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Amid Record Illegal Immigration, Mayorkas Insists Border Is ‘Secure.’ What Would Unsecured Look Like?

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas leading a press conference.

Millions of people have illegally crossed the southern border into the United States in the past few years, but the Biden administration says everything is fine, with “nothing to see here.”

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas even said last week that the southern border is “secure.”

With scant evidence or justification, he’s been repeating that “secure” line since assuming his post in February 2021.

“Look, the border is secure,” he said at the Aspen Security Forum in Colorado on July 19. “We are working to make the border more secure. That has been a historic challenge.”

That’s quite a remarkable statement from the homeland security secretary. Almost none of it is true, except for the “historic” part.

Of course, Mayorkas followed up his assurance that all is well with a predictable call for “comprehensive immigration reform” that Democrats have been selling for generations.

“I have said to a number of legislators who expressed to me that we need to address the challenge at the border before they pass legislation, and I take issue with the math of holding the solution hostage until the problem is resolved,” Mayorkas said.

“There is work to be done,” he said, before adding that “safe and secure are two different words.”

Since President Joe Biden took office just over 18 months ago, there has been a historic surge of illegal immigration across the southern border. It’s been decades since we’ve seen anything like it.

In fiscal 2021, U.S. Customs and Border Protection reported 1.7 million border encounters. It was the highest number ever recorded, but fiscal year 2022’s numbers are already higher. More than 2 million people have been encountered at the border through June. And the fiscal year doesn’t end until Sept. 30.

On top of those detained are the hundreds of thousands of “got-aways” who have evaded Border Patrol, according to a Fox News report. Senior Department of Homeland Security sources reportedly told Fox News that there have been nearly a million of these got-aways since the beginning of fiscal year 2021.

“There have been approximately 900,000 known got-aways since the beginning of [fiscal year 2021], per the sources, which is equivalent to a population bigger than the city of San Francisco sneaking across the border without apprehension,” Fox News reported on Monday.

Not only are there millions of people coming across the border and breaking U.S. law in the process, but many of those crossing are drug smugglers, human traffickers, and even potential terrorists.

Does that sound like the border is secure? Hardly. In fact, some Border Patrol agents took issue with Mayorkas’ assessment that all is well at the border.

“Hundreds of thousands crossing every month is not the definition of ‘secure,’” a Border Patrol agent told Fox News Digital. “They are liars, and anyone who believes them are fools.”

Another agent, according to the Fox report, said that the administration is using “bogus” claims to help border-crossers dodge U.S. immigration laws.

“They’re using issues like poverty, crime, and climate change as reasons for [seeking] asylum, but those do not meet the legal standard of the law,” the agents said.

Another agent quoted in the report said that Biden and members of his administration haven’t upheld their oath of office.

“Mayorkas, [Border Patrol Chief Raul] Ortiz, and Biden are failures that do not have the support of agents and many command staff. They all have violated their oath of office to defend the laws and Constitution, and should be removed,” the source said, according to Fox News.

It’s hard to blame Border Patrol agents for being outspoken. The now badly understaffed agency—thanks in large part to Biden’s policies—is now dealing with a generational crisis. It doesn’t help that the administration has maligned, and seeks to punish, Border Patrol agents for doing their job and simply trying to contain the administration’s self-caused mess.

It gets worse.

Though the Border Patrol is detaining an incredible number of would-be illegal immigrants at the border, the administration isn’t prosecuting most of them.

A recent report by The Washington Free Beacon uncovered that the Biden administration “dramatically reduced migrant prosecutions by nearly 80 percent in the 2021 fiscal year.”

That was a huge shift from the final year of the Donald Trump administration, as the Free Beacon noted:

Just 2,896 migrants apprehended on the southwest border were transferred into U.S. Marshals Service custody in the 2021 fiscal year, according to an internal Department of Homeland Security memo obtained by the Washington Free Beacon. In the 2020 fiscal year, 13,213 migrants were transferred to federal authorities for prosecution.

The Free Beacon explained that this drop-off wasn’t just because of the Title 42 health policy that led to expedited deportations during a pandemic.

