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Better for America: Defying Common Sense with Mark Morgan

How do politicians benefit from open borders? Today Rebecca welcomes Mark Morgan, former U.S. Commissioner of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Morgan recently served under the Biden Administration and Secretary Mayorkas but was let go this past August. Tune in to hear from a top national security expert on the severity of open borders and the long-term effects of this policy to Americans at home and abroad.

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Highway Veteran
8 months ago

Mark Morgan understands the situation. It’s frustrating & wrong that the Biden administration, especially Biden, Harris, et al, are responsible and are violating the oath they took. It’s wrong, illegal, especially for American citizens, the border patrol, & vulnerable individuals. Harris demonized ICE & she has a history of making major mistakes as DA, attorney general, & senator. She does not care about the border. Biden has a history of lying & making terrible decisions that are recorded. Thank you Rebecca & Mark.

Frank Stackhouse
8 months ago

My question is , if we know the president is not doing the things he should be the better of our country, WHY can’t we impeach him or remove him for office, we cannot go 3 more years, our country will be destroyed

8 months ago

With any luck Republicans will get some control back in Congress later this tear, IF we can hold them off a little longer

Anne Behm
8 months ago

This was excellent, I only wish my two liberal friends would be open minded enough to listen, they would have to agree with what was said

Jorge L Rios
8 months ago
Reply to  Anne Behm

Following up on Regans words: The problem with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that so much of what they know isn’t so, and they are totaly closed minded about listening or looking at any other possible idea or view.
The mind is like a parachute it works best when it is open.
If human kind followed liberal ideals in all its thinking, mankind would have not even invented the wheel since thinking broadly and looking at different ideas would not be permited. Where would man kind be today without having an open mind and listening to and at least considering other ideas and ways of looking at things????

Highway Veteran
8 months ago
Reply to  Anne Behm

Let your liberal friends that their taxes may increase in order to fund programs and communities are affected by lawlessness.

8 months ago

Hello Hy

8 months ago


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