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Better for America Podcast: Exposing Biden’s Blame Game with Reb and Rob   

Actions have consequences, and ALL Americans are feeling the adverse effects of President Biden’s incompetence. Reb and Rob reunite on BFA to expose who is really to blame for high gas prices, abysmal foreign policy, 40-year high inflation rates, and hypocritical border policies. If you’re having deja vu of the 80s, you are not alone! Bobby goes back to an important time in history to remind us that there are brighter days ahead.

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jake the snake
2 months ago

Democrats always blame other people for their failures. heck Obama blamed bush for the economy for 8 years straight then trump fixed the economy in one year. Carter blamed ford for the economy for 4 years straight then Reagan fixed it in one year.

You still hear the democrats blaming trump for everything even the inflation that Biden’s EO’s caused and the Ukrainian war that Biden’s disaster in Afghanistan caused. There is nothing the Democrats actually take responsibility for when they fail and they fail a lot.

there is a reason for it. Liberals, democrats, progressives believe in ideas and issues from the 1930’s. they mostly do not know it because they do not know history so they do not know where they issues come from they just believe them. So when their ideas do not work (and they have tried them over and over) they can not accept the failure because the idea is more important then the facts. so they never learn because they can not accept the reality of the situation. so it must be someone else;s fault.

is it mentally ill? Yes. is it true? yes. is there anything anyone can do about it? No. When a democrat, liberal, progressive does figure it out they change to be conservatives.

2 months ago

As Jackass Joe always says: “Not me!” . . . “It’s President Trump’s fault!”

2 months ago

Things are so bad, not even President Biden knows who runs the White House!

C. Thomas
2 months ago

Things are so bad here in America, it’s Mark Zuckerberg who determines who gets to be president. If Mark Zuckerberg believes America should have a president, with dementia? Then, that’s what Mark Zuckerberg gets. Period. That’s that!

2 months ago
Reply to  C. Thomas

With exception to Mark Zuckerberg, America’s a democracy.

2 months ago
Reply to  C. Thomas

And, if you don’t give King Zuckerberg exactly what he wants!? If you don’t agree with his royal highness, Mark Zuckerberg!? Then, you are in big-big-trouble. He is going to publicly humiliate you, on the Facebook. If you’re lucky, maybe you won’t be banished, your Facebook citizenship permanently revoked.

Dyana G Hilliard
2 months ago
Reply to  Nan

Being banned from Facebook is a badge of honor. You shouldn’t be on there anyway.

Dr. Eric
2 months ago
Reply to  C. Thomas

Here in America, we embrace our Founding Fathers’ right, to free expression. In the fairy land of Mark Zuckerberg, on no-no-no you don’t. A blight of cancer staining the fabric of American freedom and American principle, Zuckerberg fascism (e.g., def. the truth is known; any deviation from the truth is treason).

2 months ago
Reply to  Dr. Eric

Enriched billions beyond measure, by singular virtue of our Founding Fathers 1st amendment freedoms, what’s the first things Zuckerberg sets out to do? Single-out, punish, excommunicate, disenfranchise and publicly humiliate those with an opposing viewpoint? Impinge free speech? Rig our elections? The irony’s so thick it cuts with a knife.

Jay Rrr
2 months ago
Reply to  C. Thomas

If Zuckerberg were president, we’d never again live to see a sunset. Our heads would be bagged, we’d be dragged off for reeducation. I’d be shot.

2 months ago
Reply to  C. Thomas

What’s the first thing this Zuckerberg fellow does after rigging the election? Scurries off like a bashful 14 year old, hiding in his “meta-verse”?

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