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An Inspirational Moment With Fox News Anchor Harris Faulkner

WASHINGTON, DC, Jan 27 — Most of us are reluctant to bring up the subject of religion in conversations, according to a Pew Research survey, but Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner, not so much. She is unabashed when the subject comes up. In fact, she’s written a book about it called Faith Still Moves Mountains. Faulkner delved into the topic in a recent conversation with Rebecca Weber, CEO of the Association of Mature American Citizens, on AMAC’s Better For America podcast. 

While some people might be reluctant to “speak boldly about faith … I don’t care. I’m unapologetic about how I worship and how I get through covering tragedies of these hard times. In this book, I get to show people some of the stories that I’ve worked on and also some of the people who’ve survived who boldly talked about their faith. As a journalist, I’m tasked with being a witness, but I now am telling the entire story, faith included, and everybody is more blessed by that, especially me, the journalist.”

As an Emmy award-winning reporter and anchor at Fox News over the past quarter century, Faulkner has covered her share of compelling stories. Her book is a collection of real-life inspiring tales of those who prayed and, in critical moments, had their prayers answered. She said that she wrote the book when she realized that some of the stories that make headlines are tales of faith, tales worth telling.

“Remember the Colorado theater shooting,” she said, “and the mom who grabbed her daughter just inches away from the killer, James Holmes? Remember him with the bright orange hair? We know these stories. So some of what’s in the book is ripped from the headlines and stories that we all would have covered in the news. But to go deeper and to find out, well, how did that mom get her two teenage daughters out of there? What was she doing? She was praying mightily the entire time. And she said, you know, we all think to pray during a proverbial storm. But if we could just pray when times are good, too, if our children could see us doing that, if our teenagers particularly could see us during the pandemic, but also before and after saying, praise God, we will get through this. I’m raising teenagers and I’m trying to teach them that when someone asks you ‘what do you need,’ tell them you need someone to pray for you.”

Faulkner went on to focus on the power of prayer. She recalled a chance encounter with the grandson of General George S. Patton. “We talked about our history as military brats, and then he said, I want to share something with you. He takes out his cross and he said, ‘I still have the cross that my family gifted me as the oldest of [Patton’s] grandsons.’ And I said, you’re wearing something from George S. Patton right now. And he said, ‘I have his scripture book handwritten with what he prayed before the Battle of the Bulge and what he prayed regularly.’ Faith is a part of our history, Rebecca. You’re so right. And sometimes we have to be reminded.”

Faulkner expressed how “[the Lord] can connect you with just the right people … I never knew that [Patton] wore a cross around his neck and went to a chaplain before the Battle of the Bulge … That great generation was praying. It’s leadership in the military. Now, look at our military today. I don’t want to make this too much about politics, but we have to be careful tinkering with the things that have foundationally gotten us to where we are now, [things such as] the power of prayer. Patton knew it. [And it was] the Lord [who] brought into my life the grandson of General George S. Patton for this book.”

As a witness to the stories shared in Faith Still Moves Mountains, Faulkner said “I will always share what I found to be true and encourage people to know that their story isn’t done being written yet.” She and Rebecca had connected over their faith and the belief that God is not done with us yet, a message Faulkner heard from the Lord in prayer. And so, Faulkner reminds us as listeners to “lean back in. And when you do, the Lord leans into you and watch what mighty, mighty changes and victories on his time and per his will He will usher into your life.”

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Porfirio Garza Jr.
1 month ago

Thank you!

1 month ago

Harris Faulkner is so eloquent in sharing her experiences for writing her very timely book. She is an inspiration to all. Faith will always be part of man’s journey through life

Walter Hopper
1 month ago

Good for you. I’m impressed. GOD BLESS you.

Tom Turton
1 month ago

Would that more in the media would evidence a faith in Almighty God, at least, if not also in the Lord Jesus Christ as well. In almost all of our “leadership” AND the media, God has been rejected and they have put themselves in His place. Consequently, we see Romans chapter 1 playing out before our eyes.

Kathy Kopp
1 month ago

See this interview with Harris.

Ben Ray
1 month ago

Harris is such a class act. Intelligent, honest and moral… the world needs more like her.

John P Bartolucci
1 month ago

I agree with your philosophy about being open about your faith even when on the air. I have become much more open myself about my relationship with God. I pray a lot these days. I am a 44 month Pancreatic cancer survivor stage 4. My faith is the reason I’m still alive, I believe.

1 month ago

God is The Great Physician and I am thanking Him for healing you and my younger cousin who also was healed of pancreatic cancer and my son-in-law whose lung cancer is shrinking.

Bob Pinaha
1 month ago

Prayer works because faith prevails. And I am so grateful to my lord Jesus Christ that He has answered so many of my prayers both in good time and bad.

1 month ago

Harris Faulkner is the one person on FOX news that I trust in telling us the truth & she is a Christian in her heart & not just telling people what they want to hear. Thank you Harris for your integrity.

Daniel Smith
1 month ago

Excellent commentator and a CLASS Lady. Always fair and Christian in what she does!

Patriot Will
1 month ago

Harris Faulkner is one of my favorite news commentators. She is very well spoken and straight forward. Her tone matches her stories. She can be very serious or very humorous, depending on the type of story she is covering. She is the type of commentator who keeps the listener interested and engaged. I give her a solid A in both her delivery and professional manner. She is a very positive type of person who has love and respect for both God and our Constitution.

John Bass
1 month ago

Good story, and prayer does work.

It was early on in my marriage when we had over extended ourself and was going to be short $137.41 (I still remember the amount) in paying our mortgage for the month. I really didn’t want to ask anyone for a loan, especially family or friends, and for so little of an amount because we had overindulged and spent too much.

That evening before going to bed I got down on my knees and prayed. The next day when I went out to get the mail I noticed a letter from my very first employer. This was a job I had as a sixteen year old teenager. When I opened up the envelope there was a letter inside saying the company had made an accounting error sometime in the last few months of my employment, and that the enclosed check for $137.41 was the amount due me by them, with interest. The letter went on to say they were sorry it took so long but until recently they hadn’t been able to track me down.

Wow! I still get goose bumps. It was exactly the amount I needed. Just a coincidence? I think not… prayer works.

1 month ago

Ms. Faulkner is in every sense of the word a LADY. As a Christian she walks the talk. Many continued blessings upon her.

1 month ago

Bless Harris Faulkner. I’ve watcher her for years and she seems very balanced and fair, but is not willing to let anyone sway her away from her own beliefs. I like the fact that her reporting comes from a background of faith AND military so she understands.

legally present
1 month ago

I love her show on Fox News!! She doesn’t lie, or talk trash, she’s a straight arrow.

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