ago

We should never abandon President Trump he is the only one in our country that is looking out for our country and all of our citizens.

1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas Poltack

Because he is one of only a few in Washington with a backbone.

Debi Mellinger
1 year ago

Thank you so much for your truth. I am talking about this to all that will listen.

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