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Better for America: All the Wrong Choices with Reb and Rob

This week, Reb and Rob continue their BFA takeover with a sobering discussion detailing how much like a multiple-choice exam that hasn’t been studied for, the Biden Administration has repeatedly made all the wrong choices. Their diplomatic failures have contributed to travesties like the latest pact between Russia and China, the imminent threat to Ukraine, Canadian tyranny at our northern border, and Chinese concentration camps. Tune in for this lively discussion and a surprise announcement from Rebecca at the end of the show!

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6 months ago

First of all Rob’s connection with both the Bush administrations stinks of Deep State operator. Second as an insider in both of those administrations and the Reagan admin as well, it is strange that he does not mention the pact to not expand NATO one inch toward Russia when the USSR dissolved. Of course NATO has been expanding towards Russia ever since. No mention of that either. This guy is a Deep Stater.

Stephen Lykins
7 months ago

I beg to disagree with their support of the trucker strike to an extent. The normal strikes at grocery stores etc. don’t truly cause problems for everyone but this strike acerbates an already critical supply chain problem and affects EVERYONE!

Rita Francesco
7 months ago
Reply to  Stephen Lykins

I do understand. But what is the alternative? Accepting Tyranny? The people want to be free! Yes, there is always a price to be paid. Do not forget on both sides this price has to be paid; and we need to think long term and especially what God wants us to do. We have to listen to our conscience and be courageous. And these truck drivers are courageous and many, many Canadians support them.
I appreciated so much listening to this interview.

Mark Hahn
7 months ago

It was almost like “Drive Time Live!” Great talk with Reb & Rob.
By the way, I have two of my brothers dropping AARP and signing up for 5 years of Amac. They look forward to reading “Eagles and Evergreens.”

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