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AMAC Statement on Biden’s Reinstatement of Eviction Moratorium


The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC), representing 2.36 million members, is particularly troubled by the Biden Administration’s renewed moratorium on evictions.  Following the Supreme Court of the United States ruling on June 29th which explicitly clarified that any legal extension of an eviction moratorium would have to be undertaken by the Congress, the Administration brazenly announced that the eviction ban which expired on July 31st would be reinstated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  The Biden Administration’s flagrant flouting of a ruling from the Supreme Court exemplifies the highest insult to our system of checks and balances in government – and this willful disdain for our Constitution and for the rulings from a co-equal branch of government should not be taken lightly. 

It is vital to note that in addition to the constitutionally questionable reasoning for extending the eviction moratorium, this ban will continue to impact everyday Americans who rely on rental income as part their overall annual income.  In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, the vast majority of landlords in America are individuals who own only 1-4 rental properties. Additionally, Pew also indicates that “fewer than one-fifth of rental properties are owned by for-profit businesses of any kind. Most rental properties – about seven-in-ten – are owned by individuals, who typically own just one or two properties, according to 2018 census data.”

Clearly, the perception that most rental properties are owned by wealthy for-profit giants is inaccurate – the truth is that average, everyday Americans are being squeezed by the eviction moratorium.  AMAC is an organization that is devoted to the rule of law and fidelity to our founding documents – for an administration to simply ignore the law is inexcusable.  We encourage and look forward to a swift legal resolution to these unlawful actions.     

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John Munro
11 months ago

Romans 13.

John Munro
11 months ago

Our Represenatives are just sinful people. The Truth is God is in control not politcians.

11 months ago

test comment

April Dykes
1 year ago

Why is there any surprise that many in government all over the nation are ignoring laws, and making up their own? Why are we allowing blatant lawlessness and not holding individuals accountable? This has been going on for some time now. The slippery slope continues to get slipperier each time we don’t stand up and call for an end to it. Every time we reelect those individuals, we encourage them to continue the same lawlessness. Every time we don’t hold an individual accountable, we encourage others to do the same because there are no consequences for their actions. On January 6th, weak government leaders did nothing to stop lawlessness. Those same government leaders continue to silently stand by and help it to continue to happen. We continue like lemmings to silently stand by and allow our rights and Constitution to be shredded. When will we as a nation wake up, unify, and see that our nation is being destroyed from within and act to stop it? They cannot ‘build it back better’ until they have destroyed the foundations that hold us together. They are doing an excellent job in their progress of destroying our nation now. Will we allow them to succeed?

1 year ago

When is someone going to start impeachment proceedings against the pres. For not keeping us safe

1 year ago
Reply to  Don

Never, has too many friends in Congress and besides he is not in control of the situation.

1 year ago

Why aren’t the Republicans taking action against this?

1 year ago

This illegitimate clown for a president should be thrown out of the White House were all of his unconstitutionality it’s not hard to believe Marxist propped this moron up to be a figurehead to push through their communist agenda as far as I’m concerned every democrat and rino should be arrested and incarcerated or sent to Guantánamo Bay for treason!

j g
1 year ago

I tell you what won’t do that all the houses that peoples that stop paying rent on and his son and his family so they like it nothing but they fall up progressives trying to once again destroy the little man in America so that the big corporations can take over that’s all this is about and then they get their little hand padded by the big corporations and have all the money and all the little runners and all the people that’s trying to make a living for the family can go s s*** and die that’s what that’s democratic control Senate wants

Thomas Strike
1 year ago

I’ve been hearing that the adjudication that partains to the Biden/CDC extension was set at a district court level. The suprime court interdiction was not a rendered judgement but rather was a statement of opinion put out by judge Clarance Thomas to Biden that it was his opinion if this mater were to be brought to the Suprime Court, that this action, should Biden attempt it, would be unconstitutional as a warning to him not to do this.

1 year ago

An illegal action by the so-called POTUS being completely ignored by both the Congress and the Judiciary. Yet another example of the double standard that exists in this country: One standard for Democrats (anything goes) and another standard for everyone else.

1 year ago
Reply to  PaulE

Looks like the Dems are remembering that there is an election in 2022 so they are buttering up their constituents.

Getn PTSD, thx Joey!
1 year ago

With this new revelation of his defiance,
COMRADE Joey is a pathetic Tool of the Devil. Enuf said.

1 year ago

The next time a tenant calls with an issue, we’ll give them the phone number of the White House to handle any repairs.

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