“Trump instituted Title 42 in March 2020 at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and still prosecuted far more migrants than in Biden’s first year of his presidency,” The Washington Free Beacon reported. “Moreover, illegal border crossings in 2020 were much lower than in 2021, which saw the most migrant apprehensions in U.S. history.”

Of course, the Biden administration has been trying to discontinue Title 42, a policy change that would only make things worse. A federal judge blocked the policy change, but it appears the administration is still doing its best to make a farce of border enforcement in this country.

On border enforcement, the administration is essentially a rogue prosecutor. Law enforcement brings people in, the administration lets them go, and more people arrive. When you fail to prosecute crime, you get more crime and more criminals. Likewise, when you fail to maintain the law at the border, you get more people willing to break the law and cross the border.

So, the historic numbers we are now seeing are no mystery. The only question now is whether the administration is just incompetent or doing this on purpose—or is it both?

One way or another, it’s hard to see the Biden administration’s approach to border security as anything other than a national disaster. If this really is what the administration sees as borders that are “secure,” one shudders at the thought of what an “unsecure” border—by its definition—would look like.

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Reprinted with Permission from - The Daily Signal by – Jarrett Stepman

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1 month ago

So the Biden admin just out-and-out lies to the American people and the media says zilch about it.

Tom P
1 month ago

I’m not sure why these incompetent jerks are hell bent on destroying our country, but they are. This idiot is lying to our faces about the border being secure. The bumblef#*<k in the whitehouse wants us to believe there is no recession when everyone on the planet knows there is. Pretty sad that they would ruin the country just so a few elites can have it all and the rest suffer. I don’t think it’s going to turn out the way they think though!

1 month ago
Reply to  Tom P

The reason is they want to fully implement Communism into the US. Do we really need further proof that Communism through the leadership of the DNC has infiltrated the US government and they now are working very hard to take us down.

Think about the big money laundered to the Biden’s from Communist China, which is $30 million that we are aware of. .Not to mention the corrupt Clintons and Obama leadership and their Communist background.

Communists in action is what Antifa and the other Dem protesters are. Kamela has Communism in her background. Removing our historical statues is part of the Communist plan of removing a country’s history.

The leadership of the Democrat Party is Communist—Nancy Pelosi’s mentor was Vivian Halinan whose far left lawyer husband defended communists and hosted parties for the CPUSA. America better wake up you’re under assault from within by people who are funded by foreign sources.
I refer to it as the Communist DNC as most of the leadership are Communists. I don’t say this lightly.

Why I believe this is can be found in the book “You Can Still Trust the Communists (to be Communists).pdf The book can be found for free online by searching the title. The first 20 pages or so are slow reading but after that, I couldn’t put the book down. An updated version of this book by David Noebel can be found online and is the best version to buy and read.

This book reminded me about Bill Clinton’s desire to visit Russia and Russia allowed him to visit.In the book it is stated the USSR only allowed those to visit that they believed they could use and then remember, they gave permission for Bill Clinton to visit when he was a Rhodes scholar.
Bernie Sanders was able to visit. People should ask, why were these two men were so infatuated with Russia.

Obama also has Communism in his upbringing. Remember Obama and Michelle hung Mao Christmas ornaments on the White House tree and no one made a big deal out it.

These Dems are working to destroy our country with creating chaos (Antifa) as well as attempting to remove history (statues, renaming schools as Feinstein did the other day even taking her own name off of one) & they have already taken over education. The outline for what is happening now is in the book I noted above.

My grandparents fled Communism a hundred years ago and now it is here. After the US is taken over, there is no where else to go.

Michael Lewis
2 months ago

Being a flyover senior citizen, I cannot afford a country club membership, but America the country is my country club. Citizenship has perks, but those perks or not for those who came illegally and providing them perks threatens mine! Where was Mayorkas on my ballot? No unelected bureaucrat has the right to tell me the border is secure when any idiot can see it is not!

2 months ago

If the border is secure like you say then why are the Governors from NYC and DC telling TX to stop sending the migrants?!Why do you think the American people are stupid?

James J
2 months ago

Clean The Peoples House.. Start with TREASON !!! We all know it is True..

People vs Biden and his Communist Administration along with a few dozen Governers.

