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Better For America Podcast: 50 Years in the Swamp with Congressman Pete Stauber

The BFA Podcast welcomes AMAC member and Congressman of Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District Pete Stauber to connect the dots behind the swamps’s latest schemes. Rep Stauber goes into detail on the Democrats’ most recent push to federalize elections and inform AMAC members on just how many taxpayer dollars characters like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have to gain if passed!

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Ron Hanson
8 months ago

It’s great to have you as my representative, Pete.

8 months ago

You are so wrong! Not one of my middle-age (6) children think that this administration is going the wrong way. And that’s mot counting their adult children. They are cheering the decisions of Biden. They want the CEO’s to get a pay check cut. They do not want equality, they want equity. They are struggling especially with the covid scare. They think we all should get vaccinated and harass me every time they see me.
No matter what AMAC or Fox or any other info I try to show them, they are drinking the Kool-Aid. The Democrats will have election Fraud again. We will suffer and “the band plays on..” We have Republican Senators who have made a career out living off of our taxes. And I am sorry, my Marine Grandson’s friends were killed in the airport bombing and because he wasn’t vaccinated he was not deployed there. Thank you for your service means nothing to these kids. Maybe when they are old and gray but not when this country has blood on its hands.

Jim Booth
8 months ago

Way to go Pete. Nice hearing from you again. Keep up the good work in MN.From a good friend now in the Great state of TN.

8 months ago

In order to solve the Democrats drive to take control of Amrica’s Electoral system? Make them an offer they CANNOT REFUSE!

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