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AMAC/TRAFALGAR POLL: Majority Believe Biden Cares “Much Less” About Middle Class Than Prior Presidents

AMAC Exclusive – By Shane Harris


In a stark indication of just how dramatically the American public has soured on the administration of President Joe Biden, a new scientific opinion poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group for AMAC, sampling 1,078 likely voters nationwide, finds that a majority of Americans say the Biden administration cares “much less” about the middle class than previous administrations.

While in recent months the media has pushed the narrative of a Democratic “resurgence” and a budding recovery for President Biden, the AMAC poll’s findings suggest that on the contrary, the relationship between the Biden administration and the American electorate may be irreparably broken.

The inaugural AMAC Newsline opinion poll was conducted from September 21-26 and has a margin of error of 2.9 percent. The Trafalgar Group was one of the few polling organizations that correctly predicted the outcome of the 2016 presidential contest and was also among the most accurate pollsters in 2020.

“We wanted a survey that sampled beyond our membership and found out what Americans of every demographic group were thinking,” said AMAC Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Weber. “Coming right at the moment when the public was beginning to focus on the election and seemed to be deepening its disfavor toward Biden, the poll casts important light on the issues and groups that made it happen.” Further results from the AMAC Newsline poll will be released in the coming days.

When asked “Do you feel the Biden Administration cares more or less about the middle class than the previous administrations?” 51.5 percent of respondents answered “much less,” compared to 3 percent who said “somewhat less,” 11.4 percent who said “somewhat more,” and 31.7 percent who said “much more.”

The intensity of the public’s alienation would be alarming for any president. But for a leader who based his entire campaign on appeals to his own supposed “empathy” just two years ago, the fact that a majority now believe Biden and his lieutenants care drastically less than their predecessors about ordinary Americans represents a stunning rejection of President Biden’s political identity. In 2020, numerous media outlets declared that Biden’s “empathy” was what defined him. Democrats even made this point the theme of their convention, with one speaker after another touting the career politician’s ostensible ability to feel Americans’ pain.

Today, however, it is clear the public isn’t buying it—perhaps because they have watched Democrats put the priorities of the radical left over those of the American people on issue after issue, from energy and the economy to the border and crime. This sense of growing contempt is likely one of the hidden factors driving Democrats down in the polls and jeopardizing their congressional majorities this fall.

A breakdown of the AMAC survey paints an even grimmer picture for the administration, particularly compared to the historic makeup of the Democrat coalition. Roughly equal percentages of men and women (51.6 percent and 51.4 percent, respectively) said they believe Biden cares “much less” about the middle class. Women – particularly middle class, suburban women – were key to Biden’s performance two years ago, and also helped deliver down-ballot races for Democrats. But it now appears that the “empathy gap” has erased the “gender gap”.

When broken down by age, the only group among which a majority said Biden cares “much more” about the middle class were respondents aged 18-24 – traditionally the group most likely to vote Democratic, and also the only cohort too young to remember many prior administrations. Among the age group statistically most likely to be a part of the middle class (45-64) 56.4 percent said Biden cares “much less” – the highest of any age bracket.

Unsurprisingly, Biden earned poor marks from Republicans, with 79.7 percent saying he cares “much less.” But even 21.7 percent of Democrats and, crucially, 54.7 percent of Independents said the Biden administration cares “much less” about the middle class than prior administrations.

More alarming for Democrat strategists, the AMAC poll confirmed the trend detected by mainstream media outlets in recent weeks, showing a significant deterioration in support for Biden among African Americans. While 65 percent of Blacks said the administration cares “much more” about the middle class than previous ones, fully 20 percent said the Biden administration cares “much less”—a significant fracturing of a key Democrat voting bloc.

Perhaps most catastrophically for Biden, a whopping 61 percent of Hispanics and 66.8 percent of Asians said Biden cares “much less” about the middle class, adding more support for the theory of a growing exodus from the Democratic Party among Hispanic and Asian voters. Just 21.9 percent of Hispanics and zero Asian respondents said the administration cares “much more.”

“There’s no question that senior citizens, and especially AMAC members, want a nation that’s built on freedom, and a nation that’s safe,” said Weber. “The full results of this nationwide poll show that the concerns that motivate our members are also widely shared by a broad cross-section of American voters—young and old, male and female, Hispanic, Black, Asian, and White.”

What could be driving the American public’s sense that the Biden administration does not care about them? As further results from the AMAC Newsline poll will show, the Biden administration has spent the last two years pursuing policies and priorities that are wildly out of touch with mainstream America. Combined with the meltdown these policies have caused in the global economy and security environment—and Biden’s continual refusal to acknowledge responsibility or change course—that’s apparently enough to alienate countless Americans, including millions of traditional Democrat voters.

Shane Harris is a writer and political consultant from Southwest Ohio. You can follow him on Twitter @Shane_Harris_.

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7 months ago

Anyone voting Democrat this November is brainwashed or braindead. I will not forget what they did during the Covid-19 PLANDEMIC. They kept me from seeing my failing father in a home, they told me I couldn’t go to church, out to eat, be with family during holidays, stay six feet apart, wear a mask and much more. They canceled and destroyed any media that didn’t correspond with their narrative. They have falsely accused and to this day persecuted Donald J Trump and his family.J-6 was a Democrat operation. They continue to create problems ,they destroyed our economy ,supply chain, energy independence and not to mention hundred plus food processing and ware houses destroyed. Look at every Blue city and State they are complete failures.
I could go on and on.

