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Better for America Podcast: Policy Defying Logic with Sean Spicer   

Will Donald Trump run for President in 2024? Who better to answer that question than the man who spoke behind the White House press podium and continues to analyze policy, speaking truth to power on his Newsmax show: Sean Spicer! Sean brings listeners a crystal ball view of Ukraine, our southern border, and the Biden administration’s terrible policy decisions that completely defy logic.

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2 months ago

#R Henry
GREAT comment…I would just add “If Trump would just put his (anonymous) support behind the candidate who wins the nomination,” it could be a major win for conservatives. His endorsement now seems to be motivated by personal vendettas, needing to get back at those he feels “wronged” him. This man has been a great American President when we most needed one, but he hasn’t changed & his personal deficits are only going to fuel poor decision- making, which in the end will only split the conservative vote. God Bless the Trump family, they gave up a lot for this country.

James T
2 months ago
Reply to  MsV


Shannon R
2 months ago

Please make the transcript available. I can read far faster than listening to the podcast

2 months ago

How can we be sure our vote isn’t stolen again?

R Henry
2 months ago

I support Trump but, if he loves the country as much as he says he does he won’t run. He is way too polarizing to win an election. The left would be insane toward getting the vote out and doing whatever they could to cheat to win. If he would just put his clout behind someone else it would be a landslide win for conservatives.

2 months ago
Reply to  R Henry

You must want to insure that the Dems win, because they are going to cheat all they can anyway. The dems need to pay for the damage they have and are doing to our country. Run Trump, run…!!!

2 months ago
Reply to  R Henry

I want Trump!!!!!!

2 months ago

spicer’s a nice guy but inexperienced in politics; more of a “parrot” than a thinker.

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