Then Institute TERM LIMITS !!!

2 months ago

Every single thing being done to break America was planned in the late 50s and very early 60s by the Communist Party in America.
America has to be dead to institute global Communism through the UN.

James J
2 months ago
Reply to  Becky

Biden has affirmed the Importance of the United Nations to U.S. Foreign Policy and Increased Funding to the Organization.. The Damn Fool Cognitive Retarded Biden bastar D..

$11 BILLION in 2021 alone.. and we still have 824 more days of this Communist BIDEN Treason
(2 years 94 days)

1 month ago
Reply to  Becky

People should search online for the 45 Communist goals that were read into the Congressional Record in 1963. One will see that most of the 45 goals have already been completed. Time is short and we can’t keep allowing the Commie leadership in this country to continue their assault.

2 months ago


2 months ago

standard marxist strategy; “lie until it becomes the truth”, something to that effect was said by joseph gobbles(and he got it from the woodrow wilson administration!)

2 months ago

I’m a truck driver and I regularly pass through areas where there are Border Patrol check stations. For most of 2022 they have been closed. I can only assume that it’s because of staffing issues. But it does pose the question, is the present administration doing everything within it’s power to protect and secure our borders?

Maurice Brandt
2 months ago

He is an idiot, just like Biden.

anna hubert
2 months ago

Illegal immigration is more than crossing the border those people have to eat be housed and clothed children go to school and they also will need doctors dentists and hospital how that will be provided who will provide it and who will pay for it and with what ,.seems to not bother politicians at all,they still are in the saddle

2 months ago
Reply to  anna hubert

who do you think will pay? It will be you, and me and the rest of us LEGAL, tax paying citizens paying for their med care, housing, and food and such. That’s who will pay. We will be and alredy are being forced to through taxes. We will have to support what we DO NOT support. it’s disgusting.

Bill R
2 months ago

He’s directing that to the vast number “vote Democrat, no matter what’s” and political illiterates who depend upon sound bites to make up their “minds” on any issue.

2 months ago
Reply to  Bill R

yes, the “useful idiots” buy into these lies.

2 months ago

They are letting illegal aliens across the border, and delivering them nationwide so when they cheat on the vote they can claim it’s all the illegals voting. They won’t vote, but they are here, how many, who knows. The democrats hide behind the the Left Stream Media that delivers their propaganda. If they keep the house and senate in the mid term election our country will be lost. The military is controlled by the democrats, as is the entire federal government. That surely is no news to anyone, I fear we republicans don’t lie, cheat, and steal enough to save our country.

2 months ago
Reply to  Moses

I understand that part of the “package” given to immigrants is voter registration. Is there any truth to this?

2 months ago

Joseph Göbbels would be so proud of his minions in this administration. Propaganda has taken hold in this country. Don’t believe it, turn on nbc, cbs, abc, msnbc, cnn, and any number of other news fabricating agencies.

2 months ago

Mayorkas shameless invokes The Goebbels Rule:
 “Repeat the lie often enough and loud enough until everyone believes it.”

2 months ago
Reply to  Veritas

yes and he got the idea from the woodrow wilson(A DEMOCRAT) administration.

2 months ago

If the border is are the illegals getting into our country? They’re certainly not walking on water from almost every world country! DHS Head is a liar!

Charlie Wood
2 months ago

Mayorkas and SO many Like him are trying are trying their Damnedest to make this Country another
Communist Country with their LIES and and Propaganda.

Ask anyone who lives on our BORDERS if they are Secure. We NEED the Military to Start Defending our Borders. Why the United States hasn’t taken this step is INSANE. That IS the JOB of Our Military !

Try to cross ANY other Country’s Borders and you will be Detained if not Shot by — Their Military !

Donald A Colongeli
2 months ago


Nick Patriot
2 months ago

Right you are sir!! The GOP does NOTHING!!!

2 months ago

Of course he says the border is “secure”. If he told the truth, either he would lose his job or be assigned to make it secure. I think he should be assigned to make it secure, because our VP is not doing her job! Maybe he could even get promoted.

2 months ago

He is simply emphasising the Biden – Harris message!

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