7 months ago

Biden cares only about himself and his criminal family. Oh, he does care about the puppeteers pulling his strings.

7 months ago

The trouble with Joe Biden is that he is a puppet. He follows the strings that hold him, and takes all the blame for the actions of his puppeteers. We need to find out who is really pulling the strings and expose them.

7 months ago

Democrats have gone over to the Communists and Satanic forces. They are the enemy within.

7 months ago

Honestly, I can’t think of a single success the Biden admin has accomplished. Some might point to successful passage of the alleged “Inflation Reduction Act”, but everyone knows it’s just another stimulus program titled with a lie. Meanwhile, his failures have been huge:
Foreign policy
Domestic policies, in particular illegal immigration
There have been no wins on any of these issues, other than two bright spots, employment and tax revenue. Fortunately, the Trump Effect is still working.

7 months ago
Reply to  Prospector

I meant to include crime as another monumental Biden failure.

7 months ago

Vote out ALL democrats. They are lawless, morally depraved FASCIST pigs!

David Lilly
7 months ago

In the face of really solid evidence concerning the biden family corruption where are the united republican party politicians calling every day for a federal investigation ?
Forget this silly notion of empathy or who cares about whom, or what, this administration is eyebrow deep in a provable political corruption that is being brushed aside, even by republicans.
They pay the same lip service to the corruption that they paid to removing obamacare.
That should tell you something.

7 months ago

Biden’s policies:
Tax and spend
Open border
Defund police
Afghanistan retreat
War on gas
Persecute political enemies
Expand IRS

How does this represent America?

Southern Yankee
7 months ago

Biden cares about his own self, little girls, ice cream and money. He cares not one whit for anyone else. As a matter of fact he tells us frequently. I am proud to be a dog faced pony soldier in the fight to oust the cheating, lying, plagiarizing poop in pants brandon.

7 months ago

Biden’s ’empathy’ is built on sand, the more we see him, the more we know he is spinning and casting, same for their media and their democratic machine…this is something for ‘we the people’ who live in the real world of inflation, rising crime, no border and streams of illegals and drugs flow to sort out now.

James Schmidt
7 months ago

All Democrats from top to bottom need to be removed from office for the damage they have done to our economy.

7 months ago

If you look at the history of all totalitarians; ie. lenin, stalin, mao, hitler, castro, chaves, pol pot, etc.

Mario Capparuccini
7 months ago
Reply to  EDWARD

How correct you are!

Anthony Parr
7 months ago

Biden and Ass0cs care nothing for decency and honor. Preaching White people are the problem and at the same time wanting them to continue to carry the nation because they stepped up to build it. Others if they aren’t part of the whole theme of the nation or inclusion are nothing but failures to competent society. That seems to be the democrats trying to BUY incompetent voters. No wonder they want the schools to determine what your kids learn and if the kid if female, male or something else. Biden as head of the failures is culpable since he hasn’t spoken out against attacks on decency.

7 months ago
Reply to  Anthony Parr

Great job! I cannot understand why people don’t wake up to reality. Dems do nothing for the people.

7 months ago

If you look into Biden’s record, he has spent most of his life doing nothing but serving himself & his family , He is a complete loser & has taken advantage of the people for years flip – flopping his answers to please the masses , more so than the average politician . There are many such people in government but he stands out. AMERICA has to rise – up this NOV & say no – more , it has to stop.

Thomas, Of Texas
7 months ago

Biteme has n e v e r cared for the middle class. He has payed n o t h i n g but lip service fo his half century of corrupt criminal service.

Karen X Fox
7 months ago

Before the 2020 election, Trafalgar Group said that Trump would win the election, estimating that he would win Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. So, take Trafalgar Group predictions with a grain of salt.

7 months ago
Reply to  Karen X Fox

Trafalger could not have known about the amount of fraudulent votes inserted by the demon-communist-cRATS. Their estimates were spot on when the fraudulent votes are discounted.

Mario Capparuccini
7 months ago
Reply to  Centurion

Funny how the dead vote almost unanimously for the Democratic candidate.

Jay H.
7 months ago
Reply to  Karen X Fox

Please watch the documentary “2000 Mules” and see if you still believe the demonCRAPS & liberal puke media’s lie of the century, that 2020 was the most secure election ever!!!!

7 months ago

The entire image-persona of “Uncle Joe” is as phony as the back-slapping, crony who glad-handed his way through a 50 year career accomplishing less than nothing. Leader of catastrophe after disaster, Biden has proven his lack of ethics, his ineptitude, his lack of sincerity and caring for anyone but himself. The public isn’t stupid. We know a damaged bill of goods when we see it and the “no one f***s with a Biden” guy is tarnished beyond anything that could save him– the worst president in at least the last hundred years. Carter and Obama thank him for that, but the nation is embarrassed and hurting.

Bruce Parker
7 months ago

Once again, the millennials have shown that they are clueless sheep that have no idea what is really going on.

7 months ago
Reply to  Bruce Parker

Actually, the age group (18-24) mentioned is the GenZ group, the millennials are over 24 in age now. GenZ is the group completely expecting things to be their way only and not have to put up a major effort to achieve their dream jobs

7 months ago
Reply to  MariaRose


7 months ago

Biden’s only concern is for his CCP masters!

7 months ago

Biden doesn’t care for anybody but himself and what he can get

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