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Better for America Podcast: The Whiplash Effect with Seth Denson

With a tight grip on reality and an even tighter grasp on economics, business analyst, author, Newsmax contributor and entrepreneur, Seth Denson joins Rebecca Weber for a lively Texas twist in explaining the basics of business, budget, and finance. Tune in to see how you can hold onto your savings, withstand the wrath of inflation, and regain stability in your life because, after all, even the president should know by now that it’s “the economy, stupid!”

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Seth Denson’s Website

The Cure: A Blueprint for Solving America’s Healthcare Crisis


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James Thompson
11 months ago

Time for a new ME TOO movement,
Hey Dems, what about ME??

11 months ago

SAVE THE U.S.A….Arrest and deport all democrats ,libturds, and socialists to GITMO for treason and punishment!… It’s time to declare a civil war against the far-left loonies!…THIS IS NOT SPAM!…,,,,,

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