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Better for America Podcast: Awake Not Woke with Dr. Kelli Ward

Arizona has been the tip of the spear when it comes to the critical battles like protecting our border and our kids in the classroom. That is why we are honored to welcome Dr. Kelli Ward, Arizona’s GOP Chairwoman to the show today! Dr. Ward shares what she believes will be the keys to successfully ensuring a red wave in November, while also reminding us that Barack Obama himself told Americans what to expect from Joe Biden on foreign policy.

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Cindy cunningham
2 months ago

Kelli is a rockstar and has been for years.

Linda Starr
2 months ago

Sundance (from The Conservative Treehouse) has gone into great detail about how candidates and officeholders no longer write legislation as they did many years ago. In D.C. it’s all K-Street. I imagine there are corresponding situations in local and state politics.

Kathy Larzelere
2 months ago

We must STOP combining the fentynal and heroin problems with the chronic pain patient problems. As a CCP, I am having increasing difficulty getting the opiate based pain medication, even thought it is barely on the opiate list and has been proven to be non-addictive. This is a problem for all ages, not just seniors, who have conditions for which there is no real cure so it has to be a maintain and take each day at a time. Arizona has a Grandfather Clause in its law yet it is flagrantly dismissed by the doctors here in prescribing the medications. Something has to be done to allow pain patients to get the medication they need for a quality of life. And this can be traced back to the influx of the illegal drugs being brought in by the illegals.

2 months ago

She may win but I’m leaning to Karin Taylor Robson. Not sure I trust Lake as a true conservative.

2 months ago
Reply to  Brian

Are you kidding me???? The poor mother who is raising her kids alone……..That has more money than half of Arizonians put together……she’s the wolf in the sheep’s clothing!!!!!

2 months ago
Reply to  Nancy

My husband and I attended AZ Candidates Forum April 26, 2022 at Robson Ranch. As elected Precinct Committemen, we can attest it is important to be wary of some of these candidates–we DO NOT need more RINOS! If you are a Trump Republican, Kari Lake is endorsed by President Trump, Congressman Paul Gosar, Ric Grennell, General Mike Flynn, Mike Lindell….Karrin Taylor Robson (it’s her husband’s background) has areas of her political career that raise eyebrows. She comes from a very wealthy background. Do your research!

Linda Starr
2 months ago
Reply to  Brian

Trump endorses Lake